Many members of the family undoubtedly served our nation during the conflict in Southeast Asia. To get this page started, I've begun with those whose names appear on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Those whose names are in red died in the war.

  • Allison Jerome "A.J." ca1936-
    master sergeant, Army; of Seymour, Mo., and Morrow, Ga.
    [01-06385] James Joel, William Parin, Joel Parin, Parin "Payne," Elihu, Elihu, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John
    An SFC E7, in the capacity of platoon sergeant. He was in Binh Dinh Province, between Qui Nhon and An Khe, later in Da Nang. Received a Bronze Star, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry and a Meritorious Service Medal at the end of his 20-year Army career. His unit received a Meritorious Unit Citation.
  • Bruce Carlton 1946-1967
    private, Marine Corps; of Reading, Mass.
    [07-00604] Carlton Hadley, Samuel Melvin, Samuel Carlton, Noah David, David, Noah, Noah, Stephen, John, John
    His name can be found on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 18 East, Line 62. Wounded in battle, he gave up his place in an evacuation helicopter to another corpsman and then was killed. He was posthumously awarded the Silver Star.
  • Donald Wayne 1948-1969
    hospitalman, Navy; of Portsmouth, Va., and West Point, Miss.
    [01-08548] Robert Edward, Edgar, Thomas J., Samuel, Samuel, Giles, Giles, Hiel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John
    7th Fleet Marine Regiment. He was a corpsman who was killed in action in Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam, on Aug. 25, 1969. His name can be found on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 19 West, Line 114.
  • Eleazer "Lea" 1925-1977
    major, Army; Washington, D.C.
    [07-00212] Eleazer "Zar," Eleazer "Ellie," Eleazer, David W., Eleazer, Jehiel, Stephen, Stephen, John, John
    Army. West Point, Class of 1946 (picture at right). Military career took him to Japan, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Panama and back to West Point where he served as treasurer. He was awarded a Silver Star, a Bronze Star with "V" device and a Purple Heart while serving in Vietnam.
  • James Aaron 1943-
    Army; Forsyth and Lebanon, Mo., and Bangkok, Thailand
    [03-01747] Benjamin Edward, George Washington, George Washington, Moses Edwards, Moses, Oliver, Jonathan, Joshua, John, John
    After the war, he moved to Thailand. He was visiting his family in Missouri during the 2004 Southeast Asian tsunami.
  • James Earl 1941-1965
    2nd lieutenant, Marine Corps; of Hopkins, Mich.
    [01-02670] Willis "Russell" Russell," Willis Densmore, Edwin, Alfred, Eliab, Eliab, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John
    He served for three years, assigned to 2nd Platoon, Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division. On July 14, 1964, while his platoon was in a night defensive position about 3 miles west-southwest of the Nam-O Bridge near Da Nang, a fire mission was requested. One round that fell short killed James and two other Marines. Their deaths are considered accidental due to "friendly fire." His name can be found on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 2 East, Line 37. He was buried at Hopkins' Maplewood Cemetery.
  • James W.
    captain, Air Force

    He attended the 2005 reunion of the C-7A Caribou Assn., 535th.
  • Jeffrey Mathew 1951-1971
    Specialist 4, Army; of New York City.
    [13-00738] unplaced
    His name can be found on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 4 West, Line 77. He was buried at Long Island National Cemetery in Springdale, N.Y.
  • Jonathan Elliot 1951-2000
    Navy; of Hartford, Manchester, Coventry, East Hartland and Rockville, Conn.
    [01-09194] Elliot "Hoty" Lester, Gladwin Earle, Hubert "Burt," Frederick H., Sylvester, Nathaniel, Elihu, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John
    His obituary.
  • Michael "Bill" William 1949-1973
    Specialist 4, Army; of Monticello, Ky.
    [01-07060] Lyndon "Harry," Andrew "Jiff" Jefferson, Miles R., Garner, John, Giles, Hiel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John
    He was based at Ft. Gordon, Ga., and served a tour in Vietnam during which he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal. Bill died in an automobile accident in Wayne County, Ky., and was buried at Monticello's Elk Spring Cemetery.
  • Peggy Ellen (Appleton) 1952-2010
    sergeant, Air Force; of Durham, Conn., and St. Johnsbury, Vt.
    [10-01176] Wife of Donald Hugh Parmelee (Burton Alfred, Willis Isaac, Frederick M., Horace, Joel, Joel, Joel, John, John)
    She was buried at the Vermont Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Randolph Center, Vt.
  • Ralph William 1929-2001
    petty officer (BM2), Navy
    [13-04570] unplaced
    He was buried at Fort Custer National Cemetery in Augusta, Mich.
  • Randall Louis
    sergeant, Army, of Buena Park, Temecula, and Torrance, Calif.
    [13-04961] unplaced
    He served with Company C, 2nd Battalion, 506th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division in 1970 and '71.
  • Robert Alfred Lee 1950-1978
    private, Army.
    [13-02834] unplaced
    He was buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in Lemay, Mo.
  • Robert Andrew ca1948-2009
    Army; of Santa Rosa, Calif.
    [01-06271] Clifford Andrew, Andrew Pearl, Ezekiel Marion, Thomas Henry, James, Ephraim, Giles, Hiel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John, John
    He was with the 13th Engineer Battalion from 1967-68. His obituary.
  • Rodney A. 1946-2017
    sergeant, Army; of Rochester and Honeoye Falls, N.Y.
    [02-00485] Ronald "Red" Art, Howard Baldwin, Isaac, Aaron Baldwin, Bela, Reuben, John, John, John, John, John, John
    He and his father, Ronald "Red," a WWII veteran, were honored with a commerative stone at the Honeoye Falls Cemetery.
  • Thomas Clay 1925-2004
    Army; of Los Angeles, Calif., and Sierra Vista, Ariz.
    [01-08502] James Alfred, James Clay, William Irvin, Robert, John, Giles, Hiel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John
    He was a recipient of the Bronze Star Medal who also saw action in World War II and the Korean War. He was buried at the Southern Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Sierra Vista. His obituary.
  • Thomas Martin 1941-
    captain, Marines; of Lawrence, Kans.
    [03-00376] Albert Seward, Albert Earl, Albert Seward, Stephen Asa, Amos, Amos, David, Joshua, John, John
    He graduated first in his officers class at Quantico, Va., 1964. He joined the 1st Division in October, 1965, as a 2nd lieutenant and was a captain upon his release from duty Aug. 31, 1967.
  • Walter Eugene 1929-1970
    sergeant, Marines; of Metropolis, Ill., and Kinston, N.C.
    [01-08656] Walter Eugene, Otto, Samuel, Samuel, Giles, Giles, Hiel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John
    He also served in World War II and Korea. He was buried at Pinelawn Memorial Park in Kinston, N.C.
  • Walter "Glenn" 1927-2008
    Navy; of Spokane, Wash., and National City and Jamestown, Calif.
    [01-03986] Arthur H., Braxton "Brack" Dick, James, Robert, John, Giles, Hiel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John
    He also saw service in Korea. His obituary.

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