People frequently ask for the sources of my research. I'm more than happy to furnish you with the source for a specific birth, marriage, death, etc., but please, nothing more complicated than that.


Well, it's not that I'm snooty or anything -- it's because of my antique computer program. When I began this endeavor in the mid-'80s, the program I began using would only allow me to enter about 40 characters in a line for each note. Therefore, I came up with a source-numbering and shorthand system all my own just to make things fit. Each item involves looking up the abbreviated source in an index card catalogue that is now about two feet deep. Frankly, it would take me an entire day to look up all the sources for all the bits of data in a single family group--and I just don't have the time.

Why not change my system?

With more than 22,000 family members in my database now, I've long passed the point of no return. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

Here are the sources that were used to produce The Parmelee Family Magazine:

Sources: A - C
Sources: D - F
Sources: G - K
Sources: L - O
Sources: P - S
Sources: T - Z