Memories of this, one of the most costly wars in American history, have faded. Of the 78,700 men who served during the war, 13,300 perished -- a 16.9% casualty ratio, which is slightly higher than Union losses during the Civil War, seven times greater than that of World War II, and 24 times greater than that of Vietnam. The United States lost 1,721 men in action during the Mexican War and 11,562 to sickness, accidents and miscellaneous causes.

The following members of the family are known to have served in the U.S. armed forces during this conflict. More information will be added to each soldier's entry when time allows. Those men whose names are in red died in the war.

Evidence is more than welcome if you know of other Parmelees, not listed below, who participated in this conflict. Pictures of these men would be greatly appreciated.

  • Edward
    sergeant / private
    Riddle's Co., Ohio Volunteers.
  • Charles W.
    Co. R., 3rd Louisiana Militia Infantry
  • John S.
    Listed as "John S. Palmora," he may not be a family member
    Co. A, 1st Tennessee Mounted Infantry.

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