1830s LETTER
Caroline (Parmele) Cole to her brother Francis Burdette Parmele 1815-1883
Henry, Joel, Nehemiah, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John

his unsigned missive was written to Francis while he was undergoing medical studies in Ohio, by his sister, Caroline, back in Albany, N.Y., in the late 1830s.

We have another letter written by her -- that one signed and dated -- and the handwriting matches this one.

The relatives she talks about must be from their mother's family, the Bosworths.

Albany, August the 9

Dear Brother,

Yours of the 14th came to hand the 9 day after the date, I can assure you to it gave much pleasure to hear from you all. I think it was a family letter in ... reference to its size, but I think that you and George both know how to write coars hand, and I hope the next family letter you write that you will write fine hand and more of it but I am afraid if I complain of that I shall not receive another in a hury so I must not dictate.

You have accepted of Mr. Patterson's offer, I believe. I hope you will come home this fall. I do want to see you very much. I hardly anticipate the pleasure of seeing you this fall and to think of your not coming a year from that time, sometimes gives me melancholy feelings.

What great changes may take place ... within the space of one short year -- disease and death may make fearful raviges in our little circle, and deprive us of some of our beloved friends, and we may never meet each other again. Those sad and gloomy thoughts will intrude themselves upon me unbidden, and I strive to banish the, but they will linger longer than I like to have them.

I hope that you are not troubled with such unwelcome visitants. If you may you must drive them from you. The time will soon pass and I hope we all shall meet in health. The time will pass quickly with you, persuing your studies looking forward to the time when you will have accomplished your object, and attained that which you have always thirsted after. I hope death brother your health will not be impaired by to intence application, you must devote a certain portion ...

... each day to healthfull exercise, such as walking or riding on horseback. Suppose you will laugh at me for giving you such ... unnecessary caution long as you know what is conducive to health, see that you do it.

Have so far recovered my health, as to begin to think of going into the country. I contemplate going this week to make Aunt Violett a visit of 3 or 4 weeks. I shall not have time to write to Susan before I go, therefore she must wait patiently until after my return, then I will write her a long letter and tell her all about Aunt. I must tell you that Mr. Patterson has had the degree of Master of Arts conferred upon him at the last commence.

It is a general time of health here at present. Aunt Betsey's health continues good, Uncle's family are well. I do not know any news to write. I must leave that for Fred. He can tell you more than I can, as he is where he can hear all that is going.

You must write so that I shall get your answer as soon as I get home. Remember me to all of our friends. Aunt says tell Burdett that I have not forgotten him.

Do write soon, your Affectionate Sister

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