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NOTE: Regardless of spelling, all family members are listed under "Parmelee" in the name index. In group photos people will be identified from left to right, back row to front row. Thumbnail photos have been distorted to fit these boxes; click on any to see the original, undistorted photo.
Dr. Myron Holly Parmelee Esther Mae (Bailey) Parmley George Smith Parmalee Jehiel Parmly Eva Kathleen (Parmelee) Howe Oscar "Aaron" Aaron Parmley Walter "Hubert" Hubert Parmley Dock Tilney Parmley

Lovell "Love" Victory Parmley Jesse Clinton Parmley Arch Buchannan Parmley Samuel "Hagan" Hagan Parmley Isaac "Ike Jr." Davis Parmley Isaac "Ike" Buchanan Parmley Rebecca V. (Campbell) Parmley Zula (Dennis) Parmley

Sally (Barron) Parmley William Jackson Parmley Mary S. (Campbell) Parmley Candace Palmerlee Toddy Fineberg Charles Roome Parmele Alice Morris (Butler) Parmele Harold Perry Parmelee
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