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This letter was written by Fred W. Cole in Albany, N.Y., to Frank in Utica, Ohio. The letter is one of those found in a box at a garage sale.

Argus Office, Albany, Nov. 6, 1839

Dear Friend,

Yours of the 29ths Oct. was welcome, as it relieved some anxiety, although it still leaves us in the dark. Did you receive my letter urging you to come on and attend lectures here? If so why not, since you do not come, say why you do not. Not receiving any letter from you we expected of course to see you before the first of Oct. We have spent the month in enquiring of each other for news of you. I had concluded to write to Geo[rge]. Enquiring about you when your letter was rec'd.

The business matter which engrosses your mind so fully I will cheerfully attend to, but cannot before the 1st or 2nd week in December. The Mr. Lansing you refer to must be A.Y. Lansing, brother of Garret Y. and Chrs. Y. L. of this city. I know him. He is good. I wonder at the manner in which he has done the business. Should the business be entrusted to me, you will tell me how to remit the money in case I should get it. If you have any regard for old friends, tell us at once the reason of your strange -- but -- you know your


... own business best. At all events let us hear from you immediately.

You probably saw the notice of my brother Matthew's death at Washington -- he left his family in a destitute condition, we have been busy in trying to afford them some relief. And the business of the office now is very pressing. The election will keep us engaged until the returns are all in.

In great haste
Truly yours
Fred W. Cole

P.S. All well.

P.S. 2d I say Lansing is good because the family is wealthy but he has been at Oswego, which is a bad sign, as the "credit system" has had full swing then.

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