WAR OF 1812

Here are the family members whose names can be found on documents pertaining to the War of 1812. For the most part, most of the American troops were militia who enlisted for short periods, and some of which refused to fight across the U.S. border inside British-controlled Canada.

Those names in red belong to men who died in the war.

  • Alfred R. (1777-1842)
    of Guilford, Conn., and New York, N.Y.
    [05-00670] Samuel, Joseph, Isaac, John, John
    Capt. Edward Walcott's company of Connecticut militia. Pension. He and Andrew Yelverton were half-brothers. His widow, Fanny, applied for a pension.
  • Andrew Yelverton 1770-1814
    seaman; of Guilford, Conn.
    [05-00671] Samuel, Joseph, Isaac, John, John
    Killed aboard the Saratoga, right, in the Battle of Lake Champlain, Sept. 11, 1814. On a list of prize money paid by George Beale, the junior prize agent for captures on Lake Champlain, $120.40 that was due to Andrew was paid to Alfred R., his half-brother, on Oct. 22, 1818. Andrew is presumed to have been buried with the other American and British casualties on Crab Island in what is now Macdonough Military Park at Plattsburgh, N.Y. This Saratoga, a corvette, was the second U.S. Navy ship of that name.
  • Chester 1782-1852
    captain; of Kirkland, N.Y.
    [08-00290] Reuben, Thomas, Job, John, John
    Capts. Isaac Benedict's and Orange Foot's companies of New York militia. Pension.
  • David 1780-1815
    private; of Windsor, Vt., and Charleston, S.C.
    [10-00244] Alexander, John, Joel, John, John
    Enlisted Jan. 11, 1815, by Capt. Spencer for the duration of the war in New York. He is 5-foot-11, blue eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, occupation: gentleman. He was on muster rolls for Feb. 16, 1815, in Capt. B. Schuyler's company; Feb. 28, 1815, at Greenbush, N.Y.; dead on roll of April 30, 1815.
  • Danforth 1789- ?
    of Parma and Phelps, N.Y.
    [01-06580] Ozias, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John
    Capt. Obadiah Latham's company of New York militia. He and Smith were brothers.
  • Danforth 1783-1867
    major; of Claremont, N.H., and Bruce and Almont, Mich.
    [01-02522] Oliver, Ezra, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John
    He raised a company of minutemen in New Hampshire but they were never called into active service.
  • Giles Hull 1788-1813
    lieutenant, of Guilford, Conn.
    [05-00795] Amos, William, Joseph, Isaac, John, John
    Served in the 37th U.S. Infantry as a 3rd lieutenant from April 30, 1813, until his death on Dec. 17, 1813. He was buried at Guilford.
  • Henry F. 1793-1881
    private; of Killingworth, Conn., Springfield, N.Y., and Rock Island, Ill.
    [01-00189] Hiel, Ezra, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John
    Lt. Russell Doud's company of Connecticut militia. Served Nov. 2 to Dec. 1, 1813.
  • Horace 1780-1825
    captain; Dover, N.H.; York County, Maine; and Boston.
    [03-00583] Asaph, Jonathan, Joshua, John, John
    Lt. Col. Isaac Waldron's 4th Regiment of Detached Militia, New Hampshire. Enlisted Sept.11, 1814; dismissed Sept. 28, 1814.
  • Ira c1790-aft 1874
    private; of Newtown and Danbury, Conn.
    [07-00518] Philo, Stephen, Stephen, John, John
    Capt. Curtis' Company of Connecticut militia. Pension.
  • John
    5th U.S. Infantry, Capt. W.S. Hensahw's Co.; enlisted Dec. 2, 1813, by Lt. Swayer for five years' service. Rolls for Jan. 1, Feb. 27 and 28, 1814, present; Ft. Rufflin on March 28, 1814, roll of April 30, 1814. Deserted March 4, 1814. He may be the same man as below.
  • John
    5th U.S. Infantry, enlisted June, 1812, for two years' service by Lt. Edward Rephand. Recorded as present on Feb. 28, 1815. He may be the same man as above.
  • John
    14th U.S. Infantry, Capt. William McHovain (?), enlisted January, 1812, for five years. Roll at Greenbush, N.Y., on April 30, 1815, present.
  • John Edwin 1794-1872
    of Haddam, Conn., and Newburgh, N.Y.
    [05-00778] Linus, Samuel, Joseph, Isaac, John, John
    Capt. Amaziah Bray's company of Connecticut militia. Enlisted at Killingworth, discharged at Saybrook. Pension.
  • Lewis 1796-1852
    private; of Durham, Conn., and Troy, N.Y.
    [05-01193] James, Phineas, Isaac, Isaac, John, John
    Capt. Capt. Ballard's company of New York militia. Pension rejected.
  • Linus 1786-1870
    of Guilford, Haddam, Portland and Chatham, Conn.
    [05-00773] Linus, Samuel, Joseph, Isaac, John, John
    Capt. Amaziah Bray's company of Connecticut militia at Saybrook from May 20 to July 19, 1814. Pension.
  • Milton 1792- ?
    of Canaan, Conn., and Howard and Perry, Ill.
    [03-00587] Asaph, Jonathan, Joshua, John, John
    Capt. D. Hawkins' company of New York militia, and from April 19-21, 1814, in Capt. Othniel Jewitt's Company, summer regiment. Pension.
  • Oliver ca1785-1814
    volunteer, of Claremont, N.H., and New Orleans, La.
    [01-02523] Oliver, Ezra, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John
    Gen. Andrew Jackson called on the citizens of New Orleans to volunteer in defense of the city. Oliver, a merchant who'd lived in the city as early as 1811, responded and served under Capt. Thomas Beale's rifle company, which guarded Jackson's right flank. He was buried at St. Louis Cemetery No. 1.
  • Rossiter 1783-1855
    private, of Guilford, Conn., Louisville, Ky., and Waltonville, N.Y.
    [05-00748] Nathaniel, William, Joseph, Isaac, John, John
    He was a member of a Connecticut militia unit in Rossiter's Regiment.
  • Samuel
    38th U.S. Infantry; enlisted May 31, 1813, by Capt. Buck for one year. On roll Oct. 13, 1813; sent to hospital Sept. 22, 1813; roll of Oct. 31, 1813, present; discharged May 31, 1814, from Capt. Aldridge's Co. at Craney Island, Va.
  • Seth 1796-1882
    of West Cambridge, Vt., Potsdam, N.Y., and Mackinaw, Ill.
    [01-00739] Giles, Jeremiah, Lemuel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John
    Capt. Isaac Wright's company of New York militia. Enlisted at Waddington, N.Y., serving in place of his brother Quartus, who was drafted. Pension.
  • Smith 1777-1855
    first lieutenant, of Killingworth, Conn., and Lima, N.Y.
    [01-02519] Oliver, Ezra, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John
    In 1815, Smith is listed as a cornet in Oneida County's 1st Squad, 6th Calvary Regiment. He and Danforth were brothers. He was buried at Lima's Old Methodist/Presbyterian Cemetery.
  • Timothy ca1779-1825
    of Hyde County, N.C.
    [03-01557] Benjamin, Timothy, Joshua, John, John
    2nd Regiment of the state militia, under Capt. Seth B. Jordan.
  • Uriah 1786-1849
    private; of Guilford, Conn.
    [02-00088] Joel, John, John, John, John, John
    Rossiter's Regiment, Connecticut militia. He was buried at Guilford's Nut Plains Cemetery. His house still stands.
  • Ziba ca1794-1866
    private; of Newtown, Conn.
    [07-00504] Philo, Stephen, Stephen, John, John
    Issued a 300-acre land warrant by the War Department for services in Capt. Stephen Tilden's Company of the 37th Regiment of U.S. Infantry.