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11-12 NEWS

The Cannon House Office Building has its fair share of well-known faces, but there’s one popular character that waits patiently just outside its walls every evening in Washington. She has no interest in politics or the economy. She just sits quietly at the northeast corner of the building every night around 5:15, her big brown eyes searching for one thing: her friend. Her attention is unwavering. And when she finally sees him, she races toward him with a huge smile, her red hair flying. And then she licks him. It’s a simple moment of joy for Thomas Palmerlee [Albert Seward, Albert Earl, Albert Seward, Stephen Asa, Amos, Amos, David, Joshua, John, John] and his dog, Jedda. And a nightly tradition that has become a reason to smile for many more on Capitol Hill. Thomas' wife, Christina, has been bringing Jedda to First Street and Independence Avenue SE for several years where they wait for her husband, an associate division director with the Transportation Research Board, to come home from work via bus or Metro. The ritual is so expected that Congress could nearly set its watch by it. About 5 on any weekday, Christina ventures from their home on C Street SE with Jedda, red-haired Chow mix. Walking slowly due to her arthritis, Christina makes her way to the Cannon benches and pours Jedda a bowl of water. But the 9-year-old dog doesn’t go unnoticed by passers-by. Library of Congress employee Mark Brown has been stopping to say hello and pet Jedda for more than a year. "I don’t have dogs but I enjoy them," he said. He recalled running into Jedda and both her owners on a walk elsewhere in the neighborhood, and the dog wagged her tail excitedly when she saw him. "As long as she’s not focused on waiting for Tom, she’ll give you some attention," Brown said. The Palmerlees aren’t sure how their tradition began. "I think it’s just something we evolved into," Tom said. The Palmerlees, who met in college and married in 1963, came to the Capitol Hill neighborhood 30 years ago, and have been there ever since. They don’t have children but have had four dogs over the years. "I tell my wife, ‘People wouldn’t notice us at all without the dog,' " Tom said.

These other family members, listed alphabetically, appeared in recent news stories:

  • Andrew Parmalee,left, the Kenyon, Ohio, college soccer player's attempt with less than 10 minutes left in the first half found the back of the net for the eventual game-winning goal for the Lords, who defeated the Wabash, Ind., Little Giants, 1-0.
  • Bailey Parmelee, the Greenville, Mich., senior placed second overall at the Division 1 regional cross-country meet at Allendale with a time of 17:56.5.
  • Bob Parmley, right, the former railroader and now co-owner of the award-winning Appleby Creamery in England, and his partners have taken on a new cheesemaker, Tom Jackson, 19, of Penrith. The company, based at Cross Croft in Appleby, started in 2007 and sources milks from within Cumbria.
  • Bri Parmalee, the Benjamin Franklin Middle School basketball player scored two points in a 45-18 loss to Hidden Valley Middle School in Roanoke, Va. She netted four in the Eagles' 44-26 loss to Andrew Lewis Middle School.
  • Chris Parmelee, the Minnesota first baseman ended the season hitting .355 in 76 at-bats for the Twins.
  • Corin Parmley, the 4-H'er took part in a Peabody, Kan., Achievers meeting at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch to celebrate 4-H Sunday.
  • Craig Parmelee, a managing director in Standard & Poor’s financial services group, says the firm will reveal its adjusted grades for all banks by year's end.
  • Craig Parmerlee, co-owner of Ace Rent A Car learned that his Indianapolis-based company placed first in J.D. Power and Associates’ latest rental car satisfaction study, ending national competitor Enterprise’s seven-year run on top. "Frankly, we viewed the J.D. Power survey as something that was done at a level above our scale," he said. Ace has 10 corporate-owned locations throughout the Midwest and 200 locations nationwide.
  • Frank Parmley, right, the inmate was told by the Arkansas Court of Appeals that the Benton County Circuit Court imposed an illegal sentence when it required him to complete long-term drug treatment during his time in prison, and that expanding his sentence from 12 years to 28 was OK. He was convicted in 2004 of possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), possession of drug paraphernalia, and delivery of a controlled substance (methamphetamine).
  • Harry Parmelee, the Florida golfer scored a 70 in Northeast County Men's League play at the Fairwinds Golf Course in Fort Pierce.
  • Henry F. Parmelee, Julie Parmelee Low and Mary Parmelee Low, the three Madison, Conn., residents have endorsed a group trying to save the destruction of a carriage house and the relocation of the main house at the old Scranton homestead as part of Guilford Savings bank's expansion.
  • Jerry and Linda Parmley, the our condolences to the Emmons, Minn., couple on the death of her mother, Marion Jeanette Christenson, of Twin Lakes. She was 79. Among her survivors was grandson Robert Parmley and his wife, Denise.
  • Jim Parmelee, the member of the BackOffice Associates 70s All-Stars senior softball team was nominated to the all-tournament team after the they placed third among 14 teams at the Senior Softball Winter Nationals in Fort Myers, Fla.
  • Marilyn Parmelee, the Highland Lakes Elementary phys ed teacher was encouraging one and all to participate in the sixth annual Turkey Trot Fun Run at Marble Falls, Texas, High School Stadium on Thanksgiving weekend. "All the elementary schools are involved in this," she said. "All students in our elementary schools and their family members can participate."
  • Mark Parmerlee, the chairman of Golden Cos. has announced that the Dallas-based chain of nearly 100 chicken restaurants in Texas and Oklahoma is expanding into the Middle East and Asia. The first overseas restaurant opened in September in Jordan, and is owned by Hasan Zoubi, who lives in Oklahoma, and operated by his brother-in-law. "Hasan has a successful Golden Chick restaurant in Oklahoma, and we are confident that his pilot restaurant in Amman will do well," said Mark.
  • Melissa Parmelee, the director of major gifts for the Capital Area United Way in Baton Rouge, La., says she borrows from her experience as an intern in Los Angeles for TV production companies and awards shows for the annual Shaken or Stirred fundraiser, which has taken in more than $60,000 since she started it four years ago.
  • Nancy Parmalee, back row on the left, the retired Sonoma, Calif., official attended annual reunion lunch of the city's 10 mayors. She served as mayor in 1976, 1980 and 1987.
  • Parmalee Farm, a $1-a-year lease deal between the Killingworth, Conn., Historical Society and the town for the lease of the 145-year-old farmhouse is being questioned by two residents. Mike Board, chairman of Killingworth’s Better Choice 2011 Political Action Committee, and Gerald Lucas filed separate Freedom of Information requests to see town documents involving the lease. They claim the Board of Selectmen did not follow the town’s charter because the deal was finalized without bringing it to a town meeting.
  • Randall L. Parmley, the former member of the 1st Airborne Battle Group, 506th, was one of the Veterans Day inductees into the Distinguished Member of the Regiment Ceremony of the 4th Brigade Combat Team.
  • Quentyn Parmley, the Monitcello Trojans Cross Country runner finished fourth at the regional meet and will advance to the state meet at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.
  • Raziye Parmley, a member of ArtFul, the team of professional painters, contemporary jewelers and furniture designers who all live in Fulflood, England, has a solo show at Winchester’s Theatre Royal, "What Becomes of the Dreams of Children."
  • Terry Parmelee, the emergency management director of Middlefield, Conn., was helping assess the town's combined $250,000 cost of cleaning up from Tropical Storm Irene and October's rare nor'easter. The amount of brush from last month's storm is so extensive he said, that Middlefield and Durham were in negotiations to contract the work out. "Some people have asked me, 'Should we burn it?' I've said no. You've got to many issues ... the smoke's going to rise and you're going to upset the neighbors. The next-best thing is to [rent] a tub grinder."
  • Will Parmalee, the lifelong Putney, Vt., man painted the new sign for the restored Putney General Store after an arson fire ripped through the building in 2009. A general merchandise store has occupied the village center site since the 1790s.

... and from Billings, Mont., construction crews are expected to break ground on a new downtown library by spring, according to Bill Cochran, director of the Parmly Billings Library. Voters in November approved a nearly $16 million bond to build the library near the current one, and it is expected to be open by December 2013.

11-11 NEWS

Kaunda Magee was under guard in a McComb, Miss., hospital after eluding authorities for three weeks in Louisiana's Florida parishes and southwest Mississippi, allegedly breaking into camps and homes, raping a man, stealing a gun, tying up a woman, threatening people at gunpoint, exchanging fire with officers and shooting a police dog, The manhunt began after Magee reportedly invaded a home in Pine, La., and raped the male occupant, said Scott Blair, the chief criminal deputy for the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office. In a subsequent chase, shots were fired at deputies and a trooper. Ten days later, deputies located Magee and tried to take him into custody in Tangipahoa Parish, but he fled into the woods. Days later, Cinda Rae Parmelee, left, [David Burtis, David Valentine, Frank Ward, David Kirtland, David, David, Joseph, Joseph, Isaac, John, John] returned to her home near Kentwood, La., about lunchtime, and reached to open the curtain over a closet when a man grabbed her arm. Magee put a gun in her face, she said, then forced her to get down on the closet floor where he bound her with leather straps and sashes from bathrobes. He lowered blinds and locked the doors and windows in her house, she said. He then moved her to a bunk bed in a front bedroom, "so he could keep an eye on me." A nervous Magee was constantly checking out the windows to see if anyone was coming, she said. Her handyman, Turk, knocked at the door. She begged Magee not to, and eventually Turk left. During the nearly two hours Magee held Cinda, she said she witnessed his vicious as well has his kinder side. When her brother, David Earle Parmelee, called her cellphone, Magee pushed the phone to her face and asked who it was. Magee wanted to know if her brother would come over. "Not necessarily," she told him. "Good, because if he does, I will have to shoot him, Turk and you," Magee told her. "I can’t take those chances," he said and hung up her phone. At other times, Magee seemed concerned about her comfort, she said. "He asked me if I wanted something to drink, or a cigarette. At one point, he turned on the air-conditioner after he asked if I was hot," and became concerned she was cold, and covered her with a blanket. Magee was spooked a couple of times when Cinda’s parrot, George, in a cage on the porch, spoke. In the meantime, Turk had gone to David's nearby house and told him what he knew. After David's abbreviated phone call to his sister, he went over and found the screen door locked, which was unusual, and knocked on the windows. He let himself in through the front door and noticed the bedroom door was closed. When he reached to open it, Magee threw it open and shoved a gun in David's face. "One move, and you’re dead," David said Magee had told him, along with an expletive. David spun and ducked, and Magee warned him: "If you run, I will shoot you." But David bobbed and weaved his way to and out the front door, ran the length of the porch, and jumped over the railing; Magee never fired a shot. Meanwhile, Cinda, who had worked herself free, dived out of a bedroom window after discovering Magee had taken her .22-caliber handgun, which he is accused of later using to shoot a police dog. A few seconds later, Magee roared out of the driveway in her silver Hummer H3, right. Spotted by police, Magee ditched the Hummer and fled into the woods. Cinda said she was certain she would die: "I was wondering who I would see when I died." Magee remained hidden in Tangipahoa Parish woods until fleeing north into Mississippi in a stolen Chevrolet Suburban. The next afternoon, Richard Montet and a friend were working on a project in Montet’s yard when a Louisiana State Police trooper showed up to check a pair of trailers parked on Montet’s property in Pike County. When the officer walked toward one of the trailers, Montet heard a noise inside. Montet said the trooper entered the camper and he heard him order someone to "put the gun down!" Shots erupted and a moment later, Magee crashed through the camper’s back window. Magee then ran a few paces as the trooper came around the side of the vehicle, and Magee turned around pointing his pistol at them. Montet said his friend, who had picked up his wife’s "snake gun," fired the single-barrel .410, dropping Magee. Pike County Sheriff Mark Shepherd said Magee remained hospitalized with multiple wounds. District Attorney Rick Wood, of the 22nd Judicial District, said he would file papers to extradite Magee to Louisiana.

These other family members, listed alphabetically, appeared in recent news stories:

  • Bailey Parmelee, left, the Greenville, Mich., senior who played volleyball and was a sprinter on the girls track team now finds herself as one of the top cross-country runners in the OK White Conference this season. She won with a time of 18:24.10 at the Gainey Athletic Complex.
  • Charles Parmley, the race car driver placed fourth in Heat 3 at the Merced, Calif., Speedway, and 15th in the main.
  • Chuck Parmelee, the mixed martial arts fighter lost in a TKO to middleweight Joey Villasenor. Chuck holds a 39-12-1 record and has fought in a number of regional MMA promotions but has yet to crack into the big leagues.
  • Cody Parmley, the young Cedar Point farmer's hog placed eighth in Class 10 dark AOB market barrow at the Kansas Junior Livestock Show in Wichita.
  • Corin Parmley, the young Cedar Point farmer's animals placed fifth in Class 14 commercial ewe lamb, seventh in Class 19 natural market lamb, eighth in Class 17 dark crossbred market barrow, and 10th in Class 10 dark AOB market barrow at the Kansas Junior Livestock Show in Wichita.
  • David Parmelee, the sophomore running back picked up 21 yards, rushing in the last few minutes for Haddam-Killingworth, as H-K blasted Lewis Mills of Burlington, 48-6, in a Pequot League game in Middletown, Conn.
  • Doris Parmelee, our condolences on the death of her brother, Victor J. Simons, 78, of Lake City, Fla.
  • Doug Parmerlee, the keggler bowled a 621 series at the Artesian Bowl in Martinsville, Ind.
  • Eve Parmelly, the golfer and teammates Sharon Brown, Janie Phillips and Marti Vialle placed first in the second flight at the Ladies Classic at Ranchland Hills Golf Club in Midland, Texas.
  • George Parmelee, the artist drew caricatures of the guests at the Palace Theatre in Canton, Ohio, for the Premier 2011 Event, a fundraiser for The Arc of Stark County’s programs and services for the developmentally disabled and their families.
  • Jay Parmelee, the young gridder went 45 yards to put the New Canaan 6 Black Rams up 6-0, but host Darien White came back to win, 14-6. Sam Parmelee also provided some good blocking for the Rams.
  • Jennifer Parmalee, the Egg Harbor Township, N.J., woman was among the Philadelphia Phillies fans interviewed at Charlie's bar in Somers Point during the National League playoffs.
  • Jessie Parmelee, the actress plays Cassandra in "Cats" at Ben Bolinger’s Candlelight Pavilion in Claremont, Calif.
  • John Palmerlee, the member of the Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency Foundation of Santa Clara, Calif., and daughter Ellen converted his Toyota pickup to battery power as part of her senior project.
  • John Parmley, on the left, helps cut the ribbon at a Greencastle, Ind., Chamber of Commerce ceremony for HBG Financial Services.
  • Kaelyn Parmelee, the Kalamalka High School Laker was commended by her coach after the Vernon, British Columbia, squad brushed back the Fulton Maroons, 2-0 (25-15, 25-20), in the VSS Panthers Senior Girls Volleyball Tournament final. Said Coach Chris Bennett: "We have worked on improving our serving and serve receive and it showed. ... Kaelyn Parmelee passed great."
  • Kim Palmerlee Grzeszak, the Wyoming woman was the first to find a pair of hidden Reba McEntire concert tickets in a promotion for the event at the Grand Rapids, Mich., Van Andel Arena. She found her tickets behind a bench.
  • Lucas Parmelee, the actor from Whitehouse, Ohio, is playing Kurt at the Maumee Indoor Theatre's production of "The Sound of Music."
  • Mallory Parmley, the University of Evansville student from Whitehall, Ind., participated in and built a "Box City" to raise awareness of homelessness.
  • Michael Parmley, the Turlock, Calif., police detective testified in the trial of a man accused of killing his romantic rival. Darren Merenda, 32, of Turlock is on trial for the 2009 slaying of Donnie Futch, 34, of Hughson. Michael was the lead investigator on the case.
  • Mike Parmley, the Grand Isle, Neb., resident reported a theft to police.
  • Olivia Parmelee, the volleyball player served six points, had two aces and one kill as the Haddam Killingworth, Conn., volleyball team defeated Hyde, 3-0.
  • Paul Parmley, the spokesman for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. says social media is "a great way to spot and resolve customer service concerns, as we monitor social media channels throughout the day and reach out to and respond to customers who have issues or questions with a goal of quick resolution through social media and other channels.”
  • Ross Parmley, right, the deputy athletic director at the University of Tulsa has been named interim director following the resignation of Bubba Cunningham who is headed for the same post at the University of North Carolina. Ross, a former athletic director with the Norman, Okla., Public Schools, moved into an athletics administrative role after serving two years in the football department.
  • Stephen R. Parmley, the artist's work is on view at Tidemark Gallery, 902 Main St., Waldoboro, Maine. He likes to work with schist, a metamorphic stone that typically contains long crystals of mica or other minerals that reflect light and give the stone a lively, sparkly look. Stephen collects these pieces on his travels, then carves them minimally and elegantly to bring out animal forms as he sees them in the rock, like "Rabbit," left.
  • Tara Parmely, the volleyball player had 11 kills for Miller, S.D., as the Rustlers defeated the Aberdeen Roncalli Cavaliers, 3-1, in a nonconference meet.
  • Tre Parmalee, the Bishop Miege High School standout had 15 catches for 195 yards and scored on receptions of 20 and 37 yards for the Stags in a 41-7 victory over Mill Valley the Kansas Class 5A, District 2 opener.
  • William H. Parmelee IV, the 31-year-old Pittsfield, Mass., man pleaded guilty in Berkshire Superior Court to breaking into five vehicles over 10 days last summer and stealing credit cards he later used to purchase beer, cigarettes and video games. William was given a two-year jail sentence followed by three years of probation after pleading guilty to 33 charges; eight other charges were dismissed at the request of the prosecution.

... and from Puttur, India, resolutions were passed to safeguard Tulunudu language and culture during the valedictory ceremony of Akhila Bharata Tulu Sammelana. Among them was a resolution to preserve seven places, including Parmale.

11-10 NEWS

Slumping Minnesota has called up first baseman/outfielder Chris Parmelee from its New Britain, Conn., farm team in September. In his first at-bat in the second, Chris had a sharp single to center field. He added another one in the fourth, and then struck out and grounded out in his final two appearances in the team's 3-0 loss to the Chicago White Sox. The Twins made franchise history that night by starting three players who made their major league debuts in the same game: Chris, pitcher Liam Hendricks and center fielder Joe Benson. Chris and Benson, both 23, were called up from the Double-A Rock Cats. At his first post-game interview, Chris was succinct: "I'm here, I'm going to learn and listen to everything the veterans have to say. When I get in there, I'm going to play 100 percent. That's about it." The 6-foot-1, 235-pound left-hander was born in Long Beach, Calif., and was a standout at Chino Hills (Calif.) High School. The Twins selected him with their first-round (20th overall) pick in the 2006 draft. Since then he's played for the Fort Myers, Fla, Miracle, and the Rock Cats. Chris and Benson wanted to make a good impression for their debuts, but they ended up paying for it. Both wore suits and were fined $100 each by manager Ron Gardenhire for being overdressed. "They came in lookin' all nice, coming to the big leagues," Gardenhire told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. "I said: 'That's one-hundred bucks apiece because you just made me look bad in my blue jeans.' That was their first welcome to the big leagues." Chris hit a scorching .355, with four home runs, in his first 21 major league games.

These other family members, listed alphabetically, appeared in recent news stories:

  • Alan Parmelee, the Loveland, Colo., man is homeless -- again. In 2003, he was headed to the racetrack when he stopped at what was formerly a gas station at U.S. 287 and Colorado 402. That's where he first met Shelley Maul.They didn't see each other again until 2006, when Alan was living on the streets and Maul ran into him. He said Alan could park his van in the driveway of his home. That same year, Maul got a pacemaker. And to keep him from having to live in a nursing home, Alan offered stay with and care for him. Four months ago, Maul died and Alan was left alone in the home. Unable to pay the electric bill, Alan relied on candles for light. One left burning on the dishwasher started a fire that rendered the house uninhabitable. The Larimer Humane Society's Animal Control recovered Maul's 10 cats, unharmed. Thanks to the Red Cross, Alan spent the next three nights in a motel, and after that he'll continue working in the siding business with a Berthoud company and hunt for a new home. (Photo credit: Steve Stoner / Reporter-Herald)
  • Andrew Parmley, left, the son of Wayne and Kathy Parmley of Arnot, Pa., is scheduled to wed Lynette Troisi of Mansfield in June. The 2000 North Penn High School graduate received his degree in cabinet making and millwork from Pennsylvania College of Technology in 2004. He is employed by the Woodhouse, Timber Frame Co., Mansfield. Lynette is the daughter of Leslie and Albert Troisi of Keuka Park, N.Y.
  • Jay Parmelee, the New Canaan, Conn., sixth-grader displayed his running game in first half as the Black Rams defeated Westport South, 20-7.
  • Jace Parmley, the Missouri fourth-grader was a big play machine for the Neosho Gold, with a 60-yard touchdown run and a 70-yard kickoff return for another score as the Wildcats defeated Carl Junction 12-0.
  • Jalen Parmele, the former Baltimore running back from Midland, Mich., is still assessing his release from the Ravens after spending most of his four-year NFL career with the team. "We were shocked," said Jalen. "I wasn't expecting it, but at the same time, you understand. ... They're continually taking steps to try to make the team better." The 25-year-old Dow High graduate said he considers his special-teams ability to be a commodity to the other NFL teams. "That's something that I can add to the list of things I can do. Whatever more you can do in the NFL will help you out."
  • Margaret Parmley, the 64-year-old Weymouth, England, woman, and her husband, Lt. Col. Nat Parmley, right, helped her father, Jim Henderson, celebrate his 104th birthday. "It’s amazing that dad has reached this age," she said. "He was born a very delicate child and was told not to do sport and to look after himself." Said her husband: "Jim is a very generous grandfather and was always supporting his grandchildren in every way. When they went to university he helped them out as much as he could." Margaret's mother, Jane, died when she was 18 months old; she was brought up by the Methodist Church in Harrogate.
  • Parmalee & Howe Building, the 1931 two-story, neoclassical structure in Montpelier, Vt., left, was damaged by Hurricane Irene. The overflowing Deerfield River battered buildings with trees carried by raging floodwater and other debris.
  • Parmalee Hall, the Colorado State University dormitory added a fourth floor and reconfigured its commons area to accommodate an additional 120 students this fall. The Fort Collins campus is now home to 26,700 students, a 1.4 percent increase over last year.
  • Rex Parmalee, left, the father of two adopted Eddie, a 6-year-old Japanese Chin, or Japanese spaniel his 10- and 2-year-old daughters picked out at a Hawaiian Humane Society event sponsored by a Ford dealership in Kailua, Hawaii, after 232 dogs and puppies were seized from a puppy mill. "I just found out that Eddie was the first puppy mill dog to be adopted," Rex said. "We were just looking for a dog in general. Didn't matter where he or she came from."
  • Ross Parmley, the associate athletic director for the University of Tulsa saw his school's football team square off against Oklahoma State in a midnight football game. The national anthem had been played and kickoff was minutes away when fans were encouraged to clear the stands and seek shelter as a storm moved in. The rain that started falling about 9:15 p.m. soon became a downpour. NCAA rules suggest waiting at least 30 minutes after a lightning strike to resume a game, and nature finally accommodated at 16 minutes after midnight. The Cowboys didn't finish their 59-33 win until 3:35 a.m. Sunday.
  • Russ Parmelee, the Durham, Conn., man took part in his first corn maze with his daughter and grandchildren in Middlefield, Conn.
  • Ryan Parmley, the Lake Mills, Wisc., second-grader is pictured with Gail Kottwitz, Title I reading teacher at Schurz Elementary School, who recently received a community service award. (Photo credit: Teresa Stowell / Daily Times)
  • Ryan C. Parmelee, 17, and Anthony Gagnon, 18, both of Marlborough, Mass., have both been charged with assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and vandalizing property in the beating of a man near Crescent and West Main streets. Both await trial.
  • Sam Parmelee, the New Canaan, Conn., sixth-grader snared a 30-yard pass early in the second half as the Black Rams defeated Westport South, 20-7.
  • Scott Parmelee, right, the vice president and publisher of Outside magazine has named Bryan Kinkade its new associate publisher for New York.
  • Shawn Parmley, left, 36, of Ardmore, Tenn., has been charged with initiation of meth manufacture, possession of drug paraphernalia, and theft of property. He was booked in the Giles County Jail with bond set at $24,500. The meth lab was discovered at a vendor booth at the Dog Days Flea Market.
  • Thomas M. Palmerlee as been selected as one of five independent judges to evaluate projects submitted in the Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors' 2011 Geospatial Products and Services Excellence Awards competition. Tom is an associate director of the Transportation Research Board, a component of The National Academies.


... and from Middletown, Conn., FEMA inspectors spread out across Connecticut to get a closer look at the damage left behind by Hurricane Irene last month. Terry Parmelee, Middlefield's emergency management director, said FEMA will provide residents and business owners with guidelines to follow in their efforts to obtain financial reimbursement for storm damage. "It's important that [residents] document and maintain any bills that they have, also to take pictures so they have evidence of what happened during the storm," Parmelee told a Board of Selectman meeting where he briefed the board on the town's preparations, response and recovery from the hurricane. "All in all. it went pretty smooth. A lot of hours were put in," said Terry, who was up at 4:30 a.m. Sunday to begin monitoring the storm's damage and had easily worked 100 hours over the course of the week. During the height of the power outages caused by Irene, 91 percent of Connecticut Light and Power customers in Middlefield -- residents and businesses -- were left in the dark. Most had regained power by Friday, but Terry said some customers may have been without power longer the power line tied directly to their house had been downed. He said that once it became apparent the outages would take days to repair, the Middletown and Durham decided to open a temporary shelter at Coginchaug High School to all residents.

11-09 NEWS

Horry County Police Sgt. Oliver Parmley has been named Carolina Weekly's Public Servant of the Week. Oliver graduated from Conway High School and went on to major in criminal justice at Horry Georgetown Tech and Coastal Carolina University. Oliver joined the Conway Police Department in 1987, starting as a patrol officer and later was promoted to detective. "On patrol you interact with people every shift. In investigations, you get deeper into an issue with people, trying to help them. You have to be straightforward and make sure you do not mislead victims as to what you can and can't do. I always asked myself, 'What would I want to hear from someone if I was on the other side of the desk.' " Oliver moved to the sheriff's office in 1995. Initially, he was assigned to process serving and extraditions, and then moved to court security. Oliver now is in charge of security for the county's Judicial Complex. "Every day we find people who forget they have a pipe or a joint in their pocket or other things not allowed in the complex," he says. But checking items must be done carefully. "Just because a person is using a cane, we can?t assume it is just for walking. We have to check it to make sure it does not have a knife or other dangerous object concealed in it." Oliver credits his staff for keeping the courts and court personnel safe. "I establish the plan, but the people who work for me carry it out. All the credit goes to them. I learn from each one of them every day." He and his wife, Lytonia, have three sons -- Isaac, Shaquille, and Andre -- and a daughter, Jasmine.

These other family members, listed alphabetically, appeared in recent news stories:

  • Andy and Chris Parmley, the brothers' band, Young Rebel Set, right, has a new single, "Red Bricks," which was taken from their first album, "Curse Our Love." Guitarist Andy and base player Chris are joined by Paddy Jordan on guitar/keyboards, Dave Coombe on harmonica, Mark Evans on mandolin and his brother Luke on drums. The Stockton-on-Tees band has spent three years working on the album, in between touring the U.K. and Europe.
  • Brian Parmelee, the Springfield, Ore., deputy fire marshal said that a faulty attic fan was to blame in a blaze that damaged a two-story home.
  • Charles Edward Parmele, the author's new historical fiction, "The Last Run," is due out. The plot is set at the beginning of WWII: After his parents are killed in a fire, Stephen Hull runs away to the Solomon Islands to sign on as a deckhand on a boat ran by his late father's friend, Teddy "Skipper" Simms. Charles was born in Ohio, raised in Florida, and spent 12 years in the Navy.
  • Chuck Parmelee, left, the 6-foot, 185-pound ultimate fighter from Sioux City, Iowa, will be in the lineup at Shark Fights 19. In the middleweight bout, Chuck (33-12-1) takes on Rob Kimmons (23-8). Chuck, a 12-year vet, has a six-fight win streak and a 13-1 run since 2009. Of his 33 career wins, 22 have been knockouts.
  • Chris Parmelee, the New Britain, Conn., first baseman drove in three runs with a single in the top of the seventh inning to lift the Rock Cats to a 7-4 victory over the Trenton, N.J., Thunder in the first game of a doubleheader.
  • Dave Parmley, the Hornell, N.Y., Industrial Development Agency member was named assistant treasurer.
  • David Parmley, the bluegrass singer and his band, the Continental Divide, have a new recording of sacred music. "Church House Hymns, Vol. II" has 12 gospel favorites performed with David’s distinctive baritone. David says he's ready to start touring again in December, after recovering from some health issues that kept him off the road for a couple of years.
  • David Parmelee and son Michael of Boy Scout Troop 146 of the Jackson Township, Pa., Volunteer Fire Department were among those who celebrated Father’s Day with a day canoe trip down the Susquehanna River. David is the troop's assistant scoutmaster and canoeing merit badge instructor.
  • Gavin Parmley, left, the Gulf Breeze, Fla., actor plays Mr. Salt in the Pensacola Little Theatre's production of "Willy Wonka: The Musical."
  • Jalen Parmele, the Baltimore Ravens running back officially handed over No. 34 to the newest Raven, Ricky Williams. The two made an agreement, which allowed Williams to move from No. 38 to No. 34. Jalen will now wear No. 33. In a recent game against Kansas City, a fourth-quarter touchdown drive ended with Jalen's go-ahead 10-yard TD run with 7:16 remaining; the Ravens rallied for a 31-13 victory over the winless Chiefs.
  • James D. Parmley, the 33-year-old Cedar Point, Kan., man was a passenger in a car that was sideswiped by Justin R. Beetch, 19, of Abilene. James was not injured in the wreck at Diamond Road at 310th Road, Marion County authorities said.
  • Jerry and Linda Parmley, the couple are helping host the eighth annual All-Veterans Barbecue Picnic at Swensrud Park in Northwood, Iowa. "Bringing veterans of all services from all eras together is what this event is all about," said Jerry, president of the Chapter 790 Vietnam Veterans of America, which sponsors the event.
  • Kenneth Parmeley, the bus rider has filed a suit against Bi-State Development Agency, doing business as Metro, in St. Clair, Ill., County Circuit Court. Kenneth, a passenger on a Missouri-bound bus in November 2010, says he was injured when the driver stopped abruptly, causing him to be thrown forward. He's accusing Metro of negligence and is seeking more than $50,000 in damages for medical bills, lost wages and court fees.
  • Lindy Parmley, the visitor officer for Weymouth and Portland, England, on the far right, is working with Homestay, which has registered the owners of more than 30 households under a program to host families for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London.
  • Michelle L. Parmelee, the Navy petty officer 2nd class and fellow crew members aboard the amphibious transport dock USS New Orleans, home ported in San Diego, departed Naval Base Point Loma after completing a six-day deperming evolution in preparation for deployment. The ship is the first in its class to undergo the process to reduce its magnetic signature to camouflage it against magnetic-detection vessels and enemy marine mines. Michelle, the daughter of Lorraine Ozenna of Faribault, Minn., and Mike Parmelee of Rio Verde, Ariz., is a 1998 graduate of Freeport, Fla., High School who joined the Navy in October 2001.
  • Nancy Parmelee, the Huntsville, Ala., resident helped organize a National Night Out party for police and residents. "We couldn't be as successful as we've been. We wouldn't have 127 watch groups, if it wasn't for HPD and the city of Huntsville," she says.
  • Robert and Ann Parmely, our sympathies to the Babylon, N.Y., family on the death of her father, Matthew Bialock, 87, of Little Falls, N.Y.
  • Ruth Palmerlee, left, who works in the costume shop at Cal State Chico, makes her directing debut at the university with N. Richard Nash's "The Rainmaker." "I chose this play because of the small cast," Ruth said. "These people really have to work as an ensemble. The topic is so wonderful in that you have to be able to dream in order to have your life move forward. A lot of it has to do with human interactions which are hilarious."
  • Ryan C. Parmelee, the 17-year-old was arrested in his hometown of Hudson, Mass., on a warrant charging larceny over $250, police said.
  • Stuart and Shelly Parmelee, the Umatilla, Ore., couple's son, Francis Marion Ehrmantraut IV, is engaged to Allison Page Printz, daughter of Scott and Deena Printz of Toledo, Ore. The couple both live in Salem, Ore.
... and from London comes word that music journalist Greg Parmley, right, has set a Guinness World Record for visiting 26 live music festivals across Europe in 30 days, which he completed riding a BMW R 1200 R. Starting at Glastonbury on June 24, Greg traveled 5,500 miles through 13 European countries and saw more than 150 bands -- including Queens of the Stone Age, Elbow and Slash -- before returning to London 30 days later, right on schedule. Traveling up to 400 miles a day, Greg rode through Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland on his adventure. "I knew this trip would be a lot about timing," Greg said. "It was a bit like a house of cards: If I missed a festival for any reason, the whole record attempt was in danger of collapsing." Wardrobe provided his biggest problem: "I had a slight problem in Slovakia, in that I took everything I wasn't wearing to a launderette to be washed, but then completely forgot about my clothes and went to Hungary. Fortunately, underwear isn't so pricey there!"

11-08 NEWS

No lead-off feature story this month. These family members, listed alphabetically, appeared in recent news stories:

  • Bryce "Bird" Parmelly, left, a former Slug who both played for and coached with departing UC Santa Cruz men's tennis coach Bob Hansen, has been named to succeed his mentor.
  • Collin Parmalee, the Little Leaguer was a member of the Fort Pierce, Fla., 9- and 10-year-old All Star team, which won the District 17 Championship by defeating Martin County North, 13-8, in the tournament final.
  • Christal Parmley, the phlebotomist, right, finishes up with blood donor Heidi Snavely amid a slew of empty donor chairs at the American Red Cross center in Tucson, Ariz., which is experiencing a shortage of donors. (Photo Credit: Kelly Presnell / Arizona Daily Star)
  • Erica Parmelee, the 21-year-old St. Simons Island, Ga., resident was one of 15 people arrested and charged with one count of sale of alcohol to a minor in a two-day alcohol compliance investigation conducted by the Glynn/Brunswick Narcotics Enforcement Team and the Georgia Department of Revenue.
  • Gale Parmelee, a veteran radio programmer who originally joined Listener Driven Radio of Westlake, Ohio, last year, has been promoted to vice president of programming support.
  • J.C. Parmeley, the race car driver finished out the Tucson, Ariz., top five at the Western States Stock Car Series.
  • Jalen Parmele, the Baltimore Ravens running back, and a teammate were scheduled to make $1.2 million as restricted free agents; it is believed both signed for the veteran minimum of $685,000 when those offers were withdrawn. Jalen, who was signed off Miami's practice squad in December 2008, averaged 31.4 yards on kickoffs in 2009 and finished third with 12 special teams tackles last season.
  • Kade Parmelly, the baseball player went 3-for-3 with five RBIs, including a two-run home run, before being hit by the pitch in the fifth inning as Wylie won the Texas District 5 Little League. Wylie defeated Abilene Cedar Creek, 10-6. "Big Kade is an animal," said Coach Kevin Hanna said. "He's such a tough out. It's very hard to get a fastball by him, and he adjusts very well to the curveball. He's going to miss a few here or there, but my money's on him."
  • Kate Parmelee, the Martin County, Fla., intergovernmental and grants coordinator weighed in on establishing 9.6-square-mile Indiantown as an enterprise zone. County commissioners, she said, "identified obtaining an enterprise zone designation for Indiantown as a strategic goal for the past three years, to encourage employment and economic development in the area. It's also another tool for Indiantown to compete with other rural areas."
  • Kenny Parmele, the tenor saxophonist and his Albany, N.Y.-area band, the TS Ensemble, have a gig at Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Mashantucket, Conn.
  • Kenton Parmley, left, the shortstop for the Plaza Tire Capahas had an unusual three-game series against the visiting St. Louis Printers. He made five errors during a doubleheader, including four in the opener, but redeemed himself with home runs in the first and third contests, his first two long balls of the summer. Both served as game-winners to help the Capahas take all three matchups. Kenton, a three-year starter for Southeast Missouri State, played last summer for a collegiate team in Chicago. The Goreville, Ill., native wanted to stay a bit closer to home for his senior season with the Redhawks.
  • M.D. Parmelee, the Pulaski, Va., police sergeant was quoted in the investigation of a recent accident on State Route 99.
  • Marcy Parmley, her Farmers Insurance Agency was among the drop-off points listed by the Bakersfield, Calif., Rescue Mission for donated school supplies that will be given to the Height Street Baptist Church youth outreach program.
  • Matt Palmerlee, the Farm 255 chef will represent Athens, Ga., at the third annual Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival in Atlanta. Festival-goers get to taste bite-sized tomato dishes or sample tomato drinks and vote for their favorite.
  • Marge Parmley, the Evansville, Ind., woman is credited with calling 9-1-1 after two homes near hers were destroyed by a double explosion and fire.
  • Mickey Parmalee, the originator of the El Dorado Hills Trojans youth lacrosse program and is commissioner of the Sacramento Valley Lacrosse Conference was named the conference's Man of the Year.
  • Nichole Parmelly, the Arapahoe County, Colo., communication services specialist was quoted in a story on this year's County Fair: "Some of our fair contests and activities will have a historical slant to celebrate our [county's] 150th anniversary,"
  • Parmalee, the Greenville, N.C., band has signed with Stoney Creek Records in Nashville, Tenn. And a South Carolina judge sentenced Dytavis Hinton, one of the men responsible for last fall's robbery and shooting of drummer Scott Thomas, to 20 years in prison without parole. All four members of the band were in the York County courtroom.
  • Parmelee Brook, the Connecticut Department of Transportation plans to replace a 40-foot bridge over one of its tributaries on State Route 17 south of Durham. Officials hope to begin work the summer of 2013 on the span, which was built in 1930.
  • Parmely-Griggs Loop, the roadway has been adopted into the Wayne County, Ky., road system.
  • Patricia Parmelee, the psychologist and director of the University of Alabama's Center for Mental Health and Aging, was recently quoted in a story on people who'd lost their homes in a tornado. "For people who are old or frail, any kind of change is stressful, and the older you are, the harder it is to bounce back from stress," Patricia said. Even under normal circumstances, relocating can be a strain for people who are elderly, she said, but the sudden loss of a home or normalcy from something as abrupt and destructive as the storm may be too much stress.
  • Ralph and Gail Parmelee, the Virginia Beach, Va., couple, left, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their children, grandchildren and great granddaughter.
  • Sheryl Parmalee was installed as vice president of the Kernville, Calif., Chamber of Commerce.
  • Susan Parmalee, the Champlain Valley (Vt.) Union High School softball infielder was named to the all-league second team.
  • Susanna Parmelee, the Shavertown, Pa., woman who is assistant resident director at Camp St. Andrew’s says an olympics is the girls' favorite event at the summer camp. "This is my 12th year at camp," she said. "First as a camper, then as a counselor and now as a director."
  • Terry Parmelee, the Rome, Wis., dog owner had three animals -- Lucy, Sophie and Abby -- in the second annual Rome Farmers Market Pet Parade.
  • Todd Parmelee, the Golden Tavern Group spokesman was quoted as saying that any NFL cancellation of games would kill the bar profits all over the Las Vegas Valley. "It is, if not close to, 50 percent of our business September all the way through the Super Bowl," Todd said.
  • Tyler Parmelee, the Bacon Academy student was named to the senior honor roll for the latest grading period at the Norwich, Conn., school.

... and from Killingworth, Conn., comes the unusual story of a black bear that had a late lunch in Cathy DePalma’s yard. "I was at the computer about 1:30 in the afternoon and heard a crash," she said. "The bear was unscrewing the top of my squirrel-proof bird feeder." After eating the birdseed, the bear opted for take-out, carrying off suet from another feeder as it shambled into the friendly woods of town-owned Parmalee Farm and its well-trodden hiking trails.

11-07 NEWS

For those keeping score at home, it was the old 3-2-6-1-5-3-4-6-8 double play. First baseman Chris Parmelee, right, and the New Britain Rock Cats hosted the Binghamton, N.Y., Mets in Double-A contest that has to be seen to be believed. In the top of the fourth inning, Allan Dykstra walked, Eric Campbell singled, and Raul Reyes laid down a sacrifice bunt to put runners on second and third with one out. Jose Coronado then hit a grounder to Chris at first -- and mayhem ensued. "It was strange, real strange to watch," said Rock Cats broadcaster Jeff Dooley. "Parmelee came home, and they were going to cut the lead runner down at the plate. Parmelee was in a rundown, and all of a sudden, you've got two guys at third. There was such a delay, one guy breaks back for second, the other guy breaks for home." Breaking for home was Dykstra, caught in a rundown between pitcher Brett Jacobsen and shortstop Deibinson Romero. Romero applied the tag for the inning's first out. But then Coronado was then caught between first and second, with Romero throwing across the diamond to Chris at first in an attempt to get him. But then Campbell broke for third, and the Rock Cats' defenders then turned their attention to him. Second baseman Steve Singleton threw to shortstop Chris Cates covering third, who ran Campbell back toward second before tossing to center fielder Joe Benson, who applied the tag to complete the double play. "It was a circus play, but it worked to perfection," said Dooley. The Rock Cats came out on top, 7-3. See the video. An aside: Chris has been hitting well this season: .277/.360/.413 with four home runs and 30 RBIs.

These other family members, listed alphabetically, appeared in recent news stories:

  • Alicia Parmele, the head of youth services at the Algonquin, Ill., Public Library, decked out in appropriate attire for Midsummer Knight’s Read, is a medieval-themed reading event for youngsters and adults. "Our kickoff to the summer reading program event is designed to get kids into the library," she said. "We encourage them to join our reading program and enjoy reading over the summer."
  • Allan Parmelee, the Washington state inmate known for filing public records requests to apparently harass judges, lawyers and corrections officers has lost his latest legal battle. The state Court of Appeals ruled that Franklin County Superior Court can consider the convicted arsonist's identity when determining whether to grant the county's request to withhold personal information and personnel records about jail employees. Allan says he wants the records because he is a freelance journalist investigating corruption. The case will return to the county Superior Court. (His obituary)
  • Andrew R. Parmelee, the 32-year-old Marlborough, Mass., man has pled not guilty to assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. According to reports, Andrew was having sex with a woman when Jeffrey David Ouellette Sr., 55, came into the room and touched her, authorities said. Andrew allegedly hit an unidentified man with a metal pipe who had entered the bedroom, sending the man to a hospital. Ouellette pled not guilty to three charges. Police could not find the pipe, attorneys for Andrew and Ouellette said in court.
  • Bailey Parmelee, the cross-country runner covered two miles in 10:56 to claim the D-1 regional in Greeenville, Mich.
  • Bob Parmley, right, the Littleton, Colo., man accepts a vodka beverage from bartender Shiloh Lewis at 303's Vodka distillery in Boulder. The three-year-old Boulder Distillery & Clear Spirit Co. is working to establish its facility as a night-life scene and public/private events space. (Photo credit: Jeremy Papasso)
  • Brian Parmley, principal of Glenmora, La., Elementary and High schools, was honored by Chick-fil-A in Monroe, La., as one of its 2010-11 Teachers of the Year.
  • Brooke Parmelee, the reading teacher is participating in an Arts Courses for Educators grant at Anoka Middle School for the Arts in Ramsey, Minn.
  • Caleb Parmalie, the slugger batted in an RBI and scored a run himself for Oilfield in a 21-4 loss to Colonial Realty in Bartlesville, Okla., Amateur Baseball action.
  • Callie Parmele, left, the San Mateo, Calif., High School senior was among the $1,000 scholarship winners at Comcast’s Leaders & Achievers Scholarship Event to visit the Capitol in Sacramento. (Photo credit: Ken James / Comcast)
  • Chance Parmly, right, the Fluvana County, Va., High School sophomore cleared the bar at 13 feet, 6 inches to claim second in the Group AA state boys’ pole-vault championship.. Chance was the favorite going in, with a seed score of 14 feet. He cleared his first vault of 13 feet in two tries. He managed the 13 feet, 6 inches in two jumps as well. It was 13 feet, 9 inches he missed in two attempts. "They [his last two attempts] just felt funny. They weren’t exactly right," he said. Chance cleared 14 feet at the Group AA indoor championships.
  • Clark Parmelee, the Randolph farmer is one of 10 recipients of Vermont Farm Viability Program grants. Clark, who raises poultry, cattle and hogs, will begin to offer poultry slaughtering services to farmers in central Vermont through the Parmelee Farm Mobile Unit. A grant of $5,000 will help to cover the cost of purchasing the unit and associated equipment.
  • Danny Parmelee, the Epikos Church pastor and his nearly 500-member congregation have purchased the Paradise Theater building in West Allis, Wisc., for $65,200, and plan to convert it into a sanctuary. He estimated that the restoration, including a new roof, windows and mechanical systems, will cost $2.2 million. Danny said the church is embarking on a fundraising campaign, and hopes to have the work completed by next summer.
  • Dave Parmley, the 50-year-old developer has finalized a 20-year franchise agreement with Hilton Hotels Corp. for a Doubletree hotel to be built at the site of downtown Columbia, Mo.'s Regency Hotel, which will close in November. The 114-room hotel will be known as The Broadway, a Doubletree by Hilton, and should be open in spring 2013. Dave owns and operates four other Hilton hotels.
  • Dave Parmley, the Lake Dillon, Colo., fire chief and his crews battled a 17-acre wildfire at the base of Keystone Gulch without any injuries or loss of structures. After another blaze, a Frisco, Colo., museum spokeswoman reported that an antique fur collection, jewelry, women's clothing and other artifacts were missing. Dave said firefighters used as little water as possible to keep from damaging artifacts at the Ruth House. Police say the burglary may be connected to a suspected arson.
  • Eve Parmelly, left, celebrates a putt for birdie on the fourth hole at San Angelo Country Club during the Women's West Texas Golf Association Championship. (Photo credit: Standard-Times / Patrick Dove)
  • George and Jean Parmley, our condolences to the Tipton, Mich., family on the death of her mother, Bernice LaVona Demlow, who died at the age of 100 years, 10 months and 10 days.
  • Gordon Parmley, the was one of 11 diabetics reported to have been cured of the disease through a low-calorie diet in Britain. For the eight-week study, published in the June 24 issue of Diabetologia, researchers tracked the insulin levels of type 2 diabetics as they ate a 600-calorie-a-day diet of diet shakes and nonstarchy vegetables. After one week, blood sugar levels were no longer elevated. After eight weeks, their bodies' regained the ability to make insulin, essentially curing them. Gordon told The Daily Telegraph that 18 months on, he still doesn't take medication. "It's astonishing really that a diet -- hard as it was -- could change my health so drastically." He said he distract himself with golf and walking the dog to take his mind off food.
  • Greg Parmley, right, the British biker and music fan aims to set a world record by attending 26 music festivals in 13 different countries in just 30 days. Greg, the editor of live music industry publication IQ magazine will ride his 1200cc BMW motorbike more than 5,500 miles to watch bands in Britain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and Croatia. "I was trying to think of an excuse to get out of the office and on to a motorbike for a few weeks, and then I started joining the dots around festivals in Europe," he said.
  • Ian Parmley, the Liberty University outfielder had 27 stolen bases this year to lead the Flames, and finished third in the Big South in base thefts.
  • Jason Parmele, the 32-year-old Washington man has been accused of using a forged driver's license and Social Security card to receive pain medication from a Mesa, Ariz., hospital. Documents state that Jason had checked into Banner Baywood Medical Center on May 22 using the name Jeremy Paul Wiggins and was released May 27 with prescribed pain medication. Police said that on June 3, he again checked in, using the name Tyler Paul Hayden, complaining of meningitis and other medical problems, but tests indicated he was fine. Investigators said he had researched the forged names and birthdays online to make sure they did not belong to anyone before using them, and didn't believe he was committing a crime.
  • Jennifer Parmelee Witt, the Weatogue, Conn., resident inspired April Seidman, 37, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis to run the Hartford Marathon Foundation’s Amica Iron Horse 5K, in Simsbury. "Jen has experienced a lot of tragedy in her lifetime," Seidman said. "One day she set her mind to losing weight and began running and has not stopped since. I know that exercising as stress management is one of the reasons why she is the strongest person I will ever know. Jen ran with me last year and will be running the half-marathon this year. After my course is over, I will be at the finish line cheering for her."
  • Jerry Keith and Karan (Coil) Parmele, the Mackinaw, Ill., couple are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with an open house at Mackinaw Christian Church. They were married June 18, 1961, right, at the church in a double ceremony with her twin, Karol, and husband Richard Gresham. Jerry [Earl Calvin, Lyman Seth, Giles, Seth, Giles, Jeremiah, Lemuel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John] and Karan have two daughters, Angie Scott and Amy Rinkenberger, both of Mackinaw, and four grandchildren. Jerry retired in 2003 from the purchasing department at Caterpillar; he still farms. Karan retired in 2002 from the State Farm Insurance investment department in Bloomington.
  • Jerry Parmley, the Vietnam Veterans Assn. chapter president is organizing an all-veterans recognition day with a free barbecue at the Swensrud Park in Northwood, Iowa.
  • Jonathan and Ashlee Parmley, left, the couple's first dance as husband and wife is on video, at Giuseppe's Restaurant in Colorado Springs, Colo.
  • Kenya Daniell Parmley, right, the 34-year-old Conway, S.C., man has been indicted by a Horry County grand jury with selling counterfeit merchandise -- recordings and videos.
  • Kyle R. Parmelee, the 21-year-old Marlborough, Mass., man has been charged with assault and battery on a pregnant woman and two counts of assault and battery, police said.
  • Mariah Jean Stootman Parmelee, a senior at Hackettstown, N.J., High School, has gradated.
  • Martin Parmley, the British cricket player hit 80 in Grantham’s eight-wicket victory over Sleaford 2nd.
  • Parmly LifePointes, residents of the Chisago City, Ill., senior center were given motorcycle sidecar rides, courtesy of the St. Croix Harley crew. The staff bundled about 25 residents -- including 102-year-old Lillian Pepin -- in jackets and goggles for the breezy bike tour.
  • Pat Parmelee, the Glen Cove, N.Y., woman and Linda Thompson were the honorees of the city's Senior Recognition Day in a ceremony on the Village Square.
  • Paul Parmelee, the videographer for WHYY-TV Channel 12 out of Wilmington, Del., captured the story of the Christina School District making its final payment on a five-year, $20 million loan from the state. The Newark, Del., district had been hiring teachers and funding programs to improve education, but didn't learn until after Superintendent Joseph Wise took a job as head of the Jacksonville, Fla., schools that the district never had the money.
  • Raziye Parmley, the artist is among a group of Fulflood, Hampshire, painters, who have united to exhibit their work after meeting in a coffee shop. The fruits of their labors will be exhibited under the moniker ArtFul -- named after the area of Winchester in which they all live.
  • Stephen Parmley, left, the Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology grad from Bald Eagle Area hugs instructor John Fike at an awards event. Stephen completed the diesel equipment maintenance and repair program. (Photo credit: Centre Daily Times / Joshua Sykes)
  • Toni Parmelee, right, the Lackawanna County, Pa., woman and daughter Maria Ford, front row, are participating in the Employment Opportunity & Training Center of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The Scranton agency, which just received a check for a $6,000 grant, helps support parenting education for at-risk families. (Photo credit: The Abington Journal)
  • Walt Parmelee served as an usher at the Melbourne, Fla., wedding of Brooke Lindsey and Donald Andrezze.




11-06 NEWS

Indy’s Kitchen, an Indianapolis incubator dedicated to helping launch food-related small businesses, announced that it has graduated its first client: Kris Parmelee's Avec Moi, which is French for "with me." Her company, which prepared meals to go from Indy’s Kitchen, is moving to a permanent home at 701 E. 62nd St. Kris Parmelee credited the facility with providing the opportunity to test the market and build a customer base before branching out on her own. "Indy’s Kitchen has given me the support I’ve needed to grow at the right pace," said Kris, pictured with husband Jeff. "Its location in the thriving Fall Creek area has allowed me to connect to a community and build vital relationships with customers." Indy’s Kitchen provides a fully equipped, commercially licensed pastry and catering kitchen for rent by the hour to aspiring entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses.


These other family members, listed alphabetically, appeared in recent news stories:

  • Bailey Parmelee, the Greenville, Mich., High School junior, right, broke two school track records in two days. First, she broke the Yellow Jackets' record in the 3,200-meter run, against Grand Rapids Christian, with a time of 11:04 minutes, breaking the previous record by 23 seconds. The next days she set the standard in the 1,600-meter run with a time of 5:06, shaving 10 seconds off the old record. Both prior records were set in 2007 by Chelsea Prahl who currently runs Division I cross country and track and field for the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. (Photo credit: The Daily News)
  • Bryan Parmelly, the Cooper High School government teacher played singer Toby Keith's "Courtesy of the Red White and the Blue" to his classes in Abilene, Texas, the day after U.S. Marines killed terrorist Bin Laden. Principal Gail Gregg said the event provided all students an opportunity to learn. "You have to remember, our high school seniors were in the third grade when 9/11 happened," Gregg said. "Many don't know the facts of what happened, and they also don't know why the adults are so happy."
  • Bryce Parmely, the Natrona County, Wyo., High School athlete won the 3,200-meter run with a time of 10:55.24, and placed fifth in the 1,600-meter run with a time of 5:08.03 at the Kelly Walsh Invitational, a five-team meet in Casper. He placed 16th in the 3,200 at the Class 4A state meet with a time of 10:40.49.
  • Cassidy Parmley,'s treasurer, left, helps run the Belfast, Maine, nonprofit that fights texting while driving to prevent injuries and death. "It’s not just kids texting. It’s everybody," Cassidy said, "You’re like a speeding bullet. Driving 70 miles per hour and distracted — it’s like you’re a loaded gun."
  • Cheryl Parmalee, owner of The Burlington, organized an Easter egg hunt at the assisted-living center in Wofford Heights, Calif., for children 7 and younger.
  • Christina Denise Ferraro Parmelee, the Storrs, Conn., student is a recent graduate of the University of Connecticut.
  • David Parmelee, the 42-year-old Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass., runner, placed 8,670th in his first Boston Marathon with a time of 3:33:33. He runs the Cape Ann gantlet through Manchester, Essex and Gloucester every Saturday morning.
  • David Parmley, the 57-year-old Hornell, N.Y., businessman was released on his own recognizance after his initial appearance in Hornell City Court to face a charge of offering a false instrument for filing, a class E felony. David is president and owner of Covered Wagon Tours and is assistant treasurer of the Hornell Industrial Development Agency. He allegedly falsified a vehicle inspection report for a Covered Wagon bus. The charge carries a maximum sentence of four years in prison.
  • Donn and Frances Parmelee, our condolences to the Greeley, Colo., family on the death of her mother, Estella Eunice Mackey Nichols, 95.
  • Ian Parmley, the Liberty Baptist University center fielder had two hits and a run in the Flames' 3-2 victory over the Gardner-Webb Runnin' Bulldogs in a Big South contest.
  • Janet L. Parmelee, the Short Hills, N.J., resident and Richard M. Fike of Clarence, N.Y., sold their Norwood Avenue home in New London, Conn., to Jerry W. and Debra L. Shriner for $140,000.
  • Jay Parmley, left, the executive director of the South Carolina Democratic Party, has been hired in that same post in North Carolina. Jay, a former state chairman in Oklahoma, also was an at-large member of the Democratic National Committee in 2008. The North Carolina party will host the 2012 national convention in Charlotte.
  • Jim Parmely, the 51-year-old towboat worker took the day off to nurse aches and pains after spending nearly eight hours sandbagging in Metropolis, Ill., as the Ohio River rose to nearly 56 feet, nearly 17 feet above flood stage. Dealing with a river that will do as it pleases "is just a part of living here," said Jim, whose mother is a retired towboat cook.
  • Jody Parmley, the Indiana woman is a member of the Putnam County Fair Queen Committee.
  • John and Carol Parmelee, the West Deptford Township family sold their Barlow Avenue home to Virginia Hall for $200,000, according to documents filed at the Gloucester County, N.J., Courthouse.
  • Joshua Parmley, the 19-year-old Hamilton, Ohio, man has been indicted by a Butler County grand jury on one count of robbery and one count of having weapons while under disability.
  • Kenton Parmley. a Southeast Missouri State baseball player, hit his fourth home run of the year in a 13-7 win over Arkansas State in a game cut short by severe weather. "Without a doubt [Easter weekend] has been our busiest weekend of the year so far – the weather has been fantastic and we’ve all been rushed off our feet giving out information to visitors."
  • Lindy Parmley, the visitor manager at the Weymouth Tourist Information center, says visitors flocked to the coastal town to take advantage of the scorching temperatures across Britain.
  • Matthew Palmerlee, the Cooking Channel chef, left, and his "Four Coursemen" co-hosts were nominated for a James Beard Foundation award in the television special/documentary category. Planet Green's "Emeril’s Culinary," with host Emeril Lagasse, won.
  • Nikki Parmley, the NVogue designer was one of those featured in this year's Designer Showcase, using neutrals as a backdrop in her University of Tulsa room. "I wanted to do a TU room and honor it with [gold and blue] but make it look sophisticated and not look like a college dorm room," she said." It makes it more pleasing to the eye."
  • Parmelee Hall, the Colorado State University dorm was evacuated about 10:45 one recent night after fire alarms went off. Students told the campus newspaper that they thought a pipe had burst in a second-floor room and saw water flush out of a room.
  • Parmelee, S.D., the town located on the Rosebud Indian Reservation, will soon break ground to build a new Fire Hall with help from a $130,000 Community Development Block Grant.
  • Pat Parmalee received a service award from Glen Cove, N.Y., in its fifth annual Senior Recognition Day in downtown Village Square.
  • Rebecca Parmley, right, the Pewaukee High School senior, is one of three recipients of the Waukesha, Wis., Fire Department firefighters $500 scholarships to students seeking a career in fire, emergency medical science, criminal justice or nursing programs at the county technical college.
  • Susan Parmalee, the softball player paced the Champlain Valley, Vt., Redhawks with a four-for-four performance and a pair of runs in a 4-3 loss to the North Country Falcons.
  • Ted and Carol Palmerlee, our condolences to the Athens, Ga., family on the death of her mother, Beryl (Vetter) Johnson, 91, of Ripley, N.Y.
  • Trevor Parmelee, a San Clemente, Calif., High School senior, and doubles partner Kevin Stanley fought back to win the set's final three games to give the Tritons a much-needed point in a 10-8 win over Dana Hills.

    Warren Parmelee, the Spotsylvania County, Va., physician was at Medic 1, his former urgent-care office, seeing some patients and phoning others, trying to tie up loose ends. "We're about 100 calls behind right now," Warren said. "We're still trying desperately to make sure that people's immediate needs are taken care of." Founded in 1986, Medic 1 had four locations and thousands of patients. Warren closed the last clinic's when "I saw the day before that we were not going to be able to make payroll. ... I wanted to [close] on a more orderly basis, but it didn't work out that way." He cited rising costs, competition from the regional and national urgent care chains, and billing issues with Tricare and Medicare for his decision to close.

... and for the smart-phone owner who has everything, a company has launched the "world's first authentic voodoo app," created by Anna E. Parmelee. The basic application is free, but you can shell out $3.99 for an advanced version. The app comes with a number of spells users can perform to advance their goals in money, love and business. Anna hopes to distinguish fact from fiction with the app: "There is a lot of misinformation running around. All over the Web, people slap the 'voodoo' label on inferior products or rituals that have little or nothing to do with the actual tradition."

11-05 NEWS

An art gallery may not seem like the ideal spot for a rock concert, but the Burlington, Vt., City Arts center served as the location for the release party of local two-piece Parmaga's new EP, "Ghost Pops." Said front man Bryan Parmalee: "It was amazing … memorable from setup to take-down." Though Parmaga has been a Burlington music staple for some time -- Bryan, right, and drummer Brett Fiorentino have been playing together on and off for more than three years -- "Ghost Pops" is their first professional album and the first for Angioplasty Records. Musical contemporaries and friends Joey Pizza Slice, DJ Disco Phantom and Ryan Power -- who also worked on the production of the album -- filled out the party's bill. According to Bryan, the band will be heading out of Vermont to get their name out. If all goes well, expect another release from Parmaga around the end of the year. You can hear a few of their songs here.

These other family members, listed alphabetically, appeared in recent news stories:

  • Caitlyn Parmley, the outfielder started a two-out rally in the second inning with a line-drive single to center field as Goreville shut out Zeigler-Royalton, 3-0. Caitlyn finished the game two-for-three and scored the Lady Cats' first run.
  • Danielle Parmelee, the golfer and her Molalla Indians team topped Crescent Valley at the Trysting Tree Golf Course in Corvallis, Ore.
  • Dawn Mahaney-Palmerly, the photographer was awarded an Award of Excellence for her photo "Exposure of Man" at the Campbell River, British Columbia, Art Gallery's 29th annual members' show.
  • Gary Parmelee, the New York lacrosse player scored a goal Alfred State College, but the Pioneers came up on the short end of a 22-10 game against Genesee Community College.
  • Greg Parmley, editor of IQ, the live music magazine, was astounded that U2's 360° extravaganza has become the highest grossing tour ever, beating a record set by the Rolling Stones. "It is getting harder for midrange bands," he said. "We are seeing a gap developing between the real premier league artists and the midtable and new bands."
  • Ian Parmley, the center fielder led off with a single, stole second base and scored the initial run for Liberty in a 5-4 loss to Coastal Carolina in Conway, S.C. Ian Parmley went 3-for-3 with a walk, an RBI and two runs scored.
  • Isaac Parmley, the Whitehall third-grader placed second in the 52-pound category for 8- and 9-year-olds in the Michigan Youth Wrestling Assn.'s western regional tournament. The 8-year-old was selected to compete in the state championship tournament.
  • James Parmelee, the Centreville, Va., resident and president of Republicans For Tax Relief was among the speakers who for called for local officials to better manage spending at the Fairfax County budget hearings. "This county has grown tremendously and you guys have been drinking from a gusher of money—taxpayer money," James said, speaking for himself. The $6.1 billion spending plan for fiscal 2012 would keep the property tax rate where they are, freeze county employee salaries for the third consecutive year, and maintain current school funding levels. The average bill would rise by about $110 because of rising home values.
  • James Parmley, the former state police major who has been a U.S. marshal for the Northern District of New York since 2002, is leaving his post in Syracuse. President Obama has submitted the name of Maj. David L. McNulty, a New York state trooper since 1978, to the Senate to succeed James.
  • Jarrad Parmley, left, the Wayne County High School teacher and members of the freshmen class toured the state Capitol in Frankfort, Ky. "I thought the trip went very well," Jarrad said. "It was a good opportunity for our freshman to become more familiar with how our state government works."
  • Joshua Ryan Parmley, right, the 19-year-old is one of two men accused of robbing a Burger King restaurant in Hamilton, Ohio. Joshua, charged with complicity to aggravated robbery, allegedly was getaway driver for DeAngelo Demar Williams, 22, who has been charged with aggravated robbery.
  • Kali Parmley, the Wittenberg University senior from Rushsylvania, Ohio, has completing the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree.
  • Kenton Parmley, the Southeast Missouri State baseball player, a junior, is batting .300.
  • Kenya Parmley, left, the 34-year-old Conway, S.C., man has been arrested in connection with counterfeit merchandise being sold in Horry County, according to the County Police. He and Michelle Kimberly Williamson, 19, also of Conway, were jailed after detectives discovered $57,000 worth of fake Nike clothing at Total Look, The House of Bargains and 843 Dealz. Also seized was property used to make counterfeit movies and CDs. Both have been charged with trademark/unauthorized use in goods or services with counterfeit trademark by an individual. Kenya has also been charged with recorded/illegal distribution of recordings.
  • Maeve Parmelee, 9, of the Eastchester Dragons and Zoe Leven, 11, of the Eastchester Lightning play for the ball, right, during the Eastchester-New Rochelle Challenge Cup in Eastchester, N.Y. (Photo credit: Tania Savayan / The Journal News)
  • Naomi Parmley, the University of Alberta student and other members of her school's Reserve Platinum team each received a $100 scholarship in the North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge. The industry announced the winners in Hickory, N.C.
  • Paul Parmley, the Teamsters representative announced that employees of the Lake Chelan Reclamation District at Manson, Wash., have withdrawn their request to form a union.
  • Steve Parmelee, the skier and his family enjoyed the final day of the season at Bristol Mountain in Canandaigua, N.Y. "The weather is just so nice. It's rare that you get this in Rochester. So we're just having fun one last day," said Steve.
  • Terri Parmly, the golfer and her three teammates shot a 70 to win the Ladies Opening Coffee scramble at Dalhousie Golf Club in Cape Girardeau, Mo.
  • Todd Parmelee, the Golden Gaming official, was quoted in a story about new gambling regulations that may make some Clark County, Nevada, tavern owners change their business models. It all boils down to what percentage income they make from gambling. "Some are right down the middle," Todd said. "[For ]some, gaming is more of the emphasis, and some food and beverage do a little bit better retail percentage than the gaming."
  • Warren Parmelee, a physician and owner of Medic 1 could not be reached for comment after the facility closed and patients were referred to another clinic in Spotsylvania County, Va. Warren founded the clinic in 1986. Like other locally owned urgent care centers, it has been affected by the arrival of the national and regional chains.

... and in Lenexa, Kan., Parmelee Industries renewed a lease of 51,425 square feet of industrial space to Beltmann Group at 8101-B Lenexa Drive.

11-04 NEWS

A class of Spring Lake, Mich., second-graders saw firsthand what goes into making a children's book when illustrator Elizabeth Parmelee of Grand Haven and author Janice Beuschel visited them at Holmes Elementary School. Beuschel, a counselor with Fruitport Community Schools and a Spring Lake resident, has written three books based on the travels of her and her husband. She and Elizabeth, left, visited the class of Becky Clauss, right, one of Elizabeth's former teachers, and read "The Misadventures of Grandpa Silly and Grandma B: The Naughty Goats" to students. The book, written in verse, tells the story of Beuschel's trip to Cowboy Will and Cowgirl Kelly's Texas ranch. While Beuschel told students that it takes her about a year to complete a book, Elizabeth, who is working on an art education degree at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, said it takes her several months to illustrate one. Beuschel learned from Elizabeth's father that she is an artist; this book is their second collaboration.. "I absolutely love this job," she said. "When Jan called me for the first time, I literally did a little dance because I was so excited. I've wanted to do something like this my whole life, so to have this opportunity is so exciting." "And I did a little dance, too," Beuschel said, "because I found somebody who can draw a whole lot better than I can." (Photo credit: Jordan Travis / Grand Haven Tribune)

These other family members, listed alphabetically, appeared in recent news stories:

  • Angela Parmalee, left, and fellow Chiefs Women's Organization member Vernet Farmer decorate a child's bedroom in the new Habitat For Humanity home in Kansas City, Kansas. Members of the organization helped build of the house last fall and recently decorated and furnished the house as a surprise to the family moving in . Reyes and her son 5-year-old Jonathan Salgado. (Garvey Scott / The Kansas City Star)
  • Brian Parmelee, the volleyball player and University of New Haven teammate Gregg Brisbin combined for 19 kills as the Chargers earned their first victory of this season with a 3-0 sweep of Albertus Magnus College.
  • Chance Dylan Parmly, The Fluvanna County, Va., High School pole vaulter cleared 14 feet at the Group AA indoor championships, powering past his closest rivals by a foot. He recently set the Jefferson District record at the championships. And he was named to the school A-B honor roll for the first semester.
  • Christina Parmley, the new national activities director for Life Time Fitness is trying to redefine the company's approach to children's programming. No longer just a drop-off child-care service, the Englewood, Colo., operation's curriculum addresses the importance of good nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyles. "Life Time Kids provides fitness and nutrition education in a game-based format," she said.
  • Cody Parmley, the Monticello, Ky., High School basketball player was honored at a recent athletic banquet for the highest field goal and highest 3-point percentages for the season. The coach also presented him with an academic award.
  • Craig Parmley, the Marin County, Calif., superintendent of road maintenance and crews were clearing debris from local highways after what may have been a tornado. "Damage from a wind event like this," he said was novel. "I've never seen trees sheered off."
  • David F. Palmerlee, the trails board member has tendered his resignation to the Buffalo, Wyo., City Council.
  • David Parmley, the Missouri developer's plan for next-door parking for his new Columbia hotel moved forward as the City Council agreed to purchase that property to build a 300-space garage. David, owner the Regency Hotel, will sell the land for $1.25 million. He plans to use public support to tear down and rebuild the Regency as a boutique-style hotel. Construction of the city-owned $8.25 million garage would be coordinated with the hotel project.
  • Dianne Parmelee, the educator at Flanders Nature Center in Woodbury, Conn., commented on 7-year-old student Elyza Bruce in a profile of the young artist. "Watching her paint is a joy," Dianne said. "Even at this young age she understands concepts of creating visual art naturally. Painting animals is her favorite subject matter and she has created some amazing works of art."
  • Jaxon Parmley,right, the Tzouanakis Intermediate School student was a member of the MATH team that finished seventh in the Indiana state competition.
  • Jeanne Parmalee, the Albemarle County educator is one of four recognized by the University of Virginia Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa for their work in local education authorities efforts.
  • Jeff Parmelee, the former associate professor of biology at Simpson College is now a biology instructor at Missouri State University, Springfield.
  • Jeff Parmley, left, the manager of Kaleo coffeehouse in Dover, N.H., presents a corned beef dinner to Yvette Snyder. He and his staff put together three boxes of Irish-themed food for distribution, offering patrons the opportunity to nominate families in need to receive the meals at St. Patrick's Day. "We understand times are tough and helping people who are struggling is our way of giving back to the community," said Jeff. (Photo credit: E.J. Hersom / Foster's Daily Democrat)
  • Joe Parmley, an employee of the Fall River Water Users District received his water operator certification and a $1-an-hour raise from the Hot Springs, S.D., utility.
  • Kenton Parmley, right, the Southeast Missouri State baseball player scored the winning run as the Redhawks defeated the visiting Central Arkansas Bears, 6-5, in extra innings. In the bottom of the 11th, Taylor Heon nailed a leadoff single and Kenton followed with another that sent pinch-runner Tim Rupp to second. Jesse Tierney reached on a fielder’s choice and advanced to second on a Bears error. Rupp was thrown out on the play for the first out. The Bears intentionally walked Michael Adamson but Blake Slattery's sacrifice fly allowed Kenton to score.
  • Kimberly Parmeley, the recovering addict was interviewed in a TV news report on the increasing number of heroin deaths in Madison County, Ill. "I overdosed once and quite a few times I came very close to it," she said. Kimberly, who said she used heroin for six years, is in treatment and has been clean for nearly six months.
  • Lark Parmalee, the Albany, N.Y., girl, left, and her friend Sophia Jones, both 12, share an inner tube as they go riding in the snow at Capital Hills Golf Course. (Photo credit: Cindy Schultz / Times Union)
  • Luke Palmerlee, right, was to take the 2.5K TamaCloey Cliffside Odyssey ocean swim at Tamarama Beach near Sydney, Australia. Taking part in the first 200-meter OceanKids Clovelly event will be 9-year-old son Henry. Cheering them on from shore will be wife April and daughters Portia, 5, and Scarlet, 4. "As a family we all train together so we’re looking forward to the year we can all swim this one together," Luke said. (Photo credit: John Appleyard)
  • Michael Parmelee, the Hope College junior from Lansing, Mich., performed a solo piece in "Yucuninu" at the gala performance that closed the East Central Conference of the American College Dance Festival Association at the University of Akron in Ohio.
  • Scott Parmley, the Sonoma State University electrical engineering major took part in the school's Geek Week for from the math and science clubs. "Not very many people are aware of clubs like the Electrical Engineering Club," said Scott. "It's really nice to be out here to promote awareness."
  • Sheryl Parmley, the Grinnell, Iowa, Chamber of Commerce membership manager says vendor space for this year's home-and-community expo is filling up fast. "Last year we had more than 2,000 people attend, and we ran out of space for vendors," she said. "It's one of the community’s largest events. We are expecting even more people this year, so it’s an exciting time for us."
  • Tyrone Marcel Parmley, the 36-year-old man was cited by the North Carolina Highway Patrol in Craven County for driving while impaired.
  • Will Parmelee, the Greenville, Mich., wrestler, right, is pinned by Cameron Bender of St. John's in the Division 2 state championship at Battle Creek. Will and the Yellow Jackets were crushed by the repeat champs, 54-18. (Photo credit: Kevin W. Fowler / For the Lansing State Journal)


11-03 NEWS

Two Wittenberg University students have been nominated for the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts. Kali Parmley, a senior from Rushsylvania, Ohio, and Katalin Beavers of Columbus, among the outstanding senior artists from independent colleges throughout Ohio who are eligible to win a Grand Award, which includes a cash prize of $2,500. Kali, who plans to pursue a career in photojournalism after graduating in May, has a concentration in photography and minors in journalism and art history. "My senior photography thesis revolves around one of the oldest methods of printing a photograph known as platinum printing," she said. "I ventured out of the traditional dark room, and instead have printed my photographs the 'old-fashion way' ... in the sun. Using a digital camera, I captured the motion of sports, and then printed my photographs as 'digital negatives' on transparent paper. The digital negatives then underwent the time-consuming act of being printed as platinum prints." Kali does not call herself an artist. "I cannot draw, paint, or sculpt. I can, however, manage to take a picture and I love the way the world looks through a camera lens." A portfolio of her submitted artwork can be seen here.

These other family members, listed alphabetically, appeared in recent news stories:

  • Abby Parmelly, the Lady Jacket basketballer's three-pointer with 1:11 left brought Howard Payne University to within one point but Concordia University Texas hit five of six free throws in the last minute to win, 73-69.
  • Ali Parmalee, the marketing expert for Think Creative Group helped the New Haven, Conn., company launch websites for Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven and the Greater Hartford Regional School Choice Office.
  • Blair Palmerlee, the actor plays the part of Beethoven fancier Schroeder in the Chico, Calif., Theater Company's production of "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown." That's him at the keyboard, right, with Chantal Hazzard as Lucy.
  • Caitlyn Parmley, the Goreville, Ill., basketball player chipped in nine points at the Lady Bobcats earned a berth in the Class 1A Girls Super-sectional at Salem. This will be the girls' first supersectional appearance.
  • Cole Parmley, the basketball player was a member of the Orange Crush, a Wellington, Kan., youth basketball team from the 2009-10 season which received the Kansas Youth Sports STAR Award. The third- and fourth-graders agreed that no matter what -- even if the game was close -- every player would not only get to shoot the ball, but make a basket.
  • Dave Parmley, the developer has won unanimous approval from the Columbia, Mo., City Council for a tax-increment financing agreement. The council’s decision allows Dave to demolish the Regency Hotel and replace it with a new one.
  • Dave Parmly, the employee services manager at Pilot Flying J says his company is going all out for this year's Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon's Fittest Company Challenge. His company finished third in the competition last year.
  • David Palmerlee, right, the Wyoming educator was renominated by Gov. Matt Mead for a six-year term on the state Board of Education.
  • Ian Parmley, the junior college transfer may be seeing some time in left field for the Liberty University Flames this spring. The school is in Lynchburg, Va. Despite four hits from Ian in his Liberty debut, the Mercer Bears rallied for a 6-4, come-from-behind win. He went 4-for-5, stole two bases and scored Liberty's first run of the year in the contest.
  • Jackie Parmley, the massage therapist works on Corey Mitchell while his girlfriend April Murren, in the background, is massaged by Carla Bird at the Egyptian Revival Day Spa in Carterville, Ill. His-and-her massages were part of an alternative Valentine's Day package put together by the local newspaper. (Photo credit: Steve Berczynski / Daily Egyptian)
  • James T. Parmelee, the chairman of was the scheduled speaker at the Falls Church City Republican Committee in February.
  • John A. Parmelee, the founding member of Parmelee, Poirier & Associates of Warwick, R.I., has been appointed to the Lenair Healing Foundation's board of directors in Massachusetts.
  • John Parmley, Standard Register’s director of patient identification and safety programs said the PurBand patient wristband has antimicrobial coating, which decreases virtually all bacterial infection within three days.
  • Jennifer Parmelee, the a spokeswoman for the U.N.'s World Food Program, says staples, such as cereals and rice, which are consumed by the world's poorest people, have so far not been affected by other food price increases. "In many of the regions where we work, prices have remained stable and in some cases have fallen," she said. , noting that the price of beans in Central America fell in December. France, the current chair of the G20, and the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization has warned about the risk of a new global food crisis and ensuing riots, calling for greater regulation to curb speculation on commodities markets.
  • Joan Parmely, the Spokane, Wash., resident was named to the Washington State University fall president’s honor roll for 2010-11.
  • John Parmelee, the lecturer in hotel, restaurant and tourism management was scheduled to speak on travel and meeting etiquette at a February meeting of the State University of New York, Plattsburgh’s Marketing Club.
  • John Parmelee, the public accounting veteran and founding member of Parmelee, Poirier & Associates LLP of Warwick, R.I., has been to the Board of Directors of The Lenair Healing Foundation, a Newbury, Mass., organization.
  • Kenton Parmley, the junior shortstop for Southeast Missouri was named to the preseason all-Ohio Valley Conference team. He was a second-team pick in 2010. He hit .380 with a school-record 67 runs scored, 11 homers, 42 RBIs and 12 stolen bases.
  • Melissa Rainbow Parmelee, the friend of the bride served as an attendant at the Jeanne-Marie David and Frank Peter Savoy IV wedding in Lafayette, La.
  • Nathan Parmelee, right, the former sales manager at the Juneau Empire has been named the Alaskan newspaper's multimedia sales consultant.
  • Robert Parmele, the Kentucky swimmer will help represent Ryle High School at the state meet Feb. 24-26 at the University of Louisville. Robert, a senior, is on the relay team.
  • Robert J. Parmley, the reference librarian at the Beaumont Branch of the Lexington, Ky., Public Library, said he has "had some issues with people a little bit testy about not getting their 1040s." For the first time, the IRS is not mailing paper income tax packages. The agency hope to save money and to encourage taxpayers to file electronically.
  • Ryan R. Parmelee, the 20-year-old Groton, Conn., man is scheduled to appear in court to face charges of possession with intent to sell after the Poquonnock Bridge Fire Department seized a large quantity of marijuana and more than $6,500 from an apartment he was occupying. Firefighters were battling a blaze next door at the County Glen Apartments and made the discovery.
  • Stewart Parmele, left, the Medford, Ore.-based auditor tells Yoncalla School District officials that incomplete and missing records make auditing the district's 2009-10 books almost impossible.
  • Taylor Parmley, the freshman basketball led her team with 17 points but it wasn't enough for Mishawaka, Ind., which lost to rival Penn, 45-29, in the Class 4-A Mishawaka Sectional, and finishes the season 18-4.
  • William H. Parmelee IV, the 30-year-old Pittsfield, Mass., man had not-guilty pleas entered on his behalf to charges stemming from five motor vehicles break-ins in Pittsfield and Lanesborough in mid- to late July. He was arraigned on four counts of breaking and entering a motor vehicle in the daytime with intent to commit a felony, one count of doing the same at night, four counts of larceny over $250, 10 counts of larceny under $250, four counts of larceny of a credit card, two counts of improper use of a credit card over $250, four counts of attempting to commit a crime (misuse of a credit card), two counts of attempt to commit a crime (larceny over $250), two counts of attempting to commit a crime (larceny under $250) and one count of common and notorious thief. Berkshire County Superior Court Judge John Agostini released him on personal recognizance.

11-02 NEWS

History buffs will have an opportunity to own a bit of presidential memorabilia -- items from former President and Rosalynn Carter, to be exact -- thanks to a Pennsylvania auction house. On April 12, Cook and Cook Auctions in Luzerne County's Plains Township will conduct the Plains Helping Plains auction benefiting a nonprofit working to preserve buildings in the former president's hometown of Plains, Ga. The Carters are scheduled to attend. "How many people have been in the room with a president? It's for that privilege to say 'I was right there.' … You are going to spend an evening with a president," said Mark Parmelee. The auction will be streamed live on the Internet and phone orders will also be taken, said Larry Cook. The two co-own the auction company with their wives, Diane Cook and Annette Parmelee. Among the 160 items to be sold will be potted flowers from Rosalynn Carter’s garden, a framed painting of "The Pump House" that the 39th president painted, a black dress worn by the former first lady, numerous books written by the couple, a hand-crafted Turkish platter, and African tunics and name badges worn by the Carters in 2008 when they traveled to Ghana. Reservations are needed to participate in the auction; a donation of $25 will be required for people wanting to sit in the bidding gallery and a $10 donation for the people wanting to attend the event in the overflow bidding gallery. Proceeds from donations and winning bid amounts will benefit the nonprofit organization. Information: (570) 270-9239; visit Cook and Cook Auctions to see the items,

These other family members, listed alphabetically, appeared in recent news stories:

  • Andrea Parmelee, 15, the secretary of the Dallas Hiking Club, said she uses safety tips from her brother to teach other members of the club. "We do research [about safety], and my brother has talked to me about hiking safety because he’s a Boy Scout," Andrea said.
  • Ashly Parmly, the Lakes, Ill., High School senior was cited by Eagles Coach Pete Schneider in the team's 65-37 win over Round Lake. "Our seniors — Debbie Berg, Mary Doupis, Ashly Parmly and Badia Saed — all logged big minutes and contributed to this victory," Schneider said. "It has been my pleasure to work with these great young ladies."
  • Ben Parmley, the 140-pound class Whitehall, Mich., High School wrestler pinned Tristen Schultz of Montague in 54 seconds.
  • Chance Parmly, the Fluvanna, Va., High School athlete has qualified for state competition in pole vault at the Fred Hardy Invitational track meet at Fork Union.
  • Cole Parmely, the Oelwein High School grappler lost to Andrew Steiert in a rematch of last year's final of the Northeast Iowa Conference wrestling tournament, 103-pound division. Steiert won in an 11-1 major decision.
  • Dave Palmerlee, the Buffalo, Wyo., Trails Board member told the City Council that the board has applied to the Rec Board for $125,000 to extend the Clear Creek Walking Trail through Mosier Gulch to tie in with U.S. Forest Service trails on the Bighorn National Forest west of Buffalo.
  • Dave Parmley, the Broadway Lodging LLC developer won approval from the Tax Increment Financing Commission for funding the redevelopment of the Regency Hotel in Columbia, Mo. His company was seeking $3.2 million from city development funds, which would come from property and sales taxes.
  • Dustin Parmely, the seventh-grade Blanco, Texas, basketball player was one of the Panthers' leading scorers in a 32-29 win over the Ingham Warriors..
  • Eric Parmley, left, the DeRidder, La., football coach is seeing another of his charges off to college. DeShazor Everett signed his letter of intent to play at Texas A&M.
  • Fred Parmelee, he and his wife, Sue Smith, attended the Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Hailey Parmele, our condolences on the death of her grandmother, Marie Coffman, 59, of Hartville, Mo.
  • Jason Parmelee, the 35-year-old Haslett, Mich., man has been arraigned on a misdemeanor charge of larceny of items valued between $200 and $1,000. John Rivas told police that after his Christmas decorations had been disappearing over several nights, he waited up for the thief and held him until Meridian Township police arrived. Rivas and his father, who have operated Jonathon's Barber Shop for 16 years, came to the shop between Christmas and New Year's to find things missing -- floodlights and decorative items. The final straw came after the thief dislodged a PVC pipe which was attached to underground electrical wiring. Authorities said the stolen items were recovered from Jason's apartment.
  • Jay Parmley, the South Carolina Democratic Party leader was critical of the salaries of newly sworn-in Republican Gov. Nikki Haley's key staffers. Haley's former campaign manager is now her chief of staff and making nearly $20,000 a year more than the governor's $106,000 salary. One of her three deputy chiefs, longtime GOP activist Trey Walker, is being paid almost $123,000. "Symbolism here is very important and credibility is very important moving forward," said Jay. "I think she's blown it." The state is grappling with a projected budget shortfall of more than $800 million.
  • Jerry and Karan Parmele, our condolences to the Mackinaw, Ill., family on the death of her mother, Geneva D. (Coil) Pelton, 86, who died in Mayflower, Ark.
  • Jim Parmelee, the Puyallup, Wash., man adopted a mixed-breed Chihuahua named Emma at the Quincy Animal Shelter.
  • Kaeyln Parmalee, the British Columbia hoopster scored eight points for the Kalamalka Lakers in a 58-44 loss to the Fulton Maroons.
  • Kalo Parmelee, she was to help head up the fellowship hour at the First Congregational Church of Camden, Maine.
  • Kyle R. Parmelee, the 20-year-old Marlborough, Mass., man has been charged with shoplifting at a Shell service station.
  • Paul Parmele, he was joined Brodbeck Seeds as district sales manager for northwest Indiana.
  • Robert L. Parmele, left, the member of Union Scout Troop 702 became an Eagle Scout at ceremonies in Florence, Ky.
  • Robert Parmelee, the Fort Worth, Texas, Transportation Authority chairman resigned his seat after moving out of the district he has represented since 2006.
  • Robert Parmelee, the Monticello-Wayne County, Ky., Memorial Park Board member seconded a motion to eliminate the positions of park director and assistant park director and create a position for an executive director. The board's approval was unanimous.
  • Russell Parmele, he was named Tennis Official of the Year in Memory of Penny Brawley at the North Carolina Tennis Association's Hall of Fame ceremonies in Pinehurst.
  • Ryan Parmelee, the Burnet, Texas, criminal justice student was one of three to receive a scholarship from The Hill Country 100 Club.
  • Sharon (Hawkins) Parmalee, our condolences to the Hardy, Va., resident and her family upon hearing of the death of her brother, Robert Arthur Hawkins of North Miami Beach, Fla.
  • Staci Parmelee, she's scheduled to wed Jacob Becker on March 12. See their registry.
  • Tisch Cistrunk-Parmelee, right, the actress is one of the featured cast members of "The Harry Strange Radio Drama," Kennesaw, Ga., State University’s first radio drama.
  • Wilma Parmalee, our condolences to the North Manchester, Ind., resident on the death of her mother, Freda M. Hulme, 86.


11-01 NEWS

An interview with former head of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana Michael Eleazer Parmly pertaining to State Department cables published by WikiLeaks appeared in the Swiss daily Le Temps. Here are some of his quotes from the interview, which was published in French. "The documents prove that we have principles, ethics." Michael said of the disclosure, "but [WikiLeaks founder] Julian Assange broke the law by publishing confidential telegrams. Every business has its rules and is entitled to his secrets. Otherwise it's anarchy. Or voyeurism." As for the authorship of the leaked messages linked to him, Michael said he "wrote only 1 or 2 percent of the cables. It was important for me to make the staffers write. It was a form of apprenticeship. I personally did not write the cable on Fidel [Castro]'s health; I only validated it. It is the work of a person who had contacts with the hospitals and physicians. I hope she is never identified." Two dissidents, Vladimiro Roca and Elizardo Sánchez, were identified in a message: "These are two international figures. ... The damage is limited. If, instead, a little-known family man appears in a footnote, he could suffer the consequences of his life." He said that WikiLeaks has had a chilling effect on diplomats. "The publication of the WikiLeaks documents might discourage Cubans from talking to us. Our capitals could be less informed. Intimidated, the diplomats could censor themselves. If I had foreseen WikiLeaks, I would have reduced the production of documents in half. An effort to lower the level of [security] classification had been undertaken. Now, the [classification] 'secret' will again be reinforced."

These other family members, listed alphabetically, appeared in recent news stories:

  • Ashley Parmly, the Lakes, Ill., High School senior guard scored nine points in the Eagle's 40-39 squeaker over Marian Catholic. Coach Peter Schneider praised Ashley and teammate Nicole Mogged: "Their hustle and work set the tone early and provided the needed intensity for our team."
  • Caitlyn Parmley, the Goreville, Ill., High School basketball player chipped in nine points as the Lady Blackcats routed Carmi-White County, 61-36.
  • Charles Parmalee, the Canaan, Conn., man is due to appear in Litchfield's Bantam Court after being arrested on family violence charges after allegedly fighting with his girlfriend on Christmas Day. Charles was charged with disorderly conduct and third-degree assault.
  • Charles Parmelee, the Leslie, Mich., motorist picked up Arnold Webster who was walking along M-99 with a gas can, got fuel and drove him back to the family's stranded truck. "I always stop and help people," Charles said. "You’re supposed to help people." Charles told Jackson County deputies he watched Webster finish dumping gas into the tank and planned to wait until the family got on their way again. A car driven by Mindee Marie Murphy, 26, of Tompkins Township struck Webster, his truck and Charles' truck about 6:20 p.m., according to the crash report. Webster, 73, of Springport, was killed. Alcohol was not a factor. No charges have been filed.
  • Cindy Ramos-Parmley, the Moline, Ill., actress appeared in Playcrafters Barn Theatre's production of i"Lend Me a Tenor." The show ran six nights in January in Moline.
  • Jan Parmalee, the keggler bowled a bowled a in the 50-Plus Mixed Seniors event at Broadway Lanes in Fort Edward, N.Y.
  • Joe Parmley, the Animal Control worker in Paducah, Ky., helped reunite a stolen dog and its owner. Someone stole Dakota's crate with her inside out of the back of Ricky Volner's truck on Paducah's southside; the dog turned up the following week at Stuart Nelson Park. "The pet carrier was just kind of stuck behind the tree here," said Joe, "and the dog was kinda' layin' out. I think the reward had a lot to do with it." The $10,000 must have convinced someone that Dakota wasn't worth stealing. "My wife passed away two months ago in October of cancer," said Volner, of Parson, Tenn. "We didn't have children. We had labs. This was her lab. Her dog." Volner, will split the reward money between Stuart Nelson Park and the McCracken County Humane Society.
  • Lauren Parmelee Murphy, the Pompton Plains, N.J., counselor and expressive arts therapist was seeking 50 fourth- and fifth-graders in the Pequannock area in order to randomly select 10 participants for a doctoral thesis study in creativity and cognition.
  • Linda Parmeley, the St. Clair County woman is suing a Belleville, Ill., bus driver she says rear-ended her at a stop light. Linda.has filed a lawsuit suit against Elbert D. Andrews and Bi-State Development Agency of the Missouri-Illinois Metropolitan District in St. Clair County, Ill., Circuit Court. Linda says hers was one of several cars stopped at a red light on Route 159 in Fairview Heights in December 2009 when a Metro Bus, driven by Andrews, crashed into the car behind her, causing that vehicle to rear-end her car. She is seeking more than $100,000 in damages to compensate for medical expenses and court costs.
  • Paul Parmelee, the Los Angeles Laker fan poses with his date Krystal Vega at Staples Center, left, before the Dec. 21 game against Milwaukee Bucks. (Photo credit: Ana P. Gutierrez for The Orange County Register)
  • Paul M. Parmelee, the Floyd Valley Hospital doctor was on hand as Nohlyn James Lara was the first child born in the new year in Le Mars, Iowa. Nohlyn James Lara was born at 7:55 a.m. Jan. 5. When April Koopman arrived at the hospital to learn that two other women also were preparing to have babies: "I asked Dr. Parmelee right away ... He told me I was the only one in active labor."
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