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John Parmelee Jr. 1612-1687/88

The will of John Parmelee Jr. of Guilford, Conn., dated Dec. 20, 1684, disposed of property inventoried on Feb. 8, 1687/88, at 259, 4s and is signed with his mark. It appears below on two pages. Click on the thumbnail photos to download a full-size copy of Page One ... of Page Two.

After leaving his widow 20, he divided his home lot between sons John and Joshua; gave his land in Nut Plains, an area just north of the central village, and several other parcels to John; and gave Joshua the land in Nut Plains that he had purchased from John Goodrich. He gave sons Caleb and Isaac 5 each; daughter Hannah 2; son Stephen 7, and his other children -- Job, Priscilla and Joel 10 each. He also designated that his youngest sons would receive land on the Great Plain when they reached 21, his daughter, when she reached 18. His oldest child, Nathaniel, preceded him in death.

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