Philander Wick Parmelee 1853-1930
Franklin Abner Parmelee 1855-1938
Philander, Samuel, Samuel, Ezra, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John

party of quail hunters displays their bounty in front of the brothers' hardware store in Burton, Ohio, on April 15, 1899. I do not know if the brothers are in this group.

"Wick" and Frank's store featured stocks of hardware, paints, varnishes, window sashes, glass, fence wire, plows, stoves and just about anything else you'd need for construction, home repairs or remodeling. They were in business for 27 years, until the 1903 Boughton Bank failure devastated their store and many others in town.

Frank, who also went by his middle name, Abner, played the played the solo E-flat alto in a local band.

Wick killed himself with a rifle after the Burton Hotel, which had long been his home, was sold.

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