Here are the 668 men in our family who signed up for the draft. If you'd like me to email you a copy of one of these, put "WWI DRAFT" in the message field and include the man's name and I.D. number.

Note that microfilm standards varied; some cards are nice and big to read while others are so small that too much magnification can make them unreadable. Some cards are cut off. Some images are only of the corner of a card. Some microfilmers forgot to copy the back of the card. Some records have water stains.

Nine names, marked with a *, led to wrong cards or no cards at all. Nevertheless, I have listed them below, too.

Hint: If you can't find great-grandpa under his first name, try his middle name -- many men used their middle names as first names.


Name I.D.
Albert Parmley11-0556
Albert Parmelee08-0636
Albert Butler Parmelee01-5038
Albert Edward Parmelee01-0832
Albert Harlow Parmelee01-7499
Albert John Parmley13-2682
Alexander Parmley01-4945
Alexander Calvin Parmelee08-0990
Alfred Parmelee13-2681
Alfred A. Parmley01-5624
Alfred Edwin Parmelee01-2301
Alfred Layton Parmley01-4579
Allan Brooks Palmerlee13-2159
Allan Edward Parmelee01-2724
Alonzo Parmalee03-1903
Alva Albert Parmelee08-0628
Alva James Parmley01-1251
Amos Guy Leo Parmly01-4643
Andrew Jefferson "Jiff" Parmley01-4303
Andrew Pearl Parmley01-6194
Arch Buchanan Parmley01-3348
Archie Ervin Parmely01-7938
Name I.D.
Archie Hart Parmelee01-6247
Archie John Parmely 01-1080
Arlie Flormer Parmalee01-6361
Arlington Leonard Parmelee01-0730
Arnold Foss Parmelee03-1815
Arthur Parmley01-5258
Arthur Allen Parmlee13-2160
Arthur Ambro Parmelee08-0890
Arthur Bradley Parmelee13-0906
Arthur Garfield Parmely 01-1074
Arthur George Parmley08-1319
Arthur Gilbert Parmele01-2563
Arthur Harold Parmley14-0889
Arthur Hugh Parmelee08-0612
Arthur John Parmalee13-2153
Arthur Le Roy Parmelee03-1817
Arthur Lewis Parmelee08-0947
Arthur Newbury Parmelee01-1724
Arthur Virgil Parmlee01-2611
Asahel Fiero Parmelee01-6187
Austin Parmley11-0557
Austin Eugene Parmley01-5550


Name I.D.
Barham B. Parmelee01-3131
Benjamin Parmalee01-5041
Benjamin Franklin Parmely 01-1073
Benjamin Franklin Parmley01-1962
Bev Erving Parmley01-4516
Boisy Parmlee11-0559
Brad Parmley ... see John "Brad" Bradbury Parmley
Bruce "Eugene" McKay Parmelee05-1511
Name I.D.
Bryan Parmley01-5411
Bud Parmalee13-2137
Buell H. Parmelee10-0921
Burnis Carl Parmelee08-0899
Burt Olmstead Parmelee08-0889
Burton Oliver Parmelee01-5612
Byron James Parmele10-0845
Byron S. Parmelee13-1507


Name I.D.
Carl William Parmelee01-5146
Cecil Free Parmley01-4759
Cecil Otto Parmley01-3479
Charles Parmley01-3966
Charles Parmley11-0562
Charles A. Parmelee07-0564
Charles Albert Parmele13-1419
Charles Baker Parmlee01-0975
Charles Cowles Parmelee01-2997
Charles Curtis Parmelee13-1347
Charles Edmusin Parmley13-2131
Charles Edward Parmalee 01-2924
Charles Edward Parmelee13-3646
Charles Everett Parmley01-1249
Charles France Parmley01-5826
Charles H. Parmley01-6360
Charles Harrison Parmely13-2129
Charles Henry Parmele13-2127
Charles Henry Parmelee10-0350
Charles Harvey Parmelee01-2938
Charles Hoit Parmley01-5008
Charles Johnson Parmelee08-0820
Charles L. Parmalee01-5183
Charles L. Parmley13-2150
Charles Lawrence Parmalee*08-1485
Charles Peron Parmelee01-6944
Charles Raymond Parmley13-3840
Charles Sears Parmele01-2124
Charles Tourot Parmelee10-0617
Name I.D.
Charles Ward Parmelee10-0535
Charles William Parmley01-5410
Chester Parmelee13-2116
Chester Nelson Parmley08-1316
Chester Wilford Parmley08-1322
Chrisman Parmley01-4310
Clare Jordan Parmelee10-0571
Clarence Parmely 01-1211
Clarence De Wolf Parmely01-1147
Clarence G. Parmalee13-1120
Clarence George Parmelee13-1156
Clarence Howard Parmelee13-1293
Clarence J. Parmlee13-2090
Clarence L. Parmelee13-3838
Clarence Raymond Parmlee13-0320
Clarence Wheeler Parmelee13-3658
Claude Earnest Parmley01-3030
Claude Edson Parmelee10-0368
Claude Isaac Parmely01-1101
Clayton Almont Parmelee13-3153
Cleon Austin Parmelee01-2792
Cleon Lorenzo Parmelee01-3080
Cleon Robert Parmelee13-3125
Clifford B. Parmele13-2115
Clifford Hunt Parmelee 01-0593
Clifford Lewis Parmelee08-0768
Clifford Oran Parmelee13-1514
Curtis Elmer Parmlee13-2105


Name I.D.
Dan Edward Parmelee10-0479
Dan Pomeroy Parmelee 01-1387
Daniel A. Parmley03-1709
Daniel Durkee Parmelee 01-0771
Daniel L. Parmelee08-1128
David Adams Parmele10-0758
David Lloyd Parmley13-1768
David Thomas Parmley01-6235
Name I.D.
Del Vere Parmly01-3721
Dell C. Parmley01-5408
Dexter Parmley01-4186
Dock Tilney Parmley01-3354
Donald Houston Parmele05-0963
Donald Wick Parmelee 01-0770
Duane Benjamin Parmlee01-5440
Dwight Schofield Parmelee10-0599


Name I.D.
Earl Calvin Parmele 01-1430
Earl E. Parmley01-8298
Earl Jack Parmley13-2372
Earl Leander Parmelee08-0646
Earl Levant Parmelee01-2826
Earl "Moses" Moses Parmelee03-1004
Earl Wayne Parmelee01-7504
Earle Clifton Parmelee01-1868
Edgar Parmely01-5482
Edgar Charley Parmele01-7536
Edward Parmley01-5628
Edward Andarise Parmele08-0235
Edward Charles Parmalee13-2073
Edward D. Parmlee08-0376
Edward George Parmele01-2046
Edward Henry Parmelee13-2112
Edward J. Parmelee13-0466
Edward Lincoln Parm---01-1594
Edward Leander Parmelee01-2229
Edward Price Parmalee08-1187
Edward William Parmelee13-2059
Edward Wilson Parmelee10-0412
Edwin Samuel Parmely 01-1079
Elbert Russell Parmelee10-1099
Name I.D.
Frank Russell Parmelee01-2192
Eleazur "Ellie" Parmly 07-0205
Elisha Bryan Parmley01-4352
Elliott C. Parmelee07-0600
Ellsworth Guy Parmley01-3480
Elmer Eugene Parmely01-7937
Elmer "Perry" Perry Parmelee03-1899
Emmett Orval Parmley01-3564
Ernest Parmley 13-0000
Ernest Frank Parmelee08-1674
Ernest Gordon Parmelee13-0820
Ernest Harold Parmlee13-1184
Ernest L. Parmelee01-3023
Ernest Lafayette Parmly01-3719
Ernest Lyman Parmelee08-0765
Ernest Rose Parmelee 01-0588
Ernest Walton Parmley01-1248
Erton Cecil Parmelee01-1640
Erwin C. Parmelee08-0625
Eudell Ethelbert Parmelee01-2424
Eugene Fay Parmelee01-4827
Eugene Frank Parmley01-4271
Everett Hood Parmely01-1329
Ezra G. Parmely01-5480


Name I.D.
Felix Parmalee13-2962
Ferrill J. Parmely01-1083
Firmin M. Parmelee01-5625
Florence Parmelly ... see John "Florence" Florence Parmelly
Floyd Parmalee13-2837
Ford John Parmelly01-3296
Forest Dale Parmelee 13-0089
Fountain Clyde Parmly01-4758
Francis Dan Parmelee10-0756
Francis "Frank" Doty Parmelee01-6362
Francis Ellis Parmele01-2125
Francis Henry Parmelee08-0699
Francis Marion Parmelee 03-1821
Frank Clare Palmerlee03-0784
Frank Dexter Parmelee10-0621
Frank Edward Parmelee08-0888
Frank Edwin Parmelee01-2434
Frank Elliott Parmelee05-1091
Frank Henderson "Hence" Parmley01-4304
Frank Lewis Parmelee10-0883
Frank Louis Parmele 01-1421
Frank Louis Parmelee08-1318
Frank O. Parmalee01-5311
Frank P. Parmley01-3822
Name I.D.
Frank William Parmelee02-0239
Frank Woodburn Parmalee07-0528
Frankie Oscar Parmley01-4183
Franklin "Frank" Parmley01-6086
Franklin Henry Parmelee08-0600
Fred Alford Parmelee08-1299
Fred G. Parmaley08-1133
Fred Leete Parmelee10-0477
Fred Scott Parmalee 01-6753
Fred William Parmley14-1412
Fred Wills Parmelee13-3160
Frederick Albert Parmele10-0834
Frederick Alonzo Parmelle08-0601
Frederick C. Parmalee08-1526
Frederick Chauncey Parmelee01-2207
Frederick Cyrus Parmeley01-5639
Frederick Edgar Parmly07-0303
Frederick John Parmalee*08-1486
Frederick Lincoln Parmelee01-5836
Frederick Stephen Parmley13-2340
Frederick Ware Parmelee01-2470
Frederick Watson Parmelee08-1136
Frederick Woodford Parmelee10-0980


Name I.D.
Gail Freeland Parmelee10-0369
George Parmaley08-1132
George Parmele10-0982
George Parmley01-1953
George Parmley01-5409
George Adelbert Parmelee05-1665
George Alvin Parmelee13-0084
George Arthur Parmelee 13-0762
George Fred Parmelee*01-2040
George Frederick Parmelee10-0880
George H. Parmley01-3560
George Leander Parmelee01-2222
George Lewis Parmalee01-2925
George Lewis Parmelee05-2003
George Mortimer Parmelee05-1170
George Myron Parmelee07-0593
George Philo Parmalee*01-5219
Name I.D.
George Pond Parmelee03-0708
George Walton Parmele05-2322
George Washington Parmeley01-3679
George Washington Parmley13-2344
George Wiggan Parmley14-0274
George William Parmly01-5513
Gilbert Dickerson Parmale08-0766
Gilbert Hubert Parmele01-2942
Giles Edward Parmley01-3281
Gladwin Earle Parmelee01-5834
Glenn Linus Parmelee13-3162
Goodwin B. Parmelly01-3129
Gordon McVicar Parmelee13-3166
Gordon Noble Parmelee10-0555
Grady ... See Henry Grady---
Grover Cleveland Parmelee08-0963
Guy Leon Parmalee01-7803


Name I.D.
Harold "Harry" Billerwell Parmelee13-0039
Harold Cassius Parmelee01-1385
Harold Charles Parmley01-3858
Harold Elbert Parmelee03-1822
Harold Frank Parmelee01-0951
Harold Guy Parmley01-8300
Harold John Parmelee01-0556
Harold Ray Parmelee01-0503
Harrison "Harry" Herman Parmley01-7272
Harry Parmalee01-5042
Harry Aaron Parmalee13-3827
Harry Albert Parmelee01-2180
Harry Baker Parmele13-3833
Harry Benham Parmelee02-0276
Harry Bishop Parmelee05-1578
Harry Burrell Parmelee13-3621
Harry C. Parmelee01-6241
Harry Dewey Parmelee13-0123
Harry Dillon Parmele10-0811
Harry Earl Parmlee01-4904
Harry Edwin Parmelee13-0088
Harry Franklin Parmley01-4906
Harry Judson Parmele13-3961
Harry Leroy Parmelee05-1165
Harry Martin Parmley13-2113
Harry Ray Parmlee08-0826
Harry Raymond Parmele13-3828
Harry Robert Parmelee13-4073
Harry Truman Parmley 03-1174
Harry Vinson Parmalee01-1613
Harry Ward Parmelee05-0906
Harry William Parmelee13-3240
Harvey Everett Parmelee13-2549
Name I.D.
Harvey Frederick Parmele02-0176
Henri Parmelee08-1402
Henry Butler Parmele*08-0218
Henry Claud Parmley01-4231
Henry Daney Parmelee13-1757
Henry Franklin Parmley01-4387
Henry Grady "Grady" Parmelly01-3180
Henry Mark Parmley14-0262
Henry Marquand Parmly07-0191
Henry Mc Vicar Parmelee13-2060
Henry Ralph Parmele01-1428
Henry Richardson Parmley14-0418
Henry Seward Palmerlee03-0837
Henry Stephen Parmley01-6161
Herbert H. Parmley01-7357
Herbert Lee Parm---13-2097
Herbert Seward Palmerlee03-0925
Herman Joseph Parmley14-0213
Hillis S. Parmely01-5677
Hirman Ray Parmele05-2374
Hollis Nunley Parmley01-3227
Horace Jones Parmele01-1731
Horace Richard Parmelee05-1333
Howard Parmele01-2103
Howard Coon Parmelee*01-0831
Howard Lewis Parmelee01-2189
Howard Maurice Parmelee01-2303
Hoyt Francis Parmele01-6760
Hoyt Perry Parmelee03-1425
Hubert Walter Parmley ... see Walter Hubert Parmley
Hurbert M. Palmerlee03-0787
Hudson Parmley01-3829


Name I.D.
Ingram Payne Parmley 01-4348
Ira Irl Parmly01-4756
Ira Lee Parmele10-0846
Ira Louis Parmelee (also Louis Ira)13-3370
Ira Russell Parmelee13-2582
Name I.D.
Irvin Leroy Parmely13-2436
Irving Biddle Parmelee05-1011
Isaac "Buck" Buck Parmly01-3325
Isaac Davis Parmley01-3346


Name I.D.
Jacob Samuel Parmalee08-0735
James Aaron Parmalee13-4081
James Alfred Parmelee03-1231
James Alfred Parmley01-7268
James Alvis Parmely01-5485
James Charles Parmelee13-2485
James Clyde Parmely01-1234
James Cyrus Parmley01-4021
James Dewane Parmelee13-2839
James Early Parmele05-2325
James "Ted" Edward Parmely01-1264
James Emerson Parmelee05-1557
James Franklin Parmelee05-0518
James Garfield Palmerlee03-0926
James Garfield Parmley11-0563
James Goodell Parmelee05-1766
James Lee Parmley13-2540
James Leo Parmelee05-2056
James Mellor Parmly01-4642
James "Robert" Robert Parmley01-6224
James Scott Parmley03-1145
James Thomas Parmelee08-0615
James Thompson Parmelee01-2405
James Wilbur Parmelee10-0560
Jason "Clyde" Clyde Parmelee13-0327
Jasper Marvin Parmelee02-0297
Jay Clayton Parmelee01-6244
Jay Dayton Parmelee01-5014
Jay Frank Parmly01-3795
Jesse A. Parmele01-1407
Name I.D.
Jesse Campbell Parmly01-3349
Jesse H. Parmley01-5629
Jiff Parmley ... see Andrew Jefferson "Jiff" Parmley
John Parmley01-3830
John Ballenger Parmly01-5924
John "Brad" Bradbury Parmley01-8388
John Bryan Parmelly01-3182
John "Florence" Florence Parmelly01-3130
John Garfield Parmly01-3725
John H. Parmley01-5649
John Hafueman Parmly 13-4084
John Harmon Parmelee01-2114
John Harry "John Henry" Parmlee08-1344
John Horace Parmalee05-1350
John J. Parmley13-4085
John Ray Parmley01-4119
John Tilford Parmely13-0999
Joseph Parmalee11-0085
Joseph Parmley14-0123
Joseph Parmley14-0417
Joseph Burr Palmerlee 13-4119
Joseph Edwin Parmley14-1387
Joseph Emery Parmley01-4022
Joseph Freeman Parmelee13-4087
Joseph G. Parm---01-1961
Joseph "Henry" Henry Parmelly01-3132
Joseph Henry Parmley13-3857
Joseph Lyons Parmele10-0979
Joseph Stephen Parm---03-0910
Julius Hall Parmelee10-0421




Name I.D.
Laddon Parmley01-5622
Landy "Ladd" Parmley01-4349
Lane Parmley01-3681
Laurence Skidler Parmelee03-1424
Lawrence Eugene Parmley01-3282
Lawrence Herbert Parm---03-0908
Leander Miles Parm---01-1615
Lee Edward Parm---01-4517
Lee G. Parmalee13-4090
Lee Roy Parmelly01-3178
Lee Vallette Parmley01-5404
Lemuel B. Parmely 13-4100
Lemuel Mathew Parmley01-3469
Leo Lynn Parmelee05-2059
Leon Walter Parmelee08-0891
Leonard Milton Parmelee01-5179
Leonard Wheeler Parmelee01-2824
Leonard William Parmely01-1082
Leroy Bliss Parmelee01-1004
Leroy Frank Parmelee01-1644
Leslie Andrew Parmelee08-1334
Leslie Irving Parmelee03-0681
Leslie William Parmley01-1250
Lester Vernon Parmelee10-1106
Name I.D.
Levi Parmelee08-0965
Lewis ... also see Louis
Lewis Amos Parmele13-2528
Lewis Bennie Parmley11-0565
Lewis E. Parmelee05-1698
Lewis Edwin Parmelee01-0560
Lewis Lorenzo Parmelee01-2702
Lewis P. Parmley11-0567
Linus Scott Parmelee03-0297
Loren Francis Parmley14-0223
Louis ... also see Lewis
Louis Fred Parmeley13-2931
Louis Ira Parmelee (also Ira Louis)13-3370
Louis Miland Palmerlee03-0785
Louis Ray "Ray" Parmelee03-1010
Louis Woodruff Parmelee01-5143
Lovell "Love" Victory Parmley01-3350
Lucius Allen Parmele01-2064
Luther Parmley01-3963
Luther Hart Parmelee05-0434
Luther Jacob Parmelee01-1523
Lyman Dickinson Parmelee01-1653
Lyman Henry Parmele03-0174
Lyman Malcolm Parmelee01-1596


Name I.D.
Magor Curtis Parmley01-5511
Marion Clyde Parmelee13-1807
Marion Raymond Parmley13-0536
Marshall Parmley11-0059
Marshall Dudley Parmely01-4834
Manning Elsworth Parmley01-0707
Maurice Edmund Parm---01-1236
Max W. Parmalee07-0585
Meredith B. Parmelee01-4869
Merle ... also see Murle
Merle Parmelee13-0905
Name I.D.
Merritt Parmelee13-1624
Merton Hog Parmelly01-3297
Miles Mc Kinstry Parmley01-1235
Milo Parmely01-3754
Milton Brayton Parmelee10-0413
Milton Lee Parmele13-0849
Milton Louis Parmelee13-2114
Morelle Edward Parmalee01-1864
Murle ... also see Merle
Murle Woodford Parmelee01-1813
Myron T.B. Parmley01-4882


Name I.D.
Napoleon Bonapart Parmley01-4647
Napoleon Lafayette Parmly01-7281
Nelson Charles Parmele05-2373
Name I.D.
Newton Oscian Parmelee05-2323
Norman James Parmley01-8301


Name I.D.
Olin Parmley01-3961
Olin Earl Parmelee03-1468
Omar Parmley13-4097
Omar Bert Parmelee03-1034
Name I.D.
Orlen Parmley01-5486
Otis Parmley01-5479
Otto Thomas Parmelee01-6708
Owen Settles Parmele 01-0747

P and Q

Name I.D.
Paul Parmelee05-0432
Paul Gunn Parmelee01-1652
Paul Lindsley Parmelee05-0605
Paul Louis Parmelee05-1911
Paul Revere Parmelee01-5835
Percy Albert Parmelee01-6942
Percy Rowland Parmelee01-1595
Name I.D.
Perry Elmer Parmelee ... see Elmer "Perry" Parmelee
Philip Arnold Parmelee 01-2707
Philip Raymond Parmelee ... see Raymond "Philip" Parmelee
Philmore Bethel Parmley01-4043
Pollock Parmele01-1808
Porter Le Leur Parmele01-2065


Name I.D.
Ralph Parmely01-8672
Ralph "Doc" Gardner Parmelee05-0607
Ralph Morris Parmelee01-1597
Ralph William Parmelee13-4102
Ransom True Parmele05-1131
Raymond Parmely01-4657
Raymond Craig Parmelee05-0584
Raymond H. Parmely01-4907
Raymond Howard Parmele13-0797
Raymond "Philip" Philip Parmelee08-1346
Richard Hall Parmelee03-0712
Reuben Parmelee08-0964
Name I.D.
Robert Parmley01-3848
Robert Parmley ... see James "Robert" Robert Parmley
Robert Alvice Parmley01-4260
Robert Flynn Parmley01-4412
Robert G. Parmelee13-3101
Robert Harrison Parmly13-0902
Roland Duvall Parmley01-4606
Ross Ellsworth Parmelee13-3174
Roy C. Parmley13-4104
Roy Earl Parmelee13-2867
Roy Irving Parmelee01-2182
Rufus Parmley11-0586


Name I.D.
Samuel Parmley11-0445
Samuel Aladdin Parmley01-4379
Samuel Blakeslee Parmelee01-5172
Samuel Christian Parmley*14-0275
Samuel "Hagan" Hagan Parmley01-3347
Samuel Marshall Parmelee13-4105
Samuel Melvin Parmelee01-0124
Samuel Napoleon Parmley01-4233
Samuel Washington Parmley01-3219
Samuel Witherstine Parmalee01-5208
Name I.D.
Sanford "Ford" A. Parmelee10-0562
Seba Williams Parmley14-0420
Sherman Allen Parmely13-4106
Sherman Dwight Parmelee10-0572
Simon Earl Parmelee13-0108
Starr Sanford Parmelee10-0570
Sylvester Parmeley13-4107
Sylvester Parmelly11-0569
Sylvester Harry Parmelee08-0989


Name I.D.
Temalian "Molie"C. Parmley 01-5000
Thaddeus McCall Parmley 01-4992
Theodore Nielson Parmly07-0258
Theron Parmelee01-0606
Theron Wesley Parmele10-1166
Thomas Benton Parmley01-3562
Thoams Christopher Parmley01-6228
Thomas Douglas Parmele10-0726
Thomas Jennison Parmley14-0323
Name I.D.
Thomas L. Parmley01-4646
Thomas N. Parmley01-4384
Thomas Noah Parmely01-5481
Thomas W. Parmley01-4267
Thomas W. Parmley13-2610
Tim Hennessey Parmley01-4515
Troy Corwin Parmley01-8412
Truman Reeves Wolcott Parmelee01-5613

U, V

Name I.D.
Van Blaine Parmly01-4757
Vaughn E. Parmelee13-3600
Vernon Kinsgbury Parmelee01-0844
Name I.D.
Victor Earl Parmelee13-1526
Victor Orin Parmelee01-7732
Virgil Casey Parmley01-6603

W, X, Y and Z

Name I.D.
Walker Moore Parmelee01-4828
Wallace George Parmely 13-3202
Wallace Joel Parmelee01-0536
Walter Charles Parmelee01-2181
Walter Collins Parmelee01-1649
Walter E. Parmelee 01-2201
Walter Ernest Parmley01-3033
Walter Ervan Parmelee13-4113
Walter H. Parmele08-0843
Walter "Hubert" Hubert Parmley01-3353
Walter James Parmelee01-0656
Walter "Lee" Lee Parmley01-3220
Walter Lee Parmley01-4118
Walter Loren Parmalee13-0100
Walter Scott Parmley13-2116
Walter Woodruff Parmalee01-5099
Warren Edgar Parmelee13-4115
Wayne Atwater Parmelee01-0541
Welling Lindsay Parmele13-3056
Wesley Parmley01-4057
Willard Parmalee08-0767
Willard George Parmelee10-0573
Willey Hiram Parmley11-0570
William Parmley01-5654
William "Will" Parmelly01-3126
William Allen Parmley01-6986
William Alvis Parmley01-4262
William "Bryan" Bryan Parmley01-4396
William Buchanan Parmley01-3298
William Conrad Parmelee07-0532
William E. Parmley01-3561
William Edward Parmley01-5647
William Elisha Parmelee01-5141
William Elmun Parmley01-3554
Name I.D.
William Eugene Parmalee01-2923
William F. Parmelee01-6945
William "Floyd" Floyd Parmley01-8384
William "Garfield" Garfield Parmley01-8377
William Giles Parmley01-4378
William GordonParmelee10-0820
William H. Parmaley13-2349
William H. Parmelee13-2684
Willaim Henry Parmalee13-1290
William Henry Parmalee*01-6359
William Henry Parmelee13-4116
William Horace Parmelee05-1580
William Irving Parmelee05-1005
William J. Parmely13-4117
William "James" James Parmelee05-2036
William John Parmele10-0983
William Josiah Parmelee01-0501
William Koehler Parmley13-4118
William Leonard G. Parmelee08-0611
William Lewis Parmley01-5415
William Morris Parmley01-5672
William Nelson Parmelee10-0326
William Parin Parmelee01-2647
William Ray Parmele10-0915
William Rayen Parmley01-1130
William Raymond Parmele10-0728
William Truman Parmelee08-1399
William V. Parmley14-0322
William Washington Parmley01-6221
William Watkins Parmlee13-2356
Willis Densmore Parmelee01-0561
Winfield Scott Parmelee01-1865
Zeno A. Parmelee08-1182
Zollie Crawford Parmley01-6238

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