Oldest Portrait

Ebenezer, Isaac, John, John
From the Yale Picture Collection

A member of the Yale Class of 1758, Ebenezer was a clockmaker like his father. This sketch was made when he attended the New Haven school. He served as Guilford's town clerk from 1771-76 and his signature appears on many village documents. From 1771-80 he also served as clerk of the Guilford Probate District. His is the oldest known family portrait.

Quite a family resemblance: Morgan Beal, ready for her high school prom in Kent, Ohio, stands in front
of a portrait of her great-grandmother,
Lillian Jeanette (Wilson) Force Parmelee (1868-1947).


Almost everyone says that the first thing they'd grab if the house were on fire is the family picture album. It's more valuable than gold to many, yet few have taken the time to make a copy and store it elsewhere for safekeeping.

I, for one, have made copies of old portraits of my ancestors and sent them to my out-of-state brother. If anything should happen to my photos, I know they still exist elsewhere. Thanks to the Internet, we can store away pictures of our ancestors digitally, and share them with our far-flung cousins.

As time allows, I'll scan various Parmelee families and post them here. And your contributions are welcome, but in those group photos, please identify all the people you can.

Assembling this has been the most difficult and most time-consuming part of the website. So be forewarned: Although I really enjoy receiving your family photos, it will take some time before I get them posted. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

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