Over the years, members of our family have written works of fiction and nonfiction. Many of these books are still in print. You may order many of the titles below online from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com. Not every book listed below is still in print. If you know of other books written or illustrated by a member of the family, please e-mail me.

"The Sea Is a Thief"

David Parmelee, 2013

Paxxxxxxre, Sunbury

"Miss Feesenschneezen Is Ill"

David Parmelee, 19xxxx


"Guide to the New Testament"

Alice Parmelee, 1980

Paperback, 144 pp., Morehouse Publishing

"Guide to the Old Testament & Apocrypha"

Alice Parmelee, 1979

Paperback, 152 pp., Morehouse Publishing

"Ceramic Glazes"

Cullen W. Parmelee
and Cameron G. Harman, 1993

Hardcover, third edition, 624 pp., TechBooks

"If You're Clueless about Financial Planning and Want to Know More"

Seth Godin and John Parmelee, 1998

Paperback, 213 pp., Dearborn Financial Publishing

"Preparing the Marketing Plan"

David Parmerlee (contributor), Allan Sutherlin, David Parmelee, 1992

Paperback, 138 pp.

"Antarctic Birds: An Ecological & Behavioral Approach"

David Freeland Parmelee, 1992

Hardcover, 221 pp., University of Minnesota Press

"Mullins Red Cap Utility Trailer"

Robert L. Parmelee, 1998

Hardcover, 184 pp.
Milcap Publishing

The book chronicles the life and times of the little car trailer only manufactured in 1936 and 1937. However, the Red Cap has endured and been endeared for over 60 years.

From the author: "This book is dedicated to Michael E. Maxwell, a friend of mine who died of lymphoma in 1996. Mike and I were responsible for the starting the Mullins Owners Club and we talked many times about putting a book
together about the little trailer. We never got around to it. After Mike passed away, I decided to author this book as a lasting dedication to my friend. I hope you enjoy the book; it has been a labor of friendship and love."

"Cartwrights of San Augustine"

Margaret Swett Henson and Deolece Parmelee, 1993

Hardcover, 324 pp.,Texas State Historical Association

"Chicago's Railroads & Parmelee's Transfer: A Century of Travel"

Robert D. Parmelee, 1999

Paperback, 165 pp., Golden Books

"Principles of Anthropology & Sociology in Their Relations to Criminal Procedure"

Maurice Parmelee, 1980

Hardcover, 410 pp., Fred B Rothman
& Co.

"Child & Adolescent Psychiatry"

Dean X. Parmelee (editor), 1996

Hardcover, 360 pp., Mosby-Year Book.

"Freshwater Mussels of Tennessee"

Paul Woodburn Parmalee, and Arthur E. Bogan, 1998

Hardcover, 328 pp., University of Tennessee

"Animals Utilized by Woodland Peoples Occupying the Apple Creek Site, Illinois"

Paul W. Parmalee, Nancy Wilson and Andreas A. Paloumpis, 1972

Paperback, 62 pp., Illinois State Museum Society

"Good Newes from Fraunce: French Anti-League Propaganda in Late Elizabethan England"

Lisa Ferraro Parmelee, 1996

Hardcover, 216 pp., University of Rochester

"Beamers, Bobwhites, and Blue-Points; Tributes to the Career of Paul W. Parmalee"

Bonnie W. Styles, Walter E. Klippel and Paul Woodburn Parmalee, 1991

Paperback, 436 pp.
Illinois State Museum Society

"Brecht's America"

Patty Lee Parmalee, 1981

Hardcover, 306pp., The Ohio State University

"Soft Drink Bottling: A History with Special Reference to Illinois"

John R. Paul and
Paul W. Parmalee, 1973

Paperback, 121 pp., Illinois State Museum Society

"Taphonomy & Paleoecology of the Christensen Bog Mastodon Bone Bed, Hancock County, Indiana"

Russell W. Graham, J. Alan Holman and Paul Woodburn Parmalee, 1983

Paperback, 29 pp., Illinois State Museum Society

"Standard Handbook of Fastening & Joining"

Robert O. Parmley (editor), 1996

Hardcover, third edition, 992 pp., McGraw-Hill Cos.

"HVAC Design Data Sourcebook"

Robert O. Parmley, 1994

Hardcover, 489 pp., McGraw-Hill Cos.

"Hydraulics Field Manual"

Robert O. Parmley, 1992

Paperback, first edition, 334 pp., McGraw-Hill Cos.

"Atlas of Gynecologic Pathology"

J. Donald Woodruff and
Tim H. Parmley, 1987


Synopsis: "...correlates the clinical and operative findings in gynecologic disorders with the gross and microscopic features of the disease process. The book also contains over 700 full-color illustrations."

"Cardiology 1998"

William W. Parmley, 1991

Hardcover, first edition

"Cardiovascular Pharmacology"

William W. Parmley, 1991

Hardcover, first edition

Synopsis: "The text & illustrations, including hundreds in full color, blend physiological & clinical perspectives for maximum practical value to the cardiologist or internist, in practice or in training."

"Road Maps for Retirement from Ncoa: Making Your Dollars Work Harder"

Mary T. Parmley, 1997

Paperback, National Council

"Road Maps for Retirement from Ncoa: Negotiating the Elder Care Maze"

Mary T. Parmley, 1997

Paperback, National Council

"Road Maps to Retirement from Ncoa: New Work Styles for Your Retirement Career"

Mary T. Parmley, 1997

Paperback, 18 pp., National Council

"Road Maps for Retirement from Ncoa: Restoring Quality to Your Life"

Mary T. Parmley, 1997

Paperback, 26 pp., National Council

"Road Maps for Retirement from Ncoa: Retirement Curve Ahead!"

Mary T. Parmley, 1997

Paperback, 26 pp., National Council

Out of Print

"A Short History of Rome and Italy," Alice Parmelee, 1959, Hardcover, Harper & Brothers, New York City, right.

"Moko: The Circus Monkey," Charles Payzant, Illustrated by Ted Parmelee, Hardcover, Jolly Books, New York City

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