MYSTERY: Who are in the photos in this old album?

These old photos come from a family album owned by Robert Fansler, the grandson of Daisy Parmley [1898- ? ; James Clay, William Irvin, Robert, John, Giles, Hiel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John]. Robert tells me that the album -- that's the cover, at left -- turned up in his grandparents' home in Maysville, Benton County, Ark.; the house was owned by her father, James, and his father, William.

"William left Kentucky and moved to Sedan, [Chautauqua County,] Kan.," Robert says. "His mother, Mary (Hurt) Parmley, followed him to Kansas and died there. He later moved to Maysville, Ark. ...

"I think this is her album, but I am not sure. We have one piece of furniture that belonged to her, so it may be that William took possession of his mother's things."

The break that leads us to believe that these are members of the family: the poorest photo -- the one of the man who looks like he has a bird sitting on top of his head. A photo of this man was previously submitted to me and identified as Robert Parmley (1789-1875), Daisy's great-grandfather and one of the founders of Parmleysville, Ky. Robert was one of the most prolific members of the family: He had 13 children by his first wife, Barbara, and 11 by his second, Mary or "Polly."

If you can identify any of these folks, please e-mail me and Robert.

No.1: Robert thinks that this may be one of Robert's sons and his family. He also resembles a man seated in a photo on this page. Note the boy is barefoot. No. 2: No other information on this woman. No.3: This is Robert's copy of a photo of a man we've already identified as Robert Parmley.
No.4: This may be another of Robert's sons and his family. Note the resemblance between the seated man and the one in Picture No. 1. No. 5: No other information on this little girl. No. 8: No other information on this man.