Samuel Parmele 1737-1807
Joseph, Isaac, John, John

his christening basin, which belongs to the 1st Congregational Church of Guilford,Conn., was crafted out of silver by Samuel.

The widow Deborah (Chittenden) Spinning, who later married John Pitkin, left 10 pounds to the church for a communion cup. The deacons decided that since they already had three, they'd use the money for a baptismal basin instead.

The basin is inscribed: "The Gift of Mrs. Deborah Spinning to the First Church in Guilford 1768." At the bottom of the bowl is "S. Parmele." The basin has been used for more than 200 years by the church to baptize hundreds of children -- some of them Parmelees. An older family baptismal bowl has been found.

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