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If you're planning a trip to our ancestral home of Lewes, England, you won't want to miss the annual Guy Fawkes Night!

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This writing desk, ca 1780, has a surprise inscription at the bottom of a drawer. See what else we've got stored away in The Attic!

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Say hello to photographer Anthony Parmelee, left, and more of your online cousins from around the world. By first name:A through L and
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Spelling? What does our name mean? The family in England? The European continent? Those questions and more!

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Three Parmley siblings -- Anna, Randy and Allan -- meet up in France. We've got hundreds of photos and portraits of your cousins and ancestors, .

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You'll never guess who Sheriff Andy Taylor of
Mayberry bought his home from.... Find dozens of family letters from long ago, our connection to U.S. presidents, a sheet music artist, authors and other feature stories about your relations near and distant. Older features are in the Archives.

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Finding or adding your branch to the family tree.

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Our hometown, Guilford, Conn., on Long Island Sound.

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Memorial Park

At 108, retired air traffic controller James Ernst Parmley James Ernst Parmley is the oldest known member of the family. ... An index of obituaries beginning in 1995.

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It's a boy for baseball's Chris Parmelee and wife Amanda. Birth announcements.

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President Taft and wife Helen had their eye on a family home in New Haven, Conn. Plus encounters with John Quincy Adams and Theodore Roosevelt. ...
Meanwhile, cousin Mark Parmelee, right, a securities litigator, has won a town council seat in Westfield, N.J., while cousin Debra Parmley lost her bid for one in Brighton, Colo.

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This Old House

The race is on to save the abandoned Jehiel "Hiel" Parmly house that overlooks Lake Erie. See family homes in Guilford, throughout Connecticut, and across the nation.

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Who is Jim Walters and why on earth is he doing this?

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Reproduced with the permission of East Sussex Record Office, copyright reserved

John Parmele, Puritan
For years relatives have debated the "real" spelling of the family surname. And now we know how John Sr. (1584-1659), patriarch of the North American family, spelled it: Parmele.

Yes, that's his signature up top, found on a Jan. 2, 1608, counterpart deed of covenant held at the East Sussex Record Office, "The Keep," in Lewes, England. John, identified as a bricklayer, agreed to lease a property that the Sussex Archaeological Society identifies today as occupied by Trinity House on School Hill Street. He would have been about 23 at the time, and just a few months before the first of his five marriages.

That wedding and the christenings and burials of his first seven children were all recorded at All Saints, but in the 1630s the family switched to St. Michael, which had more Puritan leanings, where John became a church warden and promptly got into trouble over the positioning of the communion table -- a flash point within the Church of England. The diocesan chancellor, attending a 1637 Archdeaconry Court at St. Michael, so horrified to see that its table remained in its east-west position, he personally moved it north-south. A week later, someone who thought the table's altar-wise positioning had looked popish moved it back. Thanks to a record of the court proceedings, we know it was John.

But not everyone had supported John's strike against popery, and the parish was fined 7 shillings. The following year, after he had ceased to be a church warden, John and wife Joane were taken to task for "living in incontinency before their marriage," a serious offense among Puritans. The only evidence offered was the birth of daughter Rachael, baptized Nov. 5, 1638, "within one or two and thirty weeks next after their [April 3, 1638] marriage" about one month premature.

The charge was apparently dropped, but John had had enough of England.

That next spring he boarded the St. John in London in his mid 50s for a fresh start in New England and a reunion with John Jr. who'd departed four years earlier. And the rest is our history.

The Spirit of '76

In Philadelphia, just a three-block walk down Chestnut Street from Independence Hall, sits the new Museum of the American Revolution. Amid the powder horns, books, rifles and old uniforms is the wooden canteen of Asaph Parmele [1746-1834; Jonathan, Joshua, John, John], who served in Elias Dunning's company of the 13th Regiment of Connecticut Militia, which helped defend New York City in 1776. Asaph lived in Woodbury at the start of the war and in 1795 moved to Bristol, Addison County, Vt., and was buried at Starksboro, Addison County, Vt.

Sir Andrew
His days as the ceremonial Lord Mayor of the City of London and appearances with the royal family have come to an end. But some Sundays you may find Sir Andrew Parmley on the organ bench of St. James Garlickhythe, where he led drives to restore the 1718 Knoppel organ and to cast eight bells for the church's empty tower.

Family Fashion

I stumbled across this hoodie awhile back -- and I have no idea who makes it or the story behind it! Apparently there are T-shirts, tank tops and mugs just waiting for the Parmelee clan at this merchandise website. The hoodie sells for $40, the classic tee goes for $25, and the mug will set you back $17. Visa, Mastercard, Amex and PayPal are accepted.

And, no, I don't get a cut on the deal.

The Melody Lingers

Bluegrass musician Don Parmley [Claude, Prudence, Iva, Emerson Bell, Garner, John, Giles, Hiel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John] has died after experiencing complications related to Alzheimer’s disease. Don helped found The Hillmen and The Bluegrass Cardinals. He recorded with Glen Campbell, Doug Dillard and Billy Strange -- and provided background music for all nine seasons of "The Beverly Hillbillies." His obituary.

Old News 

Probably one of the saddest death notices I've run across is that of Myron Gloyd [1901-1932; Myron Holly, William Elias, Bela, Reuben, John, John, John, John, John] from the Dec. 14 edition of The Dayton [Ohio] Herald. Sons Jerry and Chuck were 7 and 3; his widow Mildred (Evans), who never remarried, died in 2001.


Hezekiah [1775-1853; Simeon, Hezekiah, Joel, John, John] was born at West Stockbridge, Berkshire County, Mass., but moved to Pittsford, Rutland County, Vt., by the time he married Miriam Orcutt in 1801. She had 11 children in 14 years. This ad is from the Dec. 6 edition of the Rutland (Vt.) Weekly Herald.


I realize the Roaring '20s were "out there," but really ... a bank employee slumber party? Martha J. [1901-1980; Edwin Treat, Edwin Treat, Moses William, James, Moses, Hezekiah, Joel, John, John], a lifelong resident of Davenport, Scott County, Iowa, was a telephone operator at First National. The only child of Edwin and Ella J. (Jamison) Parmele, she would later marry Henry William Sohl. From the Aug. 9 edition of the Davenport (Iowa) Democrat and Leader.

The Honor Roll

Here we honor those family members in uniform, from Colonial times to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Details are being added to those on the rosters for the Revolutionary and Civil wars. Pictures of Revolutionary War soldiers' headstones are also being added. And we're thankful for your submissions, such as this one from Allan Ray Parmley [Randolph Hay, Roland Duvall, Miles, Emerson Bell, Garner, John, Giles, Hiel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John], who stands in a Kentucky cemetery at the headstone of great- great- great- great- grandfather John Parmley (1762-1848), who fought in the Revolution.

Colonial wars Civil War Korean War Iraq War
Revolution War with Spain Vietnam War
War of 1812 World War I Gulf War
Mexican War World War II Afghan War Others

UPDATED: Dec. 30, 2019


The Early Generations

The majority of the North American Parmelee families of all spellings trace their roots back to Johns Sr. and Jr., the first two generations in America and the last in southern England. Father, son and their families helped found Guilford, Connecticut, in 1639, and today the 1st Congressional Church, right, sits on the site of John Sr.'s home lot. The rest of the families -- many of whom spell it Parmley or Parmely -- are related to the lead-mining families of northern England who arrived in Pennsylvania in the 1840s. Links to continental Europe remain elusive.

UPDATED: Dec. 30, 2019

On the Streets Where You Live

Did we miss your street? Email me; photos are welcome!

Mohegan Lake, N.Y. Parmly Road
Yorktown, N.Y. Parmly Road
Cary, N.C.: Parmalee Court
Castle Hayne, N.C.: Parmele Road
Wrightsville Beach, N.C.: Parmele Boulevard
Wrightsville Beach, N.C.: Parmale Drive
Compton, Calif.: Parmelee Avenue

Costa Mesa, Calif.: Parmley Lane

Los Angeles, Calif.: Parmelee Avenue
Richmond, Calif.: Parmelee Avenue
Indian Hills, Colo.:
Parmalee Gulch Road
Durham, Conn.: Parmelee Hill Road
New Haven, Conn.: Parmalee Avenue
Haddam, Conn.: Parmelee Lane
Hamden, Conn.: Parmalee Drive
Newtown, Conn.:
Parmalee Hill Road
Newtown, Conn.:
Parmalee Park Place
Port Charlotte, Fla. Parmely Street
Punta Gorda, Fla.: Parmely Street
Conley, Ga.: Parmalee Path
Chicago, Ill.:
Frank Parmelee Way
Rockford, Ill.: Parmele Street
Waukegan, Ill.: Parmalee Place
Nineveh, Ind.: Parmalee Drive
Monticello, Ky.: Oliver Parmley Road
Monticello, Ky.:
Parmley Street
Nicholasville, Ky.: Parmelee Circle
Parmleysville, Ky.
Parmleysville Road
Parnell, Ky.: Glen Parmley Road
Wayne County, Ky.
Parmely Griggs Loop
Eliot, Maine: Parmley Lane
Acton, Mass.: Parmley Drive

Boston, Mass.: Parmelee Street
Freeport, Mich.: Parmalee Road
Middleville, Mich.: Parmalee Road
Peterborough, N.H.: Parmalee Drive
Elizabeth, N.J.: Parmelee Place
Fair Lawn, N.J.: Parmelee Avenue
Hawthorne, N.J.: Parmelee Avenue
Rumson, N.J.: Parmly Street

Summit City, N.J. Parmley Place
Gallup, N.M.: Parmelee Street
Gallup, N.M.: Parmelee Street
Leroy, N.Y.:
Parmelee Road
Mohegan Lake, N.Y.: Parmly Court
Cleveland, Ohio: Parmelee Avenue
Elyria, Ohio: Parmely Avenue
Hudson, Ohio: Parmelee Drive
Kent, Ohio: Parmalee Street
Mentor, Ohio: Parmalee Drive
Painesville, Ohio: Parmly Place
Perry, Ohio: Parmly Road
Tallmadge, Ohio: Parmelee Drive
Twinsburg, Ohio: Parmalee Drive
Seven Hills, Ohio: Parmalee Drive
Youngstown, Ohio: Parmelee Avenue
Banks, Ore,: Parmley Avenue
Gaston, Ore,: Parmele Road

Seven Hills, Ore.: Parmalee Drive
Conway, S.C.: Parmley Drive
Murrells Inlet, S.C.: Parmelee Drive
Myrtle Beach, S.C.: Parmley Drive
Whites Creek, Tenn.: Parmley Lane
Nashville, Tenn.: Parmley Lane
Nashville, Tenn.: Parmley Drive
Cypress, Texas: Parmley Creek Court
Buffalo, Wyo.:
Parmelee Street

UPDATED: Dec. 30, 2019

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