HOUSES Ishi Parmalee's Parmalee Hall in East Springfield, N.Y.
Roswell, Nehemiah, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John

Ishi's (1770-1837) Parmalee Hall was for sale in early 2012 with an asking price $169,000. The 3,014-square-foot home contained four bedrooms, three baths, a library, four fireplaces and a parlor. The original woodwork, wide-plank floors and foyer were intact. The home sat on a 3-acre parcel on U.S. 20.

A letter in Dr. George Parmelee's genealogy collection from Mrs. Alice Parmelee Reynolds states that the house was built "nearly across from the old church where they worshipped ...

"Grandfather Hamilton told his girls, my mother Violetta [1805-1861; who married the Rev. Alvin Oliver Parmalee, 1802-1869] and her sister Sally, if they would ring the bell for services for six months, he would give them enough money to buy some silver spoons for their mother [Jerusha (Parmalee) Hamilton, 1781-1851], sister to Ishi. They did and I have one of the spoons."