Edward Mitchison, Samuel, Giles, Hiel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John

Ike (1857-1931), right, a farmer and a lifelong resident of Nacogdoches, Texas, married Rebecca V. Campbell (1864-1938), far right, daughter of Evans and Jane Campbell, about 1881. They had 11 children. The first was Evie (1883-1884), and the rest were boys.

This family portrait was taken about 1900. Standing are Isaac Davis "Ike Jr." (1886-1952), Samuel "Hagan" Hagan (1888-1945) and Arch Buchanan (1891-1964). In front are Dock Tilney (1896-1949), Lovell "Love" Victory (1898-1962), Walter "Hubert" Hubert (1900-1937) and Jesse Campbell (1894-1923).


During World War I, Lt. Jesse, right, was home on leave when the brothers gathered for the photo on the far right. He died Feb. 18, 1923, of tuberculosis at Sanitorium, Texas, two days after his 29th birthday.

Standing are Oscar "Aaron" Aaron (1903-1955), Hubert, Dock and Love. Seated are Jesse in his uniform, Arch, Hagan and Ike Jr.

Two other brothers, William J. (1886-1896) and Ivan (1901-?), died in childhood. Many members of this family are buried at Nacogdoches' Rock Spring Cemetery. One of the family's first homes was a log cabin built by Ike's father. According to the cemetery association, traditional Parmley funeral processions stopped at the cabin to pay their respects before proceeding to Rock Spring.

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