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NOTE: Regardless of spelling, all family members are listed under "Parmelee" in the name index. In group photos people will be identified from left to right, back row to front row. Thumbnail photos have been distorted to fit these boxes; click on any to see the original, undistorted photo.
Marietta Maria (Jones) Parmelee Horace Hall Parmelee Marietta Maria (Parmelee) Greenman Julia (Parmly) Billings Louisa Cotton Parmly Mary Montagu (Parmly) Ward Melvin Augustus Parmely Elizabeth Toay (Farrell) Parmely

Benjamin (Farrell) Parmely Rhoda Jane (Parmely) Gilbert John Ellsworth Parmely Minnie Mae (Parmely) Dearborn Arthur Garfield Parmely James Wilbur Parmely Edwin Sylvester Parmely Joseph Parmalee

Lorin Gilbert Parmelee Elizabeth "Lizzie" M. (Parmelee) Benedict Dr. Abel Carter Benedict William Parmelee Elizabeth "Lizzie" Buck (Black) Parmelee Irving Biddle Parmelee Sally (Rose) Parmelee Rose (Parmelee) Foster
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