Keziah (Hudson) Parmelee 1756-1814
Wife of Theodore Parmelee 1751-1824
Abraham, Abraham, Isaac, John, John
This letter was written by Keziah in Goshen, Conn., to her brother, David Hudson, who had settled in the Connecticut Western Reserve town of Hudson, Ohio. Three of Theodore and Keziah Parmelee's sons -- Elisha, Theodore Hudson and William -- moved to Ohio and lived near the Hudson family. She penned this note just two-and-a-half months after the War of 1812 had begun.

Punctuation and paragraphs have been added for clarity.

Sept. 1, 1812

Dear Brother, In your last you mention being out of health. We feel anxious to hear how you do. We live in a Changing Dying world. Tis a Wonder of Mercy that we have been continued here so long when many much younger than we are falling around us. Oh that we might live wholly Devoted to Him from whom we have received Such Distinguished(?) Mercies.

As a people we are involved in War, one of the greatest temporal judgments but we are a Sinfull and ungratefull people highly deserving whatever may be laid upon us. Yet God is graciously remembering Mercy in the midst of Judgments by the revivals of Religion in many places around us. In some places it is great and a more than unfound Solemnity and attendance upon Meetings in the most if not all our towns and Congregations. We desire to Bless God for his great Goodness and to be Humbled under His Chastizements.

We feel as if you were more exposed (at present) to the Horrors of the war than we and have particularly from the Savages of the wilderness. Hope you will be protected from their Cruelty and from every Evil.

[Son] Theodore has been gone from home five months and we have received but one letter from him. Tell him I am sorry he is so much like his Mother that he cannot write to his Dearest friends. I intended to have written to him by Mr. Baldwin but think I shall not have time.

Please to give my best love to him to Mrs. Hudson to William and each of your children. Tell Mrs. Hudson I saw her Mother at Meeting on last day. Saw her Sister Collins last Sabbath. Believe her Brothers and their families are all well.

I had forgot to inform Theodore that we have spun and wove his merino wool and going to carry it to the clothiers and don't know what directions to give about the colour. There is about thirty yards of it thought of --ting Some for a great coat and have it light brown and the other dark blue or black but don't know how he would choose.

Your affectionate Sister, Kezia Parmele

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