Lucius Parmelee 1802-1879
William, Dan, Lemuel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John

This folded stampless letter dated June 14, 1830, has a Twinsburg, Ohio, postal marking, a 25-cent rate, and is addressed to Lucius Parmelee's residence in Waterbury, Vt.

Lucius and his wife, Ann (Wallace) Parmelee, were actually in Twinsburg, but were writing to his siblings back east. His mother, Fanny (Royce) Parmelee, also includes a note to her children.

Some abstracts:

Fanny: "Your Father's [William's] health is poor this spring not as good as when I wrote you last [son] Joel health is poor he has not been able to out very little this spring I hardly know what ails him there seems to be a general debility through the system."

"Antimasonry is gaining ground fast the cause of temperance or Abstinance is going on here we should like to know how these things are operating with you this spring."

"I must say a little about fanny's going to you she wants to go and I want she should she would go immeadiately if she had money enough she is at work here for one dollar a week ..."

Lucius and Ann: "... Father [William] is very homesick and wishes himself back again. I cannot pity him much myself when I think how we and all our friends opposed his coming to this horrible place, but he is here and I hope will be obliged stay a while ..."

"Father wishes to have [his son] Samuel go some where to learn the joiners trade and would rather he would go to the east if you could get a plase for him ..."

"[Lucius' youngest siblings] Ed[ward] & Em[ily] go to school every day and are learning well ... ."

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