Records from the parish of All Saints

Volume I of the parish General Register, microfilmed in 1984, begins in 1561 for births, in 1567 for marriages and in 1565 for burials. Many pages -- and entire years, for that matter -- are missing; records in the book are not necessarily in chronological order.

The annual bishop's transcripts, microfilmed in 1986, begin in 1606. Records from years 1612, 1614-16, 1619, 1621-22, 1624-25, 1629-30, 1632-63 -- and many onward -- are missing. Dates are Old Style.





Oct. 27, 1573

* Margaret ... ye daughter
of ... baptiz ...xxvijth of
October 1573



Jan. 30, 1578/79

Katheryne Parmeley,
ye daught of John Parmel
was baptized ye xxxth of
January 1578



Aug. 30, 1584

John Parmerye, ye sone of widow Parmerye was baptized ye xxxth of August 1584



Dec. 3, 1610

** Elisabeth Parmelet, ye datter John Parmelet was baptised ye
3 day of December 1610



Sept. 6, 1612

John, sone of John Parmyre
bapt. September 6, 1612



Dec. 11, 1614

The xith day was christened George Parmely, the sonne of John Parmely



March 17, 1615/16

The xxijth day was christened Anne Parmely, the daughter
of John Parmely, and Anne
his wife



June 5, 1620

The vt[h] day was christened Marye Parmely, the daughter
of John Parmely and Anne
his wife



* A 1976 letter from Mrs. Richard V. Shanklin of Panama City, Fla., to Dorothy Smallwood about these All Saints records states that Margaret was baptized Oct. 27, 1572, but the entry at the top of the 1984 microfilmed copy of Volume I of the parish record book is torn, leaving "Margaret ... ye daughter of ... baptiz ... xxvijth of October 1572." Perhaps Mrs. Shanklin saw the page intact before the tear? I've confirmed the rest of her findings.

** Elizabeth's baptism was also recorded at St. Michael.



April 3, 1579

Katheryn Parmeley, ye daught
of John Parmaly was buryed ye iij
of Apr. 1579



May 1, 1583

John Parmeley was buryed ye first day of Meaie 1583



Dec. 16, 1609

Jhon Parmelmi, the sonne of John Parmemie was buried



Feb. 16, 1612/13

Eleisebeth Pearmelie, the deatter of John Pearmelie was bureid ye xvith of Febuary 1612



April 14, 1615

The xiiij day [April] was buried George Parmely, the sonne of John Parmelye





Jan. 11, 1572

John Parmaly & Alice Russell were maryed the xith day of January 1572



May 15, 1608

John Purmelie and Anne Howell were maried the xvth day of
May 1608

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