The First Generations

From the earliest records found in County Durham, it appears that a Parmley family of at least five children lived near Middleton-in-Teesdale in the early 17th century. From these beginnings come the children of Joseph and Lavina Parmley who immigrated to America in the 1830s and '40s.

I. --- (unknown)

+ i. John (See next generation.)
ii. Cuthbert married Isabel Pattison on June 22, 1623 at Chester-le-Street.
iii. Elizabeth married Robert Marshall on Jan. 21, 1633/34 at Chester-le-Street.
iv. Eleanor married William Newby on Oct. 12, 1634 at Chester-le-Street.
v. Jane married Cuthbert Clerke on Nov. 19, 1637.

II. John (bef 1618-after 1672)

John was probably born before 1618 and was of Hanging Shaw, County Durham, when his will was drawn up on May 30, 1672. He married Jeanette ---, who was buried Nov. 26, 1671, at Middleton.
Their children include:

i. John married widow Ann Atkinson on May 26, 1673.
ii. Elizabeth baptized June 20, 1638, at St. Mary's, married Henry Shaw in 1661.
+ iii. Edmund (See next generation.)
iv. Margaret married --- Robinson.
v. Mary married --- Jacobson.

III. Edmund (ca 1644- ? )

He was baptized Jan. 12, 1644, at Middleton-in-Teesdale and married Marie ---. She was buried March 22, 1721, at St. Mary's at Middleton-in-Teesdale.
Their children, all baptized at St. Mary's:

+ i. John (See next generation.)
ii. Nicholas baptized March 5, 1764, buried Dec. 27, 1736, at St. Mary's.
iii. Mary baptized Jan. 6, 1675.
iv. Rachael baptized Dec. 4, 1677.
v. Edmond baptized Feb. 19, 1680, buried Aug. 2, 1694, at St. Mary's.
vi. Hannah baptized May 4, 1681.
vii. Joseph baptized Oct. 29, 1689, married Ada Tinkler on May 17, 1716.

IV. John (1672- ? )

He was baptized May 24, 1672, and lived at Middleton-in-Teesdale.
Among his probable children:

+ i. Henry (See next generation.)
ii. Jonathan married Ann ---.

V. Henry (bef 1700-1749)

Born before 1700, buried Aug. 12, 1749, at St. Mary's at Middleton-in-Teesdale. He was married to Jeanette ---, who was buried April 12, 1754, at St. Mary's.
Among their children, who were baptized at St. Mary's:

i. John baptized Oct. 29, 1719.
ii. Mary baptized Feb. 11, 1720.
iii. Jeanette baptized June 5, 1725.
iv. Ada baptized Jan. 13, 1727.
v. Henry baptized Dec. 31, 1731, buried Nov. 1, 1788, married Margaret ---.
+ vi. Joseph baptized Nov. 23, 1734. (See next generation.)

VI. Joseph (1734-aft. 1773)

Baptized Nov. 23, 1734, at St. Mary's at Middleton-in-Teesdale, and living at the Hood section of Middleton as late as 1773. He married Sarah Elliott on May 14, 1762.
Among their children, all baptized at St. Mary's:

+ i. Joseph baptized Aug. 26, 1764. (See next generation.)
ii. Mary baptized July 10, 1768.
iii. Sarah baptized on or after May 1, 1773.

VII. Joseph (1764-1816)

Baptized Aug. 24, 1764, at St. Mary's at Middleton-in-Teesdale, and died March 23, 1816, at Spring Hill at Middleton-in-Teesdale. He was buried two days later at St. Mary's.

He established the Parmely homestead at Spring Hill, just north of the center of Middleton. All of his children were said to have had musical talent. "The legend is that the neighbors and friends would congregate on the banks of the river in the evenings to hear the Parmleys sing and play," wrote his great-granddaughter Lizzie Van Horn in 1889. "Each one would play a different instrument."

Joseph married Lydia Redfern, daughter of Samuel and Dolly "Dorothy" Redfern of County Derbyshire, on April 18, 1789, at St. Mary's. She was born Feb. 3, 1770, at Middleton and died Oct. 10, 1831. She was buried two days later at St. Mary's.

At least five of his children immigrated to the United States in the late 1830s and '40s, spending some time at Tamaqua, Schuylkill County, Pa., before moving west.
Their children, born at Spring Hill:

i. Lydia born in 1789/80.
ii. Joseph born March 16, 1791, died Aug. 20, 1837, married Elizabeth Pearson.
He built
Snaisgill Cottage.
iii. Samuel born Jan. 25, 1793, died Dec. 17, 1852, married Elizabeth Allison on
March 14, 1819. To Pennsylvania.
iv. John born Feb. 8, 1795, died Jan. 28, 1860, married Mary Longmire on
June 22, 1824. To Stanhope, County Durham.
v. Henry born April 15, 1797, died in 1878, married Mary Watson on March 15,
1827. To Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
vi. Thomas born Feb. 11, 1799, died June 30, 1809.
vii. Sarah "Sally" born April 9, 1801, married J. Robinson.
viii. Maria born May 21, 1803, died July 15,1846, married John Warwick on Dec. 27,
1836. She had a son by Thomas Dawson, Joseph Dawson Parmley, whom
her parents adopted. To Pennsylvania.
ix. George born Dec. 15, 1804, married Ann Watson on Nov. 19, 1826/27, and
Bridget ---. To Pennsylvania.
x. Dorothy born and baptized Nov. 30, 1806, died July 30, 1892. Unmarried.
xi. James born Feb. 10, 1809/10, died Jan. 29, 1880, married Mary Hardy on
Nov. 26, 1840. He was a minister.
xii. Thomas born Feb. 23, 1811, buried April 11, 1877, married Mary Race on March 24,
xiii. William born July 10, 1813, died Oct. 10, 1862, married Bathsheba Beadle on June 4,
1843, and Jane Beadle on Dec. 25, 1848. To Pennsylvania and Virginia.

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