Dr. George Luther Parmele (1848-1921)
Luther, Samuel, Samuel, Joseph, Isaac, John, John, John







George's copy of this early American history book was a second edition, printed in 1810, eight years after its initial print run. Slight title changes were made over the next few decades to later editions, to indicate the material added. This copy sold on eBay for $263 in 2010.

George got his M.D. at Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn in 1869, and a D.M.D. at Harvard Dental Department in Boston. He was an avid genealogist and made his home at 36 Pearl Street in Hartford, Conn.

Critics were not kind to the book. From Field's Indian Bibliography: "This work under all its Protean forms bears evidence that it was written for a comparatively unlettered public." Col. Peter Force is quoted as having said he found 22 chronological errors on a single page.