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NOTE: Regardless of spelling, all family members are listed under "Parmelee" in the name index. In group photos people will be identified from left to right, back row to front row. Thumbnail photos have been distorted to fit these boxes; click on any to see the original, undistorted photo.
Thomas Clay Parmley Barbara Ann (Parmley) Wakeham Carrie Ella (Johnson) Parmly Richard Myron Parmley Daniel Durkee Parmelee Clarice (Paul) Parmelee Dan Paul Parmelee Constance Helen Parmely

Cleo E. (Parmelee) Philips Louise F. (Anschutz) Parmelee Allan Edward Parmelee Lyman "Pete" Bruce Parmelee Margaret C. (Palmer) Parmelee Lonnie Delos Parmelee Coleen Sue Parmelee Dorothy (Marlow) Parmelee

Thomas Clay Parmley Phyllis May (Begell) Parmley Lemuel B. Parmeley Dessa Kingsley Palmerlee Benjamin Edward Parmelee Donald Edward Parmelee Eli Parmelee Mary Faith Parmelee
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