Teacher takes fourth place
in California Assembly race

California middle school teacher Shane Parmely lost her bid for the 79th District Assembly seat vacated by Shirley Weber, who became named state secretary of state. Weber's daughter, La Mesa Councilwoman Dr. Akilah Weber, won the five-way special San Diego County election with 52% of the vote. Shane was fourth with 5%. She was also unsuccessful in a bid for a seat on the local Democratic Party Central Committee in 2020.... Coming in second in a 10-way race for four open seats on the Monteagle, Tenn., City Council in fall 2020 was Dorraine Parmley, with 279 votes. The town of 1,200 stretches into Franklin, Grundy, and Marion counties.

Our Cousins
in the White House

Two men to occupy the White House are descendants of the Guilford Parmelees! Rutherford B. Hayes, right, and George W. Bush, below, were declared victors after close votes and disputed ballots in Florida. Both were Republican governors who lost the popular vote but won in the Electoral College by slim margins.

Presidential Encounters

John Quincy Adams: The pages of his diary mention visits from Dr. Eleazer Parmly, [1797-1874; Eleazer, Jehiel, Stephen, Stephen, John, John] the pioneering New York City dentist who also owned a hotel in Painesville, Ohio.

- - - -

William McKinley: Cleveland Mayor William and Martha Emily (Parmelee) Rose [1834-1923; Theodore Hudson, Theodore, Abraham, Abraham, Isaac, John, John] entertained the Ohio governor -- and future president -- and his wife, Ida.

- - - -

William Howard Taft: Once he'd left office and returned to Yale to teach, he had his eye on Henry Spencer Parmelee's [1844-1902; Spencer "Thomas," Henry, Samuel, Joseph, Isaac, John, John] old home in Hartford, Conn.

From the U.K. to N.Z.
Chief exec trades post in South Somerset for one in Waitaki

Alex Parmley, chief executive for the 60-member South Somerset District Council in the United Kingdom, has been chosen to fill the same position for the Waitaki District Council in New Zealand. He and his family -- wife Elizabeth, who is from New Zealand, and their four children -- made their move half-way around the world in July 2021.

The family always planned to move to New Zealand, he said, but he didn't want to settle somewhere with just any job. "I wanted a job that would be both interesting and challenging, as well as being a good match to my skills and outlook," he said. "We also wanted to be in a place that would be good for our young family, and Oamaru and Waitaki clearly have a lot to offer in this respect."

Alex, , right, who was a finalist last year for chief executive of the year in the UK’s MJ Local Government Achievement Awards, thought the Waitaki District Council held a clear ambition to do the best for its residents. He said he believes local government has important roles in dealing with COVID-19, climate change, supporting growth of local business and jobs, and protecting the environment.

"My job is not to have all the answers, but instead to ensure we engage with councilors, staff, communities, businesses, government and partner organizations to get the answers that are right for the residents and communities of Waitaki."

Forty-one applied for the chief executive role. The executive committee interviewed seven candidates, then three were selected for final interviews with Mayor Gary Kircher and all councilors.

Election 2019

Former prosecutor wins
council seat in New Jersey

Two decades ago, Mark [Gordon Victor, Gordon Victor, Arthur Leroy, Martin "Frank" Francis, Erastus Kellogg, Joshua, Joshua, Jehiel, Joshua, John, John] and wife rolled into Westfield, N.J., and it just felt like a good place to call home.

Westfield, N.J., Town Council

Bodmer-R 767 38.14%
Parmelee-D 1,244 61.86%

After putting down roots and raising four children, Mark, a Democrat, decided to run for the Ward 2 council seat against Republican Richard J. Bodmer in the Nov. 5 general election. Mark is a securities litigator for Greenberg & Traurig; previously he was a prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney's Office.

"I can help make meaningful strides in the growth of our town," he says with an eye on increasing access to improved athletic facilities and cultivating the downtown business district for long-term growth. "I want my children to see that being part of a community means contributing to its success." Even if you don't live in the Garden State, you may have heard Mark -- on TV! He also does voice-overs for the NFL, the Fox Television Network and Dick's Sporting Goods commercials.

- - - - -

Colorado Mayor Ousted
but Recall Backer Loses
Bid for Council Seat

Brighton, Colo., voters sent Mayor Ken Kreutzer packing in 2020, but pro-recall candidate Debra Parmley [Carl "Skinny" E., Henry Lincoln, Thomas Benton, William Henry, John, Richard, Ephraim, Giles, Hiel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John], a Republican, lost her bid for a seat

Brighton, Colo., City Council

Parmley-R 704 45.54%
Jordinelli-D 842 54.46%

in raucous council race. Some accused her of using a loophole to secure her bid while opponents registered false websites to hobble her campaign.

When Debra submitted her candidacy petition, she needed 25 signatures from Ward 3 residents; only 17 were ruled valid. "The signature page statement on the petition states the person signing is a registered voter in Brighton," she said, but the cover page says signers must live in the ward. Nevertheless, municipal code also states that if 25 signatures -- valid or invalid -- are submitted a cure period is allowed. Debra was granted four days to submit the required number of valid signatures and did so.

Sam McKinney, a Brighton resident who has butted heads with Debra while serving on a local homeowners association board, registered a 527 political organization with the city called Citizens against Debra Parmley, which supported Jordinelli but wasn't guided by the candidate.

To ensure Debra couldn't register a pithier campaign URL, McKinney registered three separate URLs, in case she wanted to use any of them. Said Debra: "For my opponent to allow this malice and scorn to occur speaks volumes to his character and lack of integrity not mine."

A Roster of Public Officials

This is the beginning of a list of family members who have been in public office. Know of others? Email me.

White House
  • Carole A. (Clemens) Parmelee (1944- ),
    Chief of staff to Clinton Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles 1996-1998
  • Carole A. (Clemens) Parmelee (1944- ),
    Executive assistant to Sen. Ed Muskie, D-Maine, 1980-1981
  • Kenneth Armand Parmelee (1940- ),
    Chief of staff to Sen. Vance Hartke, D-Ind., 1974-1977
House of Representatives
  • Kenneth Armand Parmelee (1940- )
    Chief of staff to Rep. Jim Florio, D-N.J., 1977-1081
State Department
  • Carole A. (Clemens) Parmelee (1944- ),
    Executive assistant to Secretary Ed Muskie, 1980-1981
  • Michael E. Parmly (1951- ), right,
    Chief of Mission-Designate for the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, Cuba
  • Abner-D (1805-1875)
    Killingworth, representative to the General Assembly 1857-59
  • Abraham (1717-1795)
    Goshen, deputy to the Colonial Assembly 1769
  • Alice Emmons-R (1903-1992)
    Hartland, representative to the General Assembly 1943-44, 1953-54
  • Arthur Eugene-D (1865-1937)
    Killingworth, representative to the General Assembly 1901-02, 1909-10
  • Arvington Davis-D (1838-1921)
    Killingworth, representative to the General Assembly 1891-92
  • Bryan (1732-1817)
    Chatham (now East Hampton), representative to the General Assembly 1785-86
  • Chauncey-D (ca1793-1869)
    Killingworth, representative to the General Assembly 1853-55
  • Clayton Abner-D (1864-1942)
    Saybrook, representative to the General Assembly 1911-12
  • Cleon Lorenzo-R (1884-1958)
    Killingworth, representative to the General Assembly 1917-20
  • Dan (1748-1825)
    Durham, representative to the General Assembly 1789-95, 1797-1804, 1806-08, 1813-16
  • Dan Edward-R (1893-1929)
    Durham, representative to the General Assembly 1923-24
  • Eli-R (1808-1882)
    Guilford, representative to the General Assembly 1868-69
  • Eliab Harvey-R (1816-1890)
    Killingworth, representative to the General Assembly 1861-62
  • Frederick Henry-R (1833-1920)
    New London, representative to the General Assembly 1895-96
  • Henry Elisha-R (1830-1896)
    Guilford, representative to the General Assembly 1889-90
  • Herbert Eugene-R (1853-1926)
    Guilford, representative to the General Assembly 1897-98
  • Horace Linsley-D (1819-1898)
    Killingworth, representative to the General Assembly 1873-75
  • Isaac-R (1801-1878)
    Durham, representative to the General Assembly 1865-66
  • Jared "Jerry"-D (ca1801-1881)
    Killingworth, representative to the General Assembly 1855-57
  • Leverett Wilson-D (1833-1914)
    Killingworth, representative to the General Assembly 1875-77
  • Levi (1745-1819)
    Durham, representative to the General Assembly 1797-98
  • Lovel Davis-R (1866-1940)
    Killingworth, representative to the General Assembly 1903-04, 1907-08, 1929-30
  • Monroe E.-D (1848-1890)
    Killingworth, representative to the General Assembly 1887-88
  • Norman Lewis-R (1839-1923)
    Killingworth, representative to the General Assembly 1893-94, 1895-96
  • Oliver (1734-1816)
    Bethlehem, representative to the General Assembly 1792, 1797-98
  • Richard Clarke-R (1913-1986)
    Durham, representative to the General Assembly 1945-46, 1947-48
  • William Augustus-R (1818-1902)
    Durham, representative to the General Assembly 1859-60
  • William Hayden-D (1849-1933)
    Essex, representative to the General Assembly 1891-92
  • Sylvester Freeman (1836-1879)
    New Orleans, 12th Ward of House of Representatives 1879
  • Abner Cornelius . (1806-1889)
    Barry County, House of Representatives 1844-46
  • Deleta (Parmly) Williams-D (1935- )
    right, District 121 of House of Representatives 1996-2002
Unicameral legislature since 1937 - no House of Representatives
  • Daniel S. (1821-1891)
    Territory legislator 1867; House of Representatives 1867-71
North Carolina
  • Benjamin (1735-1792)
    House of Commons 1777, 1779, 1783
South Dakota
  • Harry Truman-R (1860-1935)
    Sioux Falls, 10th District of House of Representatives 1901-02
  • Joseph William Lincoln-R (1861-1940)
    Ipswich, 37th District of House of Representatives 1905-08
  • Abner Augustus-D (1860-1935)
    St. Albans, House of Representatives 1921
  • Alanson (1792-1860)
    Wilmington, House of Representatives 1833-34
  • Charles Henry (1858-ca 1946), right
    Wilmington, House of Representatives 1919
  • Daniel Everett (1776-1864)
    Bristol, House of Representatives 1825, 1832
  • Fred Leete (1878-1975)
    Putney, House of Representatives 1921
  • George Washington (1814-1884)
    Brandon, House of Representatives 1865-66
  • Samuel B. (1757-1828)
    Fairfax, House of Representatives 1818
  • Thomas Easton (1793-?)
    Territory legislator, House of Representatives 1840-41
  • Arthur "Lynn" (1874-1955)
    Long Beach, city councilman
  • Forrest Fay (1885-1960)
    Brawley, city commissioner
  • Milton Ray (1867-1945)
    Montebello, mayor
  • Nancy (Wellman)
    Sonoma, mayor 1976, 1980, 1987
  • Clayton Abner-D (1864-1942)
    Saybrook, first selectman 1909
  • Dan (1748-1825)
    Durham, justice of the peace 1791-1817
  • Henry Elisha-R (1830-1896)
    Guilford, first selectman 1888
  • Isaac (1801-1878)
    Durham, justice of the peace 1846
  • Joel (1679/80-1748)
    Durham, fence viewer, 1707
  • John (1612-1687/88)
    Guilford's sexton/drummer 1652
  • Nathaniel (1645-ca1676)
    Killingworth's sexton/drummer 1666
  • William Augustus (1818-1902)
    Durham, town clerk 1859-60
  • Calvin "Ursel" (1922-2012)
    Rensselaer, city councilman
  • Jeffrey W. Parmelee
    Indianapolis, Center Township Board trustee 1997-2000
  • Asaph (1794-1868)
    Boston, alderman 1842
  • Thomas Jefferson (1804-1884)
    Maple Grove Township, justice of the peace 1859, 1863-66, and treasurer 1860-64
  • Thomas E.. (1874-1922)
    Plattsmouth, mayor 1902
New Jersey
  • Mark. (1966- )
    Westfield, city councilman 2019-
New York
  • Ashbel Brush-R (1816-1886)
    Franklin County, district attorney 1850-54; also a delegate to the 1856 Republican National Convention in Philadelphia
  • Elias. (1774-1840)
    Lansingburgh, mayor
  • Lemuel (1779-1869)
    Hamburgh, justice of the peace 1827
  • William C.-Whig (1806-1856)
    Albany, mayor 1846-48, 1854-56; also the city attorney, recorder and a judge
  • Samuel "Hagan" 1888-1945
    Nacogdoches County, sheriff 1943-45
  • Samuel "Hagan" 1919-1966
    Nacogdoches County, sheriff 1945-48
  • Abner Augustus. (1857-1924)
    St. Albans, alderman
  • Jonathan (1768-1855)
    Windsor, justice of the peace 1830
  • Joseph (1778-1857)
    Franklin, justice of the peace 1818

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