Homes east of the Mississippi

These are old homes that the family has built and lived in over the years. Some of those designated historic are linked to websites set up by foundations, civic groups, etc.

Leroy, Mich.
Leon and Alice Parmelee
date unknown

Leon [1917-1986; Charles, Erastus Kellogg, Joshua, Joshua, Jehiel, Joshua, John, John] and Alice (Bailey) Parmelee [1919-1995] built this house on their 70-acre property using old newspapers and found items for insulation. After Alice's death, niece Vera La Jean (Parmelee) Knapp [1932- ? ] kept it in the family. It's since been sold. Cedar Township Cemetery, which contains the family plot, is on the same road.

New Brighton, N.Y.
Charles Roome Parmele
bef 1898

Charles [1859-1938; Theodore Weld, Truman, Thomas Truman, Thomas, Thomas, Job, John, John] and his family lived at 141 St. Mark's Place in the Staten Island community of New Brighton from 1898 to 1911. Today, a large apartment building sits at that address.

North Perry, Ohio
Dr. Jehiel "Hiel" Parmly

This was the homestead of America's premier dental family: At least 18 Parmly men in this branch of the family -- including the inventor of dental floss, and Ludolph, below -- took up the profession. The home built by Jehiel "Hiel" [1799-1873; Eleazer, Jehiel, Stephen, Stephen, John, John] eventually became Camp Roosevelt, a camp for Cleveland-area boys. Perry Township bought the mansion and its surrounding 20 acres in 2002. Now the race is on to save it from the wrecking ball.

Richmond, Mass.
Deacon Silas Parmele

Caren Putzu sent us this photo of Silas' [1728-1776; Abraham, Isaac, John, John] house. Records say the house was built in 1763, but that's the same year the deacon bought the property. He was buried just east of the house, under what is now a formal dining room; during the construction, his headstone was moved behind the house.

Enosburg Falls, Vt.
Edward Jones Parmele

Edward Jones Parmelee [1857-1928; Simeon Lewis, Moses, Simeon, Hezekiah, Joel, John, John], a clerk and accountant, lived in Watertown, N.Y., and then moved to Enosburg in the mid-1880s. His first wife, Lillian A. (Hughes) Parmelee (1856-1889), died giving birth to their third child; the boy also died. This photo of the family home appeared on Christmas greetings signed by his second wife, Annette Cora (Watson) Parmelee (1865-1924).

Wilmington, N.C.
Sarah (Bailey) Parmele

Part of the city preservation society's 2014 home tour, the Parmele-Williams House was moved in 1997 from its original location at 316 N. Third St. to 213 N. Sixth St. The interior framing and roof survive from when it was built for Anthony Adrian Wanet, a French merchant and planter. Sarah (Bailey) Parmele (1832-1916), wife of Charles [ca1828-1870; George, William, William, Joseph, Isaac, John, John], bought the home in 1868. It was altered in Neoclassical Revival style circa 1917 and sold in 1925 to William Battle Williams, a Seaboard Air Line Railroad conductor, and his wife, Marian. After remaining in the family for 72 years, it was saved by Historic Wilmington Foundation and moved.

East Springfield, N.Y.
Ishi Parmalee

For sale in 2012, Parmalee Hall, the home of Ishi Parmalee [1770-1837, Roswell, Nehemiah, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John] stands off U.S. 20. Some of the original features remain as seen in these photos provided in the sales listing.

Washington, D.C.
James C. Parmelee

Here are several photos of The Causeway, home of James [1855-1931; William Samuel, Samuel, Samuel, Ezra. Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John], who also was one of the major contributors to the National Cathedral and an art collector. The architect was Charles A. Platt.

Parmleysville, Ky.
Robert Parmley

This was the home of Robert Parmley [1789-1875; John, Giles, Hiel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John], on the northwest side of Parmleysville Road near the Little South Fork River in Wayne County. The main portion of it was constructed before 1825; the photo was taken about 1900. ...

Parmleysville, Ky.
Robert Parmley family

... After Robert's home, above, was built, two smaller houses were built across the road for some of Robert's children; a chimney is all that remains. (This house was previously mistaken for that of Robert's father, John.)

Sullivan, Ohio
Sylvanus Parmely

This farmhouse belonging to Sylvanus [1784-1874; John, Jeremiah, Lemuel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John] on U.S. 224 was moved in 2007 from its crumbling brick foundation to a new one by present owners Ray and Ginny Dilley. Click here to read a story on magamoving day

Malone, N.Y.
Ashbel Parmelee

This home belonging to the Rev. Ashbel [1784-1862; Simeon, Hezekiah, Joel, John, John] was the site of the anti-slavery meetings he hosted there. The new owner also has a painting that may have been done by one of Ashbel's daughters.

Solon, Ohio
Harry Gardiner Parmelee

The city has purchased what could be "the oldest house in town" on Bainbridge Road, across from Solon Center for the Arts. The house was the home of Lorenzo Solon Bull, son of a city co-founder. In 2005, the city paid $222,750 for the structure, which had belonged to the Parmelee family since 1951. Harry [1921-2005; Gardiner Philander, Gardiner Henry, Zeno "Philander," Zeno, Gardner, Nehemiah, Nehemiah, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John], a former city councilman, and his wife, Ruth (1922-2005), lived there until their deaths. He was a WWII veteran. That's daughter Eilene on the porch.

Dayton, Ohio
Caroline "Kitty" (Parmelee) Herrick

The house on the left was the home of its builder, Henry Herman Dinkleback, who discarded his last name to become Henry Herman. Later Mrs. Demerest lived in the west half of the double house and the Parmelees lived in the east half. Caroline "Kitty" [1855-1918; Melvin Benjamin, Sylvanus, John, Jeremiah, Lemuel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John] was married here in 1880 to Myron T. Herrick (1854-1929), an Ohio governor and U.S. ambassador to France.

Camp Atterbury, Ind.
Dale Parmalee

The former farmhouse of Dale Parmalee [1920-2005; George Clark, Amos, Marcus Hurlburt, Marcus Beecher, Noah, Noah, Stephen, John, John] in Lagrange County was the first headquarters for the Army post when it was established in World War II.

Newport, N.H.
Ezra Parmelee

This picture of Ezra's [1745-1838; Ezra, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John] house on Unity Road was submitted by Dennis Parmalee of Goshen, N.H. Ezra was a captain in the Revolutionary War.

Providence, R.I.
Charles W. and Ella P. Parmelee

This plaque has been posted on a house, built by Charles William [1873-1969; Charles Daniel, Hezekiah, Dan, Dan, Hezekiah, Joel, John, John] in 1911, which was recently registered with the Providence historic homes registry. The Parmelees sold it in 1957 to a doctor and his wife who still (2001) live there. The majestic 60-foot oak in the back yard was taken as a seedling by Charles from the historic, but long-gone Connecticut Charter Oak.

Steeles Tavern, Va.

I have little information about this house. Steeles Tavern is a small town on the Augusta-Rockbridge county line, between Interstate 81 (Exit 205) and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Someone wrote me that it's now a bed-and-breakfast but my emails to the establishment have gone unanswered. If anyone knows more about how this house is linked to the family, please email me.

Mobile, Ala.
Dr. Ludolph Parmly

Old black-and-white pictures of this house, owned by dentist Ludolph Parmly [1811-1854; Randolph, Jehiel, Stephen, Stephen, John, John], were found in the Library of Congress. The present-day photo was furnished by Sharon Mosely in 2005. Click here to see other photos and her history on the house..

'Parmele,' Vicksburg, Miss.
Newit Vick

This home at 1200 Grove St. was built and named for the granddaughter of Newit Vick, founder of this Mississippi River town. "Parmele" was also the home of the first mayor of Vicksburg, Robert McGinty, whose stepdaughter, Lydia, married William Jordan Parmele [ca1833-1883; Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Isaac, John, John]. An 1876 lawsuit in Warren County Chancery Court shows that she sued her stepfather and guardian over his 1840 sale of the property to William Vick, and lost. It's one block from the Warren County Courthouse and used as a law office.

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