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Meet your swell-looking cousins from across the Web -- by first name A through D, E through L,
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Announcements / News

Perry Township trustees have OKd a contract with an Ohio engineering firm in their effort to save the blufftop 1835 Parmly mansion from Lake Erie's eroding waves. ... From high school sports to the top of the country music charts, see who else is making news.

UPDATED: March 29, 2021

The Attic

This hard-times token was issued by Edwin Parmele, owner of a New York City bowling saloon, as "currency" during the The Panic of 1837 and the seven-year recession that followed. He also was proprietor of the fabled Bowery Cottage. See what else we're recently found in The Attic!

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Say hello to two of our most recent finds: Jeremy Parmley, an insurance agent in Redlands, Calif., and Virginia Parmley, vice president of marketing of a cybersecurity company in Austin, Texas. We've got links to scores of your online kinfolk by first name: A through D, E through L, M through Q and R through Z.

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How is our name "really" spelled? Just what does our surname mean? Who were our ancestors in England? Answers to those questions and more!

UPDATED: Dec. 30, 2019


Matt Parmelee's coffee roastery uses beans grown by farms holding bird-friendly certifications from the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. ... Find dozens of family letters written long ago, a sheet music artist and other feature stories. And older features in the Archives.

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Guilford, Conn.

Links and more of the village on Long Island Sound where the American tale of the Family Parmelee began in 1639.

UPDATED: Nov. 3, 2019

Memorial Park

At 108, retired air traffic controller James Ernst Parmley James Ernst Parmley is the oldest known member of the family. ... An index to hundreds of obituaries beginning in 1995.

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The Nursery

We've got a couple of new infants in the family! Birth announcements of the newest Parmelees of all spellings.

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Photo Album

Three Parmley siblings -- Anna, Randy and Allan -- who recently met up in France sent us this swell photo. We've got hundreds of photos and portraits of your ancestors listed alphabetically by first name -- or you can browse them from Gallery 1 through Gallery 20.

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Teacher Shane Parmely is a candidate in an April special election to fill a seat in the California Assembly. ... Did you know that we are distantly related to two occupants of the White House? Or that President Taft and wife Helen had their eye on a family home in New Haven, Conn.

UPDATED: March 29, 2021

This Old House

Moving day for the 1840 Sylvanus Parmely house outside of Sullivan, Ohio, from a crumbling brick foundation to a brand-new one. Visit it and other old family homes.

UPDATED: Aug. 1, 2020

Your Host

After 40 years of collecting and cataloguing 22,000-plus members of the family, just who is Jim Walters and why on earth is he doing this?

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Paradise & Tragedy  
Visit the last privately-owned island along Florida's Overseas Highway between Miami and Key West. Businessman Alfred Franklin Parmelee [1907-1977; Franklin Henry, Franklin Henry, Truman, Timothy Truman, Timothy, Mark, Job, John, John] and wife Dorothy used the 40-acre key to escape Kansas City's harsh winters after the harrowing death of their 11-year-old son. Two years after young Truman's death, a playmate confessed to killing him.

The Pandemic

A Man of
the Cloth

Battle Creek, Mich.'s Rev. Chad Parmalee [Lonnie Ross, Gerald L., Fred Scott Rochester, Chester Alanson, Jason, Luther, Ozias, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John] has been knitting his way through the lockdown. "I'm a servant at heart. I'm often praying for the recipient of whatever gift it is I’m creating, and that's also soothing."

Quaff for the Quarantine

Hazy, juicy and aromatic. Strong hop notes of citra and smooth drinking. Yes, it's Pandemic, the IPA from Parmelee Falls. Catch up with Westin Parmelee [David B., Sherwood "Sherry" E., Earle Lindsley, George Horace, Horace Dudley, Jonathan, Jonathan, William, Joseph, Isaac, John, John] the brewmaster on the free iOS and Android app Untappd.

And yes, those thundering falls are in his Higganum, Conn., backyard.

Loafing at Home

For months David C. Parmelee [Charles Melvin, Charles Tourot, Edmund James, Charles B., Asahel, Charles, Hezekiah, Joel, John, John] of Shavertown, Pa., has been baking a loaf of bread and delivering it to a different friend, every day. He shares his no-kneed recipe!

Beating the Virus

'I thought: I'm not going to get through this." But Joyce Parmelee, a Connecticut nursing home resident, did. She shares her story with WTIC-TV Channel 61 in Hartford

Fighting Two Battles

Candace Palmerlee [Daniel DeWitt, Curtis DeWitt, Forrest Fay, Franklin DeWitt, William "Hank" Henry, Stephen "Asa" Asa, Amos, Amos, David, Joshua, John, John] is coping with the virus -- on top of an autoimmune disease.

Reproduced with the permission of East Sussex Record Office, copyright reserved

Our Puritan Patriarch

For decades relatives have debated the "real" spelling of the family surname, for it comes in dozens of ways. And now we know how John Sr. (1584-1659), patriarch of most of the North American family, spelled it: Parmele.

Yes, that's his signature, found on a Jan. 2, 1608, counterpart deed of covenant held at the East Sussex Record Office, "The Keep," in Lewes, England. John, a bricklayer, agreed to lease a property that the Sussex Archaeological Society identifies today as occupied by Trinity House on School Hill Street. He would have been about 23 at the time, and just a few months before the first of his five marriages.

That wedding and the christenings and burials of his first seven children were all recorded at All Saints. But in the 1630s, the family switched to St. Michael, a church with more Puritan leanings. There John became a church warden and promptly got into trouble over the positioning of the communion table -- a flash point within the Church of England. The diocesan chancellor, attending a 1637 Archdeaconry Court at St. Michael, was so horrified to see its table remaining in its east-west position that he personally moved it north-south. A week later, someone who obviously thought the table's altar-wise positioning had looked popish turned it back. A record of the court proceedings shows the culprit was John. Not everyone supported John's moxie, and the parish was fined 7 shillings.

The following year, when John was no longer a church warden, he and wife Joane were taken to task for "living in incontinency before their marriage," a serious offense among Puritans. The only evidence offered was the birth of daughter Rachael, baptized Nov. 5, 1638, "within one or two and thirty weeks next after their [April 3, 1638] marriage" -- about one month premature. The charge was apparently dropped, but John had had enough of England. The following spring in London he boarded the St. John in his mid 50s for a fresh start in New England and a reunion with John Jr. who'd departed four years earlier. And the rest is our history.


Lillian, with Hester & Jerry Beal, and my grandfather
Al Walters at 758 Stow St., Kent, Ohio

The 1936-37 Kent, Ohio, telephone book lists my great- grandmother, Lillian (1868-1947), widow of Frank Hart Parmelee [1852-1925; Luther Hart, Elisha, Theodore, Abraham, Abraham, Isaac, John, John], at 758 Stow St. with daughter Hester. The street was demolished years ago to build Haymaker Parkway, but the phone number -- 5616 -- lived on. "Mom and Dad had that number from the beginning of my memory until Mom passed away in 2000," Hester's son Jim told me. "It was always their phone number. And apparently it had a history beyond them!"

Good Dog!
Meet Parmalee, an AKC male standard poodle from Poodles of Willowglade breeders in Texas and Oklahoma. He has "an amazing personality" -- of course! -- and "been working on house training." Follow Parmalee by his hashtag -- #pwg_Parmalee -- on social media.

Old News  


After serving in the Revolutionary War, Moses Parmele [1751-ca1812; Hezekiah, Joel, John, John] of West Stockbridge, Mass., announced in the May 1 edition of the Western Star that he'd bought the village tavern from Samuel Boynton, who'd moved to Canaan, N.Y. Moses' establishment was the site of sheriff's auctions, tax collections and the community lost-and-found. It even served as the location for the settlement of Boynton's estate when administrator Mary returned two years later to settle her late husband's accounts.

Note: The "s" we use today primarily was seen years ago at the ends of words; that strange-looking "f" at the beginning of and within words was known as the "long s."


President James Monroe sings the praises of Levi Spear Parmly [1790-1859; Eleazer, Jehiel, Stephen, John, John] in the Feb. 20 edition of the New Orleans Courrier de la Louisiane. Levi, called "The Father of Preventive Dentistry" and credited with inventing dental floss, began his career studying teeth from the skulls of War of 1812 soldiers. More than a dozen Parmly men on this limb of the family tree were dentists.


Rarely do they make the news today, but suicides frequently used to appear in print. The Honolulu Pacific Commercial Advertiser of July 21 announced the death of Charles M. Parmelee [1882-1902; Zelotes Larkin, James, James (?), James, Moses, Hezekiah, Joel, John, John], whose body was found at San Francisco's Winchester Hotel. Father Z.L. was the "Parmelee" in L.A.'s Parmelee-Dohrmann department stores.

The Honor Roll  

Many members of the American family have served in uniform, from Colonial times to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Details are being added to those on the rosters for the Revolution and Civil wars. Photos of soldiers and their headstones are also being added. And we're thankful for other submissions such as this wooden canteen of Connecticut militiaman Asahel Parmele [1743/44-1784; Lemuel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John], which is on display at Philadelphia's Museum of the American Revolution, and this photo of Union drummer boy Martin Egbert Parmelee [1852-1945; Egbert Benson, Phineas Meigs, Phineas, Phineas, Isaac, Isaac, John, John].

UPDATED: March 29, 2021

The Early Generations

The majority of the North American Parmelee families of all spellings trace their roots back to Johns Sr. and Jr., the first two generations in America and the last in southern England. Father, son and their families helped found Guilford, Connecticut, in 1639, and today the 1st Congressional Church, right, sits on the site of John Sr.'s home lot. The rest of the families -- many of whom spell it Parmley or Parmely -- are related to the lead-mining families of northern England who arrived in Pennsylvania in the 1840s. Links to continental Europe remain elusive.

UPDATED: April 15, 2020

Let's Find
Your Twig

Trying to find your branch on the family tree? Let me know what you know -- as far back as you can -- and I'll try to figure out where you fit in. Places are great clues. Occupations can be, too. Your patience is appreciated -- sometimes it takes a day or more to put together a reply.


On the Streets Where You Live

Did we miss yours? Email me; photos are welcome!

Compton, Calif. - Parmelee Avenue

Costa Mesa, Calif. - Parmley Lane

Los Angeles, Calif. - Parmelee Avenue
Richmond, Calif. - Parmelee Avenue
Indian Hills, Colo. -
Parmalee Gulch Road
Durham, Conn. - Parmelee Hill Road
New Haven, Conn. - Parmalee Avenue
Haddam, Conn. - Parmelee Lane
Hamden, Conn. - Parmalee Drive
Newtown, Conn. -
Parmalee Hill Road
Newtown, Conn. -
Parmalee Park Place
Port Charlotte, Fla. - Parmely Street
Punta Gorda, Fla. - Parmely Street
Conley, Ga. - Parmalee Path
Chicago, Ill. -
Frank Parmelee Way
Rockford, Ill. - Parmele Street
Waukegan, Ill. - Parmalee Place
Evansville, Ind. - Parmely Drive
Nineveh, Ind. - Parmalee Drive
Monticello, Ky. -
Oliver Parmley Road
Monticello, Ky. -
Parmley Street
Nicholasville, Ky. - Parmelee Circle
Parmleysville, Ky. -
Parmleysville Road
Parnell, Ky. -
Glen Parmley Road
Wayne County, Ky. - Parmely Griggs Loop
Eliot, Maine - Parmley Lane
Acton, Mass. - Parmley Drive

Boston, Mass. - Parmelee Street
Caledonia, Mich. - Parmelee Road
Cedarville, Mich. - Palmerlee Road
Freeport, Mich. - Parmalee Road
Middleville, Mich. - Parmalee Road
Peterborough, N.H. - Parmalee Drive
Elizabeth, N.J. - Parmelee Place
Fair Lawn, N.J. - Parmelee Avenue
Hawthorne, N.J. - Parmelee Avenue
Rumson, N.J. - Parmly Street
Summit City, N.J. -Parmley Place
Tinton Falls, N.J. - Parmly Road
Wyckoff, N.J. - Parmley Avenue
Gallup, N.M. - Parmelee Street
Gallup, N.M. - Parmelee Street
Leroy, N.Y. -
Parmelee Road
Mohegan Lake, N.Y. - Parmly Court*

Mohegan Lake, N.Y. - Parmly Road*

Yorktown, N.Y. - Parmly Road
Cary, N.C. - Parmalee Court
Castle Hayne, N.C. - Parmele Road
Fayetteville, N.C. - Parmlee Drive
Wrightsville Beach, N.C. - Parmele Boulevard
Wrightsville Beach, N.C. - Parmale Drive
Cleveland, Ohio - Parmelee Avenue

Elyria, Ohio - Parmely Avenue
Hudson, Ohio - Parmelee Drive
Kent, Ohio - Parmalee Street
Mentor, Ohio - Parmalee Drive
Norwood, Ohio - Parmalee Place
Painesville, Ohio - Parmly Place
Perry, Ohio - Parmly Road
Tallmadge, Ohio - Parmelee Drive
Twinsburg, Ohio - Parmalee Drive
Seven Hills, Ohio - Parmalee Drive
Youngstown, Ohio - Parmelee Avenue
Banks, Ore. - Parmley Avenue
Gaston, Ore. - Parmele Road
Seven Hills, Ore. - Parmalee Drive
Yeadon, Pa. - Parmley Avenue
Conway, S.C. - Parmley Drive
Murrells Inlet, S.C. - Parmelee Drive
Myrtle Beach, S.C. - Parmley Drive
Whites Creek, Tenn. - Parmley Lane
Nashville, Tenn. - Parmley Lane*
Nashville, Tenn. - Parmley Drive*
Cypress, Texas - Parmley Creek Court
Leonard, Texas - Parmele Street

Ashland, Va. - Parmele Place
Buffalo, Wyo. -
Parmelee Street

... and in Canada
Penticton, British Columbia - Parmley Place

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    * These intersect!