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This letter was written by John Patterson in Albany, N.Y., to Frank who was in Utica, Ohio, and then forwarded to Newark, Ohio, concerning some medical books. The letter is one of those found in a box at a garage sale.

Albany, February 10, 1839

Dear Sir,

I received in due time your letter, announcing your reception of your books, and was glad to find that you were satisfied with them. Much business, and some petty troubles and vexation have concurred to prevent me from acknowledging yours, until this long delay; but, having nothing particular to say, except to offer my services in getting such books as you may occasionally want. I have considered a little delay as quite immaterial. Of course, we are all interested for your welfare, and I shall be pleased to hear from you as often as convenient. If I remember right, there we3re on your list three books which we could not send; that is,

Cooper's Surgical Dictionary;
Gaennee on the Chest; and
Dunglison's Medicine Dictionary; (a second edition of this last is now printing in Philadelphia)

Perhaps you can send for them by Mr. Smith, or some of your friends who may be this way in the ensuing spring or summer. A few more books, with what you have already, will form a valuable and useful standard medical library; and if you should be inclined hereafter to mingle much reading with your practice, I should recommend you to become a subscriber to one of the two periodicals recently established in Phila- ...

... delphia, termed "Medical Libraries;" one edited by Dr. Bell, and the other by Dr. Dunglison.

Please to write me whenever convenient.

And believe me,
Your friend and well-wisher
John Patterson

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