Roswell Parmelee 1739-1811
Nehemiah, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John

Roswell was nearly 20 when he enlisted at Killingworth, Conn., in Col. Eleazer Fitch's militia on May 25, 1759, in the French & Indian War. He was a private and served until Dec. 12.

He enlisted again on May 22, 1762, under Capt. Thomas Pearce in Col. Whitney’s regiment, this time as a sergeant. He was discharged Dec. 3.

In the Revolution, Roswell was 41 when he enlisted in May, 1780, as a lieutenant in the 12th Alarm Company of the 7th Militia Regiment under the command of Capt. Martin Lord.

Some time after 1800, the family moved to Bergen, N.Y., where he died in 1811. He was buried at Fort Hill Cemetery. On Veterans Day 2005, a marker was dedicated to him just outside the cemetery on Parmelee Road.

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