Wife of James Cooke Parmelee 1827-2006
Henry K., Henry, Samuel, Joseph, Isaac, John, John

Hattie was born at Newtown, Conn., and married James, a shoemaker, in 1853. By 1860, they had moved to Muscatine, Iowa.

They had five daughters: Ella (1855-1930), Mary (1857-1936), Ida (1862-1945), Anna (1864-1910), Esther "Ettie" (1870-1946). Anna, the only one who didn't marry, was struck with paralysis at age 43 and died a little over two years later, never speaking or moving while Hattie watched over at their home, 1214 E. Fourth St., Muscatine. A different house stands on that lot today.

Hattie's funeral on March 24, 1911, was held at the home of daughter Ettie, 1407 Mulberry Ave., Muscatine. She was buried in the family plot at Greenwood Cemetery.

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