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Robert was one of the founders of Parmleysville, Ky. (That "bird" sitting on his head is actually an imperfection in the tintype.) He was married twice and had 24 children. We also have a picture of his Wayne County, Ky., home, and the dam he built in conjunction with a grist mill.

A second copy of this picture turned up in an old photo album along with others, that may contain members of Robert's family.

This is a photo of his second wife, Mary "Polly" Elizabeth (Hurt) Parmley, the mother of 11.

The two men seated in this picture are believed to be of two of Robert's sons -- Aladdin (1843-1926), left, and William Irvin (1837-1903). We have another photo of Aladdin; William resembles the man in photo No. 1 on this page.

The young man standing at left may be James Clay (1866- ? ), one of William's sons, and looks like the man in photo No. 6 on this page; the one on the right could be another of William's sons, Robert A. (1872- ? ) or William A. (1877- ? ).

If anyone can confirm these identities, please email me.

Here are five of Robert and Polly's daughters.

Standing are Ursula (Parmley) Stokes (1846-1928), left, Vienna "Via" (Parmley) Young Donelson (1850-1934) and Louisa "Ellen" Ellen (Parmley) Powers Hauck (1853- ? ).

Seated are Elizabeth "Betty" McBath Hammond (1841-1924), left, and Abigail G. (Parmley) Winchester (1839- ? ).

And we also have a photo of son George.




Photo Nos.: 01-3870; 01-3870f; 01-3870f2

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