Go ahead and root around these items that our family stored away years ago. There's a little story behind almost every one. Want to submit an item? Email me a good-sized picture and info and I'll add it.
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Parmele Theater,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Franklin Parmelee
Parmelee Farms
Le Roy, N.Y.
Parmalee Park Place
Newtown, Conn.

Parmley Street
Monticello, Ky.
Parmleysville Road
Parmleysville, Ky.
Parmalee Hill Road
Newtown, Conn.
Parmly's Tackle Shop
Sea Bright, N.J.

Bethel United Baptist Church
Parmleysville, Ky.
Parmelee Street
Buffalo, Wyo.
Ransom True Parmele
1872-aft 1939
farm at Adams Basin, N.Y
Lt. E.E. Parmelee
World War II

Marcus S. Parmele
Civil War letters
Arthur, Elmer, Egbert
and Albert Parmelee

Killingworth, Conn.
Parmelee Bros. Dairy
Bethlehem, Conn.
Achsah (Parmelee) Lee

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