Ens. Samuel Parmele 1757-1828
Oliver, Jonathan, Joshua, Joshua, John, John

amuel severed in the Army between the Revolution and the War of 1812. This letter, written to William Simmond, an accountant in the War Department in Philadelphia, the nation's capital at that time, attempts to settle accounts.

As reported in the U.S. Senate's Executive Journal, Samuel's resignation from the 3rd Regiment of Infantry was included in a list of Army personnel matters submitted to the chamber by President John Adams on July 10, 1797.

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Middletown [Conn.], Feb. 14, 1798


I enclose your statement of the monies paid the recruits as for receipts accompanying this --. Also a receipt of ten dollars for cash paid Joseph Hawkins for apprehending John Ingraham, a deserter -- which was omitted through mistake when I sent forward my other statement. I wish you would be so kind as to add them both together and let a general settlement take place immediately.

I am sir,
Your humble servant
Samuel Parmele Ensign
pd 11 S. sub-legion

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