These are some of the Parmelees in my "unplaced" file, members of the family who were born before 1800. When I have time, I'll add the unplaced women from this time period who married into the family.

If you can help fit these people into the family tree, please email me -- and please include their I.D. number.

Other queries.

I.D. Number Name Profile
13-520 Abigail Born 1798, died 1832 ... Buried at Rochester, Monroe County, N.Y.
13-1810 Abraham Born before 1755 ... In 1800 he was in Wysox, Luzerne (now Bradford) County, Pa., with a woman 26 to 45 years old and three boys under 10.
13-734 Abraham Born between 1775 and 1793 ... He is in Junius, Seneca County, N.Y., in 1820 with a woman 16 to 25 years old.
13-2874 Amanda Born Jan. 13, 1781, died July 21, 1856, married Mr. Sessions ... She's buried at Kenyonville Cemetery, Kenyonville, Orleans County, N.Y. Not sure if "Parmelee" is her middle name or if she had an earlier marriage to someone named Parmelee?
13-942 Amos Born before 1784 ... In 1800, he was in Montgomery County, N.Y., with another male over 16, one under and three females
13-458 Amos Born about 1780 ... A child of his died 25 Dec. 1808 at the age of 8, according to records in Keene, Cheshire County, N.H.
13-1735 Amos Born between 1780 and 1790 and living as long as 1840. ... He can be found in the 1830 and 1840 censuses of Rome, Oneida County, N.Y. ... He married Sally --- and they had one child, Eliza, who married Capt. B.M. Roberts and died in Mobile, Ala., in 1835.
13-41 Artemas Born in the early 1770s. ... In 1800, he and his family -- it looks like a wife, six boys and two girls -- were in Bristol, Addison County, Vt., yet I could find no land records for Artemas. Also arriving in town about the same time was Asaph [Jonathan, Joshua, John, John]. Burlington, Vt., records show that he and his family were "warned out of town" on Sept. 22, 1814; I can find no land records there either.
13-45 Arthur / Arpha 1801-1870, married Almira ---, who was born about 1819 in New York state. ... He and his family can be found in the 1840, '50, '70 and '80 censuses of Rochester, Monroe County, N.Y. His children included Mary A., who married John H. Jones, William H. and Cornelia.
13-64 Asa Born about 1790 in New Jersey, married Diana ---, who was born about 1797 in Massachusetts. ... He was in the 1850 census of Hamburg, Erie County, N.Y., under the name "Parlmier." Maybe he's not a member of the family?
13-1882 Asil F. Born about 1792 in Massachusetts and a 14-year-old son Jason or Jerome were living in Pittstown, Rensselaer County, N.Y., in 1850 with David, 58, and Mariah Viely, 49.
13-2757 Benjamin Probably born before 1760. ... He is among the petitioners of a township near today's Hampton, N.Y., on June 1, 1781; on another undated petition for Fair Haven and Hampton, N.Y., and on one for Benson, Vt., on March 10, 1799.
13-947 Benjamin Born about 1771 and died Dec. 10, 1844, in New Haven.
13-1908 Benjamin Probably born before 1795. ... He is listed as a private in a Massachusetts militia unit raised around Goshen, Conn., in 1814 for the War of 1812.
13-595 Bernard Born in the 1790s, he is found in the 1840 census of New Orleans as "Rev. Bernard Permoli." He may not be a member of the family.
13-742 C. (male) Born between 1765 and 1784. ... He is living alone in 1810 in New Haven, Conn., near Elizabeth (Cook) Parmelee, widow of Hezekiah [Hezekiah, Job, John, John].
13-1276 Caleb Born about 1758 in Massachusetts, married Elizabeth ---, who was born about 1758 in Massachusetts. ... In 1850 this "Pamelier" or "Parmiler" couple was living in Attleborough, Bristol County, Mass., with a son Draper, born about 1806, married to Florilla ---, with their children Fidella, Caleb, Edward and Elizabeth. This might be another family.
13-2296 Charles Born in the 1780s and living with his family -- a wife, two boys and four girls -- in Killingworth, Middlesex County, Conn., in 1840. On the same page of the census are Orren Stanford Parmelee and his father Moses [Asahel, Lemuel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John].
13-1112 Chester Born between 1775 and 1794. ... He's living in Lenox, Madison County, N.Y., in 1820 with Joseph and Gershom, who are also unplaced. Might they be brothers?
13-3129 Mrs. Christina Born about 1784 in Germany. ... In 1860, she is a widow, living in Union County, Ill., with son Hiel, his wife Mariah/Minerva and children Amanda and John.
13-2963 Clarissa Born about 1794, married Frederick Sanford on Oct. 2, 1814, at St. Michael's Episcopal Church according to papers at Killingworth Town Hall. Might this be a second marriage?
13-0554 Mrs. Concurrant Born about 1789. ... In 1850, she is in Mendon, Monroe County, N.Y., with daughter Sarah Beecher who was born about 1811.
13-1289 Dan Born about 1758 and died 1839 at Upper Middletown, according to the March 16, 1839, issue of the Hartford Courant. ... He is called "Deacon" and is listed in the Connecticut State Library's list of Revolutionary War veterans.
13-499 Daniel Born about 1793 in Connecticut, died Nov. 19, 1861, first married Betsey A. ---, who was born about 1793 and died Aug. 9, 1832, and then married Fanny ---, who was born about 1800 in New York. ... In 1820, he and Betsey and a son were in New Berlin, Chenango County, N.Y. In 1850, he was a sash maker and living alone in Seneca Falls, Seneca County, N.Y. In 1860 he and Fanny were living in Truxton, Courtland County, N.Y., and with them was Mary Remmington, 22, who later was the administrator of Fanny's estate.
13-434 David G. or S. Born in the 1790s, he and his family -- a wife and a woman in her 20s -- were living in Bristol, Hartford County, Conn.
13-37 Edward born about 1750, he and his family appear in the 1790 census of Baltimore, Md., as "Parmell." In a 1775-78 local census of Charles County, Md., James and Edward "Permillian" appear. He may not be a member of the family.
13-2163 Elijah Born before 1775, he and his family -- a wife and a woman 16 to 26 -- were living in Fishkill, Dutchess County, N.Y., in 1820.
13-1957 Elisha Born between 1784 and 1794, he is the head of a large family -- a wife, a boy 10 to 16, and three girls under 10 -- at Rodman, Jefferson County, N.Y., in 1810.
13-964 Elizabeth Born about 1758, married Job Curtis on June 2, 1792, at Weston, Fairfield County, Conn. ... Job had an earlier marriage to Irena Crofut/Crowfoot who died March 2, 1792. Could this be a second marriage for Elizabeth too?
13-0209 Mrs. Eunice Born about 1784 ... In 1860, she was in Danby, Thompkins County, N.Y., with the Leonard Wallen family.
13-1084 Evaline Born Oct. 9, 1797, and died April 25, 1834. ... She married Eli Ranney of Blanford, Hampdon County, Mass., on Dec. 27, 1818. He was born July 27, 1796, and died 1873. The family lived in Cattaraugus County, N.Y. They had children -- Justin Worthy, Harmon, Nancy Jane, Julius Caesar and Lovisa -- before he married Lois Wetmore and moved to Iowa.
13-1113 Gershom Born between 1775 and 1794. ... He's living in Lenox, Madison County, N.Y., in 1820 with Joseph and Chester, who are also unplaced. Might they be brothers?
13-1101 Hammond Born in the 1790s, he and his family -- a wife, a boy 10 to 15, and another in his 20s -- were living in Hannibal, Oswego County, N.Y.
13-598 Heman Born about 1792, he and an assortment of people of different ages were living in Shoreham, Addison County, Vt., in 1810.
13-753 Henry or Harry Born about 1790 in New Hampshire, died Oct. 29, 1872, in Ingersol Township, Midland County, Mich. ... He married Elizabeth P. Freeman, who was born about 1800 in New Hampshire and died July 30, 1882, in Marshalltown, Iowa. He went by Henry and Harry. Their children included Charles M., Louisa and Florence A. They were living in Dearborn, Mich., as early as 1833 and can be found in the 1850 and '60 censuses. In 1880, Elizabeth was living in Marshalltown with daughter Florence and her family. Elizabeth belonged to the Presbyterian church at Dearborn.
13-1868 Henry M. Born about 1791 in New Hampshire, married Fanny ---, who was born about 1799 in Vermont and died after 1860. The couple and their children -- Charles and Henry -- were living in Morristown, St. Lawrence County, N.Y., in 1850 where he was a shoemaker.
13-1006 Henry Born about 1793. ... He died June, 12, 1821, at the age of 28, according to the Hartford Courant.
13-621 Henry A. Born about 1801 in New York, died June 26, 1856, in Oakland County, Mich., married Polly ---, who was born about 1802 in New York and died Aug. 14, 1892, in Oakland. ... They had a son, Orville LeRoy. In 1850 there were living in Whiteford, Monroe County, Mich., where he was a farmer. With them was Hannah Parmelee, 75, born Massachusetts, who was probably his mother.
13-417 Hezekiah Born 1722 or earlier, died before 1779, married Ruth (Beach) Andrews, daughter of Gushom and Deliverance (Howe) Beach, who was born Aug. 21, 1722, at Wallingford, New Haven County, Conn., and died May 21, 1784. ... She had a first marriage to Nathaniel Andrews and a third marriage to Amos Bristol on May 18, 1779, at the Congregational Church of Cheshire, Conn. Hezekiah and Ruth can be found in the 1790 census of New Haven, Conn.
13-3098 Hezekiah Born July 1, 1743, died May 25, 1808. ... His headstone is at Plains Cemetery, Fairfax, Franklin County, Vt.
13-474 Horace Born about 1787, he was a day laborer living in Humberton, Rutland County, Vt., in 1860, with Horace, 35, and Marietta, 26, Stetson and their family.
13-1841 Ira Born about 1792, in Connecticut, married Hannah ---, who was born about 1794 in Connecticut, and can be found in the 1850 census of Perth Amboy, Middlesex County, N.J. ... He was a clockmaker. With them were Marcia A. Coke, 30, and son Ira C., 14, and Susan McDonald, 60, of Ireland.
13-594 J. Born between 1765 and 1784, he and his family -- a wife, a boy under 10 and one between 16 and 26, two girls under 10 and one between 16 and 26 -- were living in Randolph County, Ill., in 1810.
13-2252 Jacob Born about 1799 in New York, married Elizabeth ---, who was born about 1803 in New York. ... They were living in Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County, N.Y., in 1860. Nearby is William, below.
13-890 James Born about 1766, he died Nov. 25, 1769, at the age of 3 in Connecticut.
13-1891 James Born between 1780 and 1784, living in Stanford, Fairfield County, Conn., in 1800, and in 1840 in Norwalk, Fairfield County, Conn. ... In both censuses the only person with him appears to be a spouse. Due to the number of years between censuses, this may be two different men.
13-1578 James Born between 1790 and 1794, he and his family appear in the 1810 and '30 censuses of Bloomfield, Ontario County, N.Y. Again, this may be two different families.
13-15 James H. Probably born before 1800. ... He paid cash for land in Nankin Township, Wayne County, Mich., on July 26, 1819. On Dec. 2, 1834, he was of Muskegon and selling that same land to Nathan Sears of Muskingum County, Ohio.
13-1886 Jehiel Born in the 1750s, he was living in Salisbury, Litchfield County, Conn., with a woman in her 20s in 1830.
13-1885 Jeremiah Born about 1787 in Connecticut. ... He was living with Sarah Parmelee, 69, in Lyme Township, Huron County, Ohio, in 1850. With them was Jerusha Sheffield, 37, and her children.
13-2221 Mrs. Jerusha Born about 1795 ... In 1860, she was in Gerard Twp., Erie County, Pa., with E.D. and Laura Speers, 34 and 27, and Louisa Morrison, 34, and her daughter Sarah, 9.
13-267 Jesse Probably born before 1800, he was listed as a coronet in the 8th Cavalry of Madison County, N.Y., in 1817.
13-1910 John Probably born before 1765, he was listed as a Loyalist during the Revolutionary War, serving in Col. Thomas Pearson's regiment, Little River Militia in South Carolina. "Pvt. John Parmilier" was reported dead May 5, 1782.
13-36 John Born about 1775. ... He appears in the 1790 census of Baltimore, Md., with another male over 16, one woman and seven slaves. Their neighbors are Archibold Campbell, James Bursham, John Murphy, Elisha Lewis, Francis Wilson, Charles Bryan and James Tibbet.
13-1382 John Born before 1780. John "Pomley" and his wife, both free colored, are in the 1830 census of the District of Columbia.
13-3724 John Born about 1780 in Scotland, he was a 90-year-old pauper at the poorhouse in Malone, Franklin County, N.Y. It might be that his birth information isn't correct and was supplied by an employee at the home.
13-602 John Born in the 1790s, he and his family appear in the 1830 census of Potsdam, St. Lawrence County, N.Y. ... An 1815 census of the town does not record him. In 1832 Pottsdam appointed him health officer during a cholera epidemic.
13-1799 John Probably born before 1785. ... John of New York set up a blacksmith shop on Peter Carpenter's Wharf according to a Nov. 26, 1806, Wilmington, N.C., newspaper. On July 21, 1807, he had letters waiting for him at the post office. Others -- also unplaced -- in the same newspapers are Samuel and Oliver.
13-1359 John Probably born before 1775, John "Parrelle" appears on a 1795 tax roll of Newark Township, Essex County, N.J.
13-3749 John Probably born before 1795, he appears on War of 1812 infantry rolls, enlisting in 1812 and serving at Greenbush, N.Y., and Fort Rufflin.
13-1128 John Born about 1801, died Jan. 25, 1844. Physician. ... The cemetery where he was buried is gone but his headstone remains in the custody of the Milwaukee County, Wisc., Historical Society.
13-1045 Jonathan Born in the 1770s, he and his family were living in Madison, Lenawee County, Mich., in 1840.
13-2418 Jonathan Born between 1775 and 1794, he and his family were living in New Haven, New Haven County, Conn.
13-746 Joseph Probably born before 1755. ... He was on a payroll for Capt. Sage's company of militia in Vermont in 1781 during the Revolutionary War. He and his family were in the 1800 census Bristol, Addison County, Vt., and in 1810 there is a Joseph "Parmity" family in Rockingham, Windsor County, Vt.
13-185 Joseph Born about 1775 in Connecticut, died in 1837 in Carroll County, Miss., married in 1816 to Lydia McGinty, who was born about 1793 in North Carolina, died in 1865 in Mississippi. She later married Alexander M. Townsend on Jan. 22, 1846, in Carroll County. Joseph and Lydia had Huldah Alamanza, Eliza Alzade, Laura A., Diana M., James McGinty, Caroline Z., Mary "Molly" N., William Jordan and Hannah Jane.
13-543 Joseph Probably born before 1782, and his wife, Elizabeth, were admitted to the 1st Church at Bloomfield (now East Bloomfield) in 1802 from the 1st Church of Guilford, Conn.
13-1172 Joseph Born about 1785, married Elizabeth Nash on Feb. 26, 1805, at Lincoln County, Ky.
13-941 Joseph Found in the 1810 census of Harrison Township, Harrison County, Ind.
13-1110 Joseph Born between 1775 and 1794. ... He's living in Lenox, Madison County, N.Y., in 1820 with Chester and Gershom, who are also unplaced. Might they be brothers?
13-1017 Joseph Born about 1801 in Massachusetts, he and wife Mahala are in the 1860 census of Porter (Youngstown post office), Niagara County, N.Y. They had a daughter Harriet.
13-1678 Judith Born about 1788 in New York, she died Jan. 22, 1873, at Hudson, Lenawee County, Mich., after a fall down the stairs at the age of 84 years, 3 months, 5 days. She was single.
13-1858 Julia Born about 1775 in Connecticut. ... In 1850, she was living alone in Syracuse, Onondaga County, N.Y.
13-531 Lament She was involved in an 1808 land transaction in Allegany County, N.Y.
13-266 Larre or Lewis
or Levi
Born in the 1790s. ... He can be found with his family in Fishkill, Dutchess County, N.Y., in 1830 and '40. The latter census notes that he is in manufacturing, so some of the eight people living with them may be workers/boarders. In 1830 it looks like "Larre" but in 1840 it looks like "Levi" or "Lewis."
13-2210 Lemuel Born between 1760 and 1770, he and a woman 20 years younger were living in East Haddam, Middlesex County, Conn.
13-3750 Lewis Born in 1784 or 1792, he was born in Windsor, Addison County, Vt., became a blacksmith and then enlisted in the U.S. infantry in 1812 for the War of 1812 and stayed in the service as a private until 1818. At the time of his enlistment he gave his age as 20 or 28 -- I can't really read the handwriting.
13-2745 Linus Born about 1797 in Connecticut, died Feb. 24, 1875, probably at Litchfield, Litchfield County, Conn., married Irene Thompkins, who was born about 1797 in Connecticut and died before 1875, in November 1820. He was a carriage and wagon maker and can be found in the Litchfield censuses of 1830, '40, '60 and '70. His estate papers show that his widow Irene was his sole beneficiary; Irene's entire estate went to Thomas L. Saltonstall.
13-1013 Louisa Born about 1788 in Connecticut ... In 1860, she is living alone in Canajaharie, Montgomery County, N.Y., the only Parmelee in the county census.
13-0211 Louisa A. Born about 1785 in Massachusetts. ... In 1860, she is living in West Bloomfield, Ontario County, N.Y., with George A. and Mary Goold.
13-1556 Mrs. Lucy Born about 1799 in New York ... She is in Almont Twp., Lapeer County, Mich., in 1850 with daughter Elizabeth and L.G. Spaulding, 31 and 32.
13-1726 Mrs. Lydia Born about 1783, she died Jan. 20, 1832, at Albany, Albany County, N.Y.
13-1939 Margaret She and Margaret Franklin pled not guilty to assault and battery on Feb. 3, 1803, on Amos Curtis. That same day, their attorney, Joseph Strong, moved that Samuel Parmelee "now in gaol for debt" be brought into court as a witness; it is so ordered.
13-1358 Martha Born about 1765 ... In 1830, she was living alone in New York City, Ward 10
13-517 Mary Born in 1797, died in 1893 in Big Flatts, Chemung County, N.Y., married Nathan Webb in Chemung City, N.Y.
13-0473 Mrs. Mary She was born about 1781 ... She died July 27, 1857, at Sullivan or Claremont, N.H.
13-0383 Mrs. Mary Born about 1799 ... Had children Charles, born about 1819, and Caroline, born about 1832.
13-1256 Moses Born between 1775 and 1794, he and his family -- a wife about the same age plus one boy and one girl under 10 -- were living in Granville, Washington County, N.Y., in 1820.
13-3715 Matilda Born about 1794. ... In 1870 she was living alone in Chenango, Broome County, N.Y.
13-2279 Mercy Born about 1782 in New York, .... In 1860, she was living in Guilford, New Haven, Conn., with Polly Johnson, 64, and Rhoda Hawley, 83.
13-2211 Millicent Born about 1780 ... In 1860, she was living in Newark, Essex County, N.J.. with Ethan and Catherine Stiles, 55 and 49.
13-467 Nancy Born about 1782, married Dan Cushman, who was born May 1, 1782, and died Nov. 19, 1834, on dec. 31, 1812, in New York state. This is his second marriage; he had a first to Charlotte Morrison on Jan. 8, 1808 and lived in Westmoreland, Oneida County, N.Y. Perhaps this is a second marriage for her too.
13-2420 Nathaniel Born between 1765 and 1785. ... He and his family -- a wife, three boys and a girl all under 10 -- were living in Weathersfield, Hartford County, Conn., in 1810.
13-1801 Oliver Born before 1790. ... He has merchandise for sale in a June 2, 1810, newspaper in Wilmington, Brunswick County, N.C.
13-1362 Peter Born before 1755. ... He shows up as a witness on March 11, 1777, for Ferdinand Shuurman of New Brunswick, Middlesex, N.J. In 1791 there is a "Peter Pamyea" on a tax assessment in the East Precinct of Somerset County, N.J.
13-940 Phineas Probably born before 1784. ... He and his large family were living in Genesee County, N.Y., in 1810. In 1840, there is a Phineas born in the 1790s living in Bergen, Genesee County, N.Y.
13-0254 Mrs. Phoebe Born about 1749, she died April 24, 1825, at Newtown, Fairfield County, Conn. See Sarah.
13-1865 Richard L. Born about 1791 in Vermont, died before 1880, and married Mary Ann ---, who was born about 1809 in England and died after 1880. Richard L. was given as the head of a family in Canton, St. Lawrence County, N.Y., but he wasn't counted with them. He's also listed there in the 1850 census as a blacksmith. In 1880, Mary was living with her daughter-in-law, Mary C., the widow of Henry Birmingham Parmelee, at Bicknellville, St. Lawrence County, N.Y.
13-494 Robert Probably born before 1754. ... He is noted in a paper dated April 12, 1769, as serving in an independent company of rangers "during the war" in New York.
13-1363 Robert Probably born before 1863, "Robert Parmacy" is named administrator to the estate of Rebecca Parmacy on Nov. 30, 1781, in Kent County, Del. He may not be a member of the family.
13-1958 S. (male) Born between 1784 and 1794. ... He and his wife and a son under 10 were in the 1810 census of Wilson, Niagara County, N.Y.
13-1857 Mrs. Sally Born about 1779 in Massachusetts ... In 1850, she is in Lafayette, Onondaga County, N.Y., with Joel and Cylena K---uine(?), both 40 and born in New York.
13-0926 Sarah Born about 1749. ... She died April 24, 1825, at Newtown. See Phoebe.
13-2712 Samuel Probably born before 1750, married Abiah ---, and had a daughter Betsey, born Sept. 26, 1771, in Newtown, Fairfield County, Conn., who wed --- Downs.
13-782 Samuel Born in the 1760s. ... He and his wife were living in Madrid, St. Lawrence County, N.Y., in 1840.
13-487 Samuel Born about 1768. ... He was a Loyalist who received a land grant at Long Reach, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada, on Jan. 24, 1786, and shared a lot with Enos Supple.
13-3204 Samuel Born about 1777. .... He is mentioned in a letter from Mr. Malcom, President John Adams' secretary, resigning his position as ensign in the 3rd Regiment of Infantry. This appears in the U.S. Senate Executive Journal for 1797.
13-1940 Samuel Probably born before 1785. ... On Feb. 3, 1803, in New York City, Margaret Parmelee [also unplaced] and Margaret Franklin pled not guilty to assault and battery on Amos Curtis and were found not guilty in court records. On the same day, their attorney, Joseph Strong, moved that Samuel "now in gaol for debt ... be brought into court as a witness for Margaret Franklin by the sheriff." It is so ordered.
13-1800 Samuel Probably born before 1795. ... He appears in an 1806 Wilmington, N.C., newspaper as setting up a cabinetry business at the home of James Richard. He is of New York.
13-3751 Samuel Born about 1795. ... Private in the 38th U.S. Infantry. He enlisted May 31, 1813, in the War of 1812. He was discharged in 1814.
13-0926 Sarah Born about 1749 ... She died April 24, 1825. See Phoebe. ... In 1808, she gets land in Newtown from Wheeler Fairchild ... Two years later she quit-claims to Elihu Crofut.
13-1892 Sarah Born about 1755, she is head of a small family in Killingworth, Middlesex County, Conn., in 1800.
13-1884 Mrs. Sarah Born about 1780. ... In 1850, she is in Lyme Twp., Huron County, Ohio, and head of the family. With her is Jeremiah Parmele, 62, born Connecticut.
13-341 Solomon Born about 1797, married Catherine ---. He and his family were in New York City's Ward 8 in 1820; in 1840 they were in Ward 13. In 1850 they were in Ward 10 where he was listed as a mason and Hannah Pollis, 62, was living with them; living next door were Mary, Laura and Louisa Parmelee. He and Catherine were in New York City in 1880. His mother may have been Mary, born before 1775.
13-0574 Sophia Born about 1774. ... In 1790, she is in Westchester County, N.Y.; in 1800, she is in Mount Pleasant, Westchester County, N.Y., with three boys.
13-3757 Stanley Probably born before 1760. ... His name appears as a private on a Aug. 1, 1778, muster roll at Fort Arnold. He was a member of Capt. Adonijah Burr's Company, Mosley's Detachment of Connecticut militia.
13-212 Sylvanus Born about 1780, married Lois Cady. This family appears in the 1800 census of Chemung County, N.Y. In 1810 they were in Onondaga County, N.Y. In 1820, they're in Pompey, Onondaga County, N.Y.
13-1734 Sylvanus Born about 1800. ... He is one of two musicians listed in the 1821 Paxton City Directory of St. Louis.
13-1027 T.G. Probably born about 1799, died Nov. 30, 1846, according to the Hartford, Conn., Times.
13-2896 Walter Probably born before 1798, "Walter Parmeler," a private in Cotton's Company of 26th Regiment of Infantry, buys 160 acres in Peoria County, Ill.
13-1844 William Born about 1763. ... "William Parmelear" was in Galen, Wayne County, N.Y., in 1850, along with the families of "Jackson Parmelia" and "Benedict Parmele." But none of these families appear again in other censuses. Do they belong to another family?
13-2419 William Born between 1775 and 1795. ... He appears in the 1820 census of New Haven, New Haven County, Conn., with his family of one boy under 10 and three women.
13-1075 William R. Born Nov. 15, 1787, died Oct. 10, 1839, married Esther Rawlins, who was born Oct. 15, 1788, and died June 30, 1840, on June 7, 1806. He was a minister. Their children were Luman, Franklin, Charles and Frederick. They settled in southern Wisconsin, probably Mount Pleasant, which is now part of Racine. This all comes from a Bible owned by Frederick John Parmalee of Louisville, Ky. William has incorrectly been listed in genealogies as a son of Reuben [Abraham, Abraham, Isaac, John, John].
13-1745 William Henry Born about 1789, married Rachael Squire Masterson, born about 1818 in Ohio. His family -- with children William H., Laverna E., Mary E. and Charlotte -- appeared in the 1840 and '50 censuses of Wells County, Ind. In 1860 they were in Bluffton, Wells County, Ind. In 1870 and '80, Charlotte was in the Wells County towns of Warren and Liberty, respectively. He first bought land in Wells County in 1835; those papers state he was of Kanawha County, Va. [now W.Va.].
13-832 William Probably born before 1790. ... "William Pimerlore" married Mary Corey on June 29, 1811, in Roane County, Tenn.
13-1357 William Born in the 1790s. ... His family appears in the New York City's Ward 8 in the 1830 census.
13-1746 William Born in the 1790s. ... His family appears in Jennings County, Ind., in the 1840 census.
13-420 William Born between 1798 and 1805. ... He lived at Kent, Litchfield County, Conn. I don't know his wife's name but his children were Lyman, Henry, Betsey A., Fred, Elsie who married --- Bill, and Dorothy who married --- Hall.
13-238 William Frederick Born before 1800 in New Hampshire, married Susan ---.
13-3843 Zerah Born about 1788, died Jan. 16, 1819, after a short illness according to the New York Mercantile Advertiser. He was of Fairfield County, Conn.
13-880 Zeruah Born about 1789, died June 6, 1860, probably in Connecticut.
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