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NOTE: Regardless of spelling, all family members are listed under "Parmelee" in the name index. In group photos people will be identified from left to right, back row to front row. Thumbnail photos have been distorted to fit these boxes; click on any to see the original, undistorted photo.
Maye Rebecca (Parmelee) Jones Eva Treat Parmelee Sarah "Edwina" (Parmelee) Havens Dr. Eleazar Parmly Buena Belle (Parmley) Bilderback John Watson Parmley Mary Adelaide (Michie) Parmlee Cynthia "Annie Grant" (Parmlee) Bassett

Martha "Mattie" Jane Parmlee Wheelock Hendee Parmelee Victoria "Todie" Adelaide (Parmlee) Brooks Benjamin Escoto and Lydia (Parmelee) Melendez Sanders John Oscian Parmelee Violetta "Lettie" Violet (Parmelie) Gorke Frederick Alonzo Parmelie Clarence Morrison Parmelie

Lawrence "Larry" Franklin Parmelie Patricia Dawn (Parmelie) Krythe Lee
Mabel "Mabelle" (Parmelee) Hollenbeck Raum Webb Carrie (Young) Parmele Coleen Sue Parmelee Edna L. (Deerhake) Plaster Parmelee Mary "Polly" Elizabeth (Hurt) Parmley
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