Records from the parish of St. Michael

Volume I of the General Register, microfilmed in 1984, begins in 1579, but the first mutilated pages may be from another church in town, St. Anne. Baptisms start in earnest in 1608 and continue through 1620, then there is a gap until 1653, long after the Parmelees left town. Marriages start in 1655, and the first burials I could find were at the end of the 17th century.

The annual bishop's transcripts, microfilmed in 1986, begin in 1606. Missing entries include those for years 1615, 1619, 1621, 1625, 1639, 1641 and 1643-66. All dates are Old Style.

Dec. 2, 1610 * Elizabeth Parminy, daughter
of John Parminy of All Saints in Lewes was baptized the second
of December.

May 20, 1632 The 20th [of May 1632], Hanna, daughter of John Parmely was baptized.

Feb. 7, 1635/36 The 7th [of February 1635/36], Elizabeth, the daughter of John Parmeley and Elizabeth his wife was baptized.

Aug. 30, 1637 The 30th [of August 1637] John and Marthar Parmely, the son and daughter of John Parmely and Elizabeth his wife were baptised.

Nov. 5, 1638 The 5 day [of November 1638], Rachel Parmelie, daghter of John Parmelie and Joane his wife was baptized.

* Elizabeth's baptism was also recorded at All Saints.

July 30, 1628 Johan Parmeley, the daughter of John Parmeley was buried.

Feb. 20, 1634/35 Ffebruary the 20th [1634/35,] Hanna, the wife of John Parmely was buried.

Sept. 1, 1637 The first daie [September 1637] Elizabeth, the wife of John Parmely was buried.

Sept. 5, 1637 The 5th [September 1637] Elizabeth** [Martha], the daughter of John Parmely was buried.

Dec. 12, 1637 The 12th [December 1637] John, the sonne of John Parmely was buried.

April 13, 1638 The 13th [April, 1638] Elizabeth** Parmelie, da[ugh]ter of John Parmelie and Elizabeth his wife was buryed.

Nov. 10, 1638 The 10 day [November 1638] Rachell Parmelie, the dttr of John Parmelie and Joan his wif was buryed.

** The 1637 entry is probably Martha's; the one in 1638, Elizabeth's.

April 29, 1630 The 29th [April 1630] John Parmely and Hanna Wilbur both of this p[ar]ish were maried here.

June 1, 1635 The first daie [June 1635] John Parmeley and Elizabeth Holter were maried.

April 3, 1638 April the 3 day [1638] John Parmelie and Joane Cobden were married.

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