Stewart Dean Palmerlee ca1815-1892
Bryan, John, Bryan, Jonathan, Joshua, John, John

his letter informs Stuart (sic) of East Hampton, Conn., of the death of his brother William. The letter, written by one of William's shipmates, found its way through Honolulu and San Francisco.

Punctuation and paragraphs have been added for clarity. Unfortunately, the copy below is as big as it was sent to me. If you can help fill in the missing words, please email me.

M---? April 6, 1856

Mr. Stuart D. Palmerlee

Dear Sir,

Although a stranger to you I deem it my duty to address these few lines to you. By an add---- Dispensation of Divine Providence your brother William has been removed into a better life on the 22d of November 1855. Being him Carpenter of the ship Wm Tell he was to depart in the ship but taking sickness afterwards he was sent to the mariners hospital where he expired.

His ---- may and/not(?) ---- for he prepared himself to meet death. To life he was respected by all of his shipmates of which I am one. The last time I saw
him before his death he made me promise him to write to you if anything should happen to him. He would ---- send his fatherly love to George, Henry
and Franklin.

Sir, I hope that if ever I have the occasion to write to you again it might be words of health.

So be the sympathies of grieving(?)

S. Brushner

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